Eye Colour Reflects The Secrets Of Your Personality

It is said that “The eyes are the window to the soul”, which indeed is true. A person’s eye holds more secrets than you can imagine. Everything we feel, speak, and perceive is reflected in our eyes, and they can tell a lot about a person’s personality too. So, in this blog by AstroSage, we will explain what your eye colour says about your personality.

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Dark Brown/Black Colour

Pure Black or the darkest shade of brown-coloured eyes is quite rare to find. In case, you have eyes of this colour, then you are a natural-born leader. You are confident, mysterious, and spontaneous in nature. Your eye colour being on the darker side signifies more melanin in your system. People tend to trust you and depend on you because of your helping nature, but you are quite secretive too. You have a practical approach to life, and your hard-working nature takes you to greater heights. People with dark brown or pure black colour eyes are likely to be good at playing tennis.  

Your flaw is that your make impulsive decisions when it comes to making new friends and entering new relationships. Also, you have major trust issues.

Light and Medium Brown Colour

Three adjectives that best define you are- caring, fun-loving, and easy-going. You are an extrovert and love making new friends, and your polite nature helps you with it. Just like the colour of your eyes, you love to stay grounded and don’t pay heed to worldly possessions. Despite being independent, self-confident, and determined, you find it challenging to express your emotions. You are ready to render your helping hand to others even ignoring your personal problems. You are not only a good friend, but also an affectionate lover.

Your flaw is that, sometimes, to help others, you put your needs aside and ignore yourself. 

Hazel Colour

Hazel is a beautiful blend of grey and brown colour. People with hazel-coloured eyes are elegant, fun-loving, positive, and spontaneous by nature. You lookout for new adventures every day, and routine bores you. You are bold, courageous, and brave at heart, and you love to explore new things. You have a mischievous side too, which only a few people get to see.

Your flaw is that you have temper issues. Owing to this, your relationships don’t last for a long time. But once you are sure that you have found the one, you do everything to make them stay happy.

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Grey Colour

The people with grey-coloured eyes are like coconut, strong from the outside but soft on the inside. You tend to take everything very seriously, be it your personal life or professional life. If you are someone with eyes on the darker shade of grey, then you either behave differently with different people based on the situation, or you are well-balanced. If you have light grey eyes, you might have to put in extra efforts to achieve your goals in life. 

The flaw with dark grey coloured eyes people is that others do not confide in you easily. While the seriousness in the nature of light grey coloured eyes people tends to ruin the fun of happy moments.

Green Colour

Your personality is a blend of people with blue and brown coloured eyes. You are strong but careful at the same time. You are curious, passionate, and intelligent. You have a vibrant personality and are full of compassion and youthfulness. People find you extremely desirable and attractive.

Your flaw is that you tend to get jealous easily.

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Blue Colour

People with blue coloured eyes have great inner strength, but others misjudge them all the time. The others perceive you as egoistic or too timid, where in reality, you are none of these. You are not too good at expressing your emotions. The best-suited adjectives to describe you are- smart, peaceful, kind, and energetic. You have one of the most desirable eye colours, and your relationships tend to last long. You have impeccable concentration skills.

Your flaw is that you are extremely cautious and inquisitive by nature, and the majority think of you to be aloof. 

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