Guru Chandal Yoga Ends: Auspicious Times Begin For 3 Lucky Zodiacs!

Guru Chandal Yoga Ends: In the Vedic astrology, there is special importance of Yogas formed due to the movement of planets across zodiacs. Guru Chandal Yoga ends and brings respite to the life of all the unlucky zodiacs. It creates auspicious & inauspicious times for all the zodiacs and thus impacts their present-day scenarios. Guru Chandal Yoga is one such unique yoga formed due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu. This yoga creates trouble in the lives of natives and thus they need to stay careful during the timeline.

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GOOD NEWS: The Jupiter and Rahu conjunction ended in the last period of October, bringing relief to the zodiacs. Rahu moved out from the Aries zodiac to enter Pisces marking the end of troubled times. The luck of 3 zodiacs will shine and result in positive outcomes in the lives of zodiacs, as the Guru Chandal Yoga ends. 

The AstroSage blog highlights below the list of zodiacs facing good times due to the end of Rahu and Jupiter conjunction. Stay tuned with us!

End Time Of Guru Chandal Yoga

Rahu changed the zodiac from Aries to Pisces on 30 October 2023. This marks the end of inauspicious Guru Chandal Yoga. 

Guru Chandal Yoga Ends To Shine Luck Of 3 Zodiacs 


The chances of success in the life of Libra people rise as the Guru Chandal Yoga ends. You’ll get relief from marriage troubles or relationship concerns due to the end of inauspicious yoga. The financial condition will remain stable and there are chances of getting into new deals in your business. There will be positive outcomes in your professional life and you will be rewarded for your positive effort at the workplace. There are also chances of health improvement due to it and achieving the life goals as per expected lines with the end of Guru Chandal yoga. 

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The tide of luck will turn in the favor of Cancer natives as the Guru Chandal yoga ends. It means financial stability in the lives of natives and also progress in the professional careers of Cancer people. Troubles in your professional or business life will come to an end due to the end of this inauspicious yoga. The chances of earning the right amount of profit for the businessmen are very prominent. Enter into the right deals with confidence and luck will favor the Cancer natives to make the right decisions. Also, get relief from the health concerns troubling you for some time. 


For Leo natives, it will be the idle time to commit to new deals or engagements that will bring purpose & happiness to their lives. There are huge chances of getting success in competitive exams as the Rahu Chandal yoga ends. There are also chances of profits from your deal and engagement across different sectors. It will also be the fitting time to expand the much-awaited business expansion and thus acquire all the right benefits. The health of individuals also remains intact due to the end of the inauspicious yoga. 

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Q1. What is the timeline of Guru Chandal Yoga?

Ans. It was formed in Aries on 22nd April 2023 and ends on 30th October 2023. 

Q2. What are the positive effects of Guru Chandal yoga?

Ans. This yoga results in the rise of innovation and creativity in the lives of natives. 

Q3. How to deal with Guru Dosha?

Ans. Offering prayer to Lord Shiva and reliable guidance from the astrologers will help to tackle the dosha efficiently.

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