25 June – 45 Years Of The 1975 Emergency In India

The Emergency in India was declared on the midnight of 25 June 1975 by the then Indian Prime Minister, Late Smt. Indira Gandhi after getting it signed off by the then President of India Late Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. This Emergency continued till 21 March 1977, and was considered one of the distressing times in the history of Indian Politics.

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At that time, a great  sense of dissatisfaction rose against the then Central Government of Congress, and with the Allahabad High Court Verdict made against the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on June 12, she wrote this black chapter in the history of Indian Politics and declared this Emergency all over the nation.

With this article, we have tried to shed light on how specific planetary placements lead to the origin of such situations in the country. We have also taken in consideration some kundlis and charts based on which we have provided you an astrological evaluation.

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Kundli of Late Smt. Indira Gandhi

The first kundli is of the then Prime Minister Late Smt. Indira Gandhi:

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(Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi – Kundli)

  • Both Rahu and Mercury were undergoing their Antardasha (sub-period) during the Shani’s Mahadasha (major period) at the time when Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi declared the 1975 Emergency.
  • Saturn is in the Lagna House while being the ruling lord of the seventh and eighth house.
  • Ascendant Lord is fully aspecting the Moon, and the planet Mercury is positioned in Scorpio with Sun in the fifth house.
  • During the period of Emergency, a debilitated Rahu had an afflicting influence on the Mercury and Sun.
  • The fifth house in a kundli represents intelligence. Hence, when the Budhaditya Yoga formed due to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury got influenced by the debilitated Rahu, her thinking as well as decision-making skills got affected, which further compelled her to make such decisions.

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  • Often when the Sun is impacted by Rahu in the kundli of a native, in that case that person has to suffer from severe defamation. The same thing happened with her when she projected a wrong image and faced the wrath of the people after she declared the 1975 Emergency. This became a black chapter in the history of Indian Politics.

Kundli At The Time Of Emergency

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(Time of Emergency- Kundli)

  • The state of Emergency was declared during midnight on 25 June 1975. During that time, the planet Jupiter was in Pisces.
  • The Sun and Saturn were in conjunction in the Gemini zodiac sign.
  • A debilitated Ketu in Taurus was placed with Mercury, whereas Rahu was in Scorpio sign.
  • This is one such event that will be remembered for a very long time.

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Kundli Of Independent India


Independent India

(15-8-1947, 0:0:1, New Delhi)

  • At the time when the Emergency was declared, the planet Rahu was undergoing its Antardasha or sub-period as well as its Pratyantar Dasha or sub sub-period during the Mercury’s Mahadasha or major period in the Independent India’s kundli.
  • In this kundli, the second and fifth house lord Mercury is in the third house with Venus, Sun, Moon and Saturn.
  • Also, the planet Mercury is positioned in the Pushya Nakshatra ruled by Saturn.

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  • Rahu is present in Lagna with exalted Taurus and can be seen in a strong state.
  • Also, Rahu is placed in the Krittika Nakshatra ruled by the Sun.
  • When the state of Emergency was declared, the planet Rahu was seen transiting in the seventh house whereas Mercury was with Ketu in Taurus.
  • It is worth noting that both Rahu and Ketu were positioned in the debilitated signs.
  • Mercury is considered to be a benefactor of communication and known as a “Messenger” in Astrology.
  • Rahu signifies the tendency to be autocratic by keeping everything in check. Therefore, with this mandate coming into force, due to which a state of Emergency was declared in the country.

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  • Another thing to notice is that Mahadasha-Lord Mercury was in the Nakshatra ruled by Shani, which represents the public and subjects. Similarly, the Antardasha-Lord Ketu was in the Nakshatra ruled by Sun, which signifies a King.
  • At the time when the Emergency was declared, both Sun and Shani were creating a conjunction.
  • Rahu in Mercury under the afflicting influence of Ketu made the King take such decisions for his Subjects.
  • Along with Subjects, Saturn is known to be the representative of Justice, whereas the Sun represents royalty and monarchy. When the lawful Shani tried to control the Sun, the Sun wrote a new chapter in front of the Public in the form of the 1975 Emergency.
  • This is how autocratic Rahu took the advantage of the distance between Shani and Surya or Sun with the help of Mercury and played a significant role in launching the Emergency in India.
  • Rahu is also called the benefactor of diplomacy. In fact, Emergency in India was a part of a diplomatic strategy which also included the idea of suppressing the opposition.

It has been almost 45 years since the Emergency in India was last declared in India, but it seems like this chapter has been engraved in our minds. It will be mostly impossible for us to forget about the time  when a ruler imposed the state of emergency to harass the common and innocent public.

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Now, if we take a look at the present scenario, the ongoing situation of Coronavirus in the country led to nationwide lockdown, which made it impossible for the public to even step out of their houses.

  • At the time when the Prime Minister of India announced nationwide lockdown, Saturn was going its Antardasha and Mercury was undergoing its Pratyantar Dasha during the Moon’s Mahadasha in the Independent India’s Kundli. 
  • The Moon is in the Nakshatra ruled by Shani, whereas Shani is in the Mercury’s Nakshatra. Also, Mercury is in Shani’s Nakshatra.
  • One more thing to note in this sequence is that Rahu and Ketu had maintained their grip on all the planets.
  • The Sun had been fully aspected by Shani. It was due to the influence of such planetary yogas that the government was able to declare a nationwide lockdown.

Looking at the ever-changing planetary movements, we can say that soon we will be able to escape the ill-effects of Coronavirus, and a powerful vaccine to fight against this disease will be formed, which will put an end on this ongoing lockdown and help strengthen the Indian Economy.

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