Angarak Yoga Ends, Gala Time For 3 Zodiacs

In Vedic Astrology, all the planets move out from one zodiac and enter another after a time period. In such situations, the zodiac change of the planets creates several auspicious and inauspicious yogas which offer both good and bad results to the natives. In this series itself, the planet known as the lord of the war, Mars had transit in a different zodiac which ended the influence of Angarak Yoga. This special AstroSage blog is aimed at providing you with information related to the positive influence on the zodiacs from the end of Angarak Yoga. Let’s move ahead and discover about those zodiacs! 

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When Did Angarak Yoga Form? 

The planet of courage and bravery, Mars came out of Pisces on 1st June 2024 and entered its zodiac, Aries. Now, the departure of Mars from Pisces has led to the end of Angarak Yoga. It will stay in Aries till 12th July 2024 and after this, will move on to Taurus. 

When Mars was present in Pisces, it created a conjunction with Rahu and formed Angarak Yoga. When Rahu and Mars are together in a zodiac, Angarak yoga forms which is not considered auspicious in Vedic Astrology. As Rahu was already present in Pisces with Mars, Angarak Yoga formed. 

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What Happens When Angarak Yoga Forms? 

Angarak Yoga was not fortunate for the natives of a certain zodiac. Now, on 1st June 2024, Mars entered Aries and the Angarak yoga formed from the conjunction of Mars and Rahu came to an end. In Vedic Astrology, whenever the planets Mars and Rahu are present together in someone’s birth chart, Angarak yoga forms. The formation of this inauspicious yoga in one’s birth chart leads to several hardships and difficulties in the life of the natives. These natives have anger issues and they become violent. But the end of this yoga has brought great opportunities, happiness, and prosperity to some zodiacs. Let us now move ahead and find out the zodiacs that are getting lucky from the end of this yoga.

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Zodiacs Whose Luck Is Going To Shine From The End Of Angarak Yoga 


For the Aries natives, the Mars transit has happened in its zodiac, Aries which is extremely auspicious for you. Mars will now be sitting in Aries and with this position, all the problems coming in your life will reduce comparatively. In the field of career, you will get the results that you expect. Along with this, your financial situation will get better and there are chances of financial gains. If you are operating in your partnership business, then you are going to get success in your business along with profit. These natives will get the support of their life partners and family members at every point of life now. 

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The end of Angarak Yoga will be beneficial for Leo natives. As Mars will enter Aries ending Angarak Yoga which will help the Leo native get several benefits. Mars will transit and enter your ninth house which is the place of luck/fortune in a birth chart. This will give them the full support of luck. As a result, all the stuck works of these natives are going to get accomplished and they will get success in the same too. The financial condition of the Leo zodiac is also going to get better. Along with this, the atmosphere in the family will stay happy and good too. 

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Cancer is one of the many zodiacs that are going to benefit from the end of Angarak yoga. These natives are going to benefit the most from this phenomenon. Also, the Mars transit in Aries is extremely fortunate for them. Either personal or professional, these natives are going to get success in both of them. The natives who own a business will make profits. The employed people will get new opportunities in their jobs. Also, if you have made some strategies related to money and property, it will be accomplished now. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Is Angarak Yoga Formed?

When Rahu and Mars are together in one zodiac, then Angarak Yoga forms.

Which zodiacs are going to benefit from the end of Angarak yoga? 

Aries, Leo, and Cancer are going to benefit from the end of Angarak yoga. 

When did Mars transit to Aries?

Mars moved to Aries on 1st June 2024. 

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