Eight Faced Rudraksha and Its Benefits

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the ruling deity of the eight faced Rudraksha. It also ensures the benediction of Bhairav Baba or Lord Shiva. Along with this, the eight faced Rudraksha also governs the eight directions and the eight Siddhis. Now, amidst the Corona Outbreak, people are hitting many rough patches on the physical as well as the mental front. Stress, anxiety have become common problems now. In such a situation, the Eight faced Rudraksha can be of great help to ward off such problems. 

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Just like the river Ganga is considered to be very auspicious in the realm of Hindu religion and culture and by merely taking a dip in the holy Ganges, a person can get rid of his/her sins. In the same manner, the Eight faced Rudraksha also the capacity to ward off all kinds of sins from a human being’s lie. Specifically those people who are into the habit of telling ties or stealing should use this Rudraksha as it automatically eradicates such vices. Those folks who worship Lord Bhairav should definitely wear this eight faced Rudraksha. But it should be kept in mind that this Rudraksha should be used by duly following all the rites and rituals, while maintaining its sanctity as only then you can attain the benediction and blessings of Bhairav baba. The ‘Adhipati’ or the ruling Lord of this Rudraksha happens to be Lord Ganesha, which is why wearing this ensures the inflow of knowledge, wisdom, wealth prosperity and professional affluence in a person’s life.

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Special Facts About Rudraksha 

According to The Puranas it can be said that Rudraksha naturally has various holes or stripes, which are called ‘Mukh’/faces. ‘Rudrakshas containing 1 to 14 Mukh/faces are mentioned in the scriptures. Rudrakshas are mainly found in four sizes: round, cylindrical, flat and crescent shaped. Gol/circle shaped Rudraksha is the best amongst all of them.

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Planetary Connections of Eight Faced Rudraksha 

Rahu happens to be the planet which rules over the eight faced Rudraksha, which is why this Rudraksha proves to be quite effective in eliminating the Doshas present in one’s Kundli which are associated with Rahu. The general feeling of jealousy and malice also comes to an end after one wears the eight faced Rudraksha. It is also responsible for the generation of Satvik and positive thoughts in a particular person’s mind. Those natives who wear this Rudraksha can walk free without any fear of black magic or esoteric activities which can befall them. The eight faced Rudraksha also provides protection from the unworldly and negative spirits. Those male natives who commit sin by getting involved in inappropriate activities with the wrong women, should also wear the Eight faced Rudraksha to gain redemption. 

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Eclipse and Rudraksha 

If there are any e yoga of solar or lunar eclipses forming in the Kundli on birth chart of a particular native, then for the Solar eclipse yoga one should wear One Faced, Eight Faced or Nine Faced Rudraksha in a red thread on Sunday and for the eclipse Yoga formed from the Moon, one should wear Two Faced, Eight Faced and Nine Faced Rudraksha in white thread on Monday.

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Rites and Rituals to Wear Eight Faced Rudraksha

This Eight Faced Rudraksha Mala or Rosary should be worn during a Monday which falls during the Shukla Paksha. First and foremost, recite the Panchakshar Mantra “oṃ namaḥ śivāya”/“ॐ नमः शिवाय”. For the purification process, offer sandalwood, Bil Patra and red flowers. Also, perform the Puja by offering incense sticks and lamps. Make the Rudraksha touch the Shivling and face the East or Northern direction while chanting Mantras and this is when you should wear the Rudraksha. 

Thus, wearing the eight Mukhi Rudraksh during such difficult times will give you mental peace and also provide you with freedom from many kinds of problems in life. It also helps you to attain the benediction of Lord Ganesha and Bhairav Baba, along with removing all sorts of Doshas associated with Rahu. 

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