When Will Farmers Protest End? An Astrological Insight

For the past several days we have been seeing and hearing about the Farmers Protest. The latest Farmers Bill is being told the main cause of this movement, due to which a situation of differences between farmers and the government has arisen. Many old and young farmers are standing still peacefully with their demands on many borders of the country. Earlier, this movement was causing disruptions with regular travelling, but with increasing cold and weather turning quite chilly, this movement is also becoming difficult for the farmers themselves.

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In such a situation, everyone wishes for a reconciliation between the farmers and the government about this bill and wants this movement to be over soon. It has been reported by the media that several such unwanted elements have emerged during this movement, who are trying to prolong this process and do not want this movement to end soon. The political parties of the country who were themselves in support of this bill under their rule are now opposing it.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that, under the guise of this protest, many people are engaged in executing their own plan. Under this stubbornness, they are not missing out on the inconveniences and sufferings of those people. Seeing all this, the same question arises in the mind: when and how all this will end? Let’s seek the astrological perspective of Astrologer Acharya Raman and try to find the answer to this question through Horary Astrology.

Astrological Insight On Farmers Bill & End Of Protest

So I was just thinking when the Kisan Andolan or Farmers Protest will be called off. Here is the chart. I seek the blessings of my Guru Maharaj Ji, The Great Astrologer K.S.Krishnamoorthy and B.V.Raman. Now let us examine the horoscope. The number chosen is 236. Below is the horoscope:

  • Moon is in the 11th house. It is in own star and Sub and ruling the 5th house. The Lagna is in Jupiter sign, Saturn Star and Sun Sub. Moon in own star and sub shows that things will move quickly. 
  • The ruling planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter. It can be presumed that when Moon will be either in the Jupiter star or any sign, there will be an end to the strike as the Moon is in hurry. 
  • Today, when I am beginning to write further, the Moon is in Saturn sign, own star and in the sub of Mercury. The stars of Jupiter and Saturn are present in Pisces, the lord of the lagna. The Moon will be in Pisces on 21st December along with being in the star of Jupiter. It will be in the sub of Saturn after a few hours. On the night of 21-22nd December, we may hear about an amicable agreement between the farmers and the Government. 

Hope the Divine Lord helps all of us.

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