These 7 Remedies Will Bestow You With Jupiter’s Blessings

The planetary constellations have great significance in astrology as they have a profound effect on a person’s life. The position of a planet determines the favorable and unfavorable conditions in the life of a person. In this special article today, we will talk about the planet Jupiter (Guru) and its impact on people’s lives. Apart from this, we will also provide the readers with seven easy remedies that will help them in retaining Jupiter’s grace in their lives forever.

Planet Jupiter In Astrology

If you are unable to attain good results despite your best efforts and your financial condition is deteriorating, then you must try to please planet Jupiter for a happy and prosperous life. Jupiter is considered the most auspicious planet among the nine others in Vedic Astrology. It is believed that Jupiter’s grace is the reason behind every success.

According to astrology, a strong Jupiter in the charts is necessary to achieve success as it can help achieve the greatest of goals. A person requires positive energy to succeed in life, and Jupiter is a source of this very positivity.

Positive energy helps in completing even the most difficult tasks very easily, but on the contrary, weak Jupiter in the charts brings us face-to-face with challenging situations in life. It ruins everything for a person, from financial and social status to health. 

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How To Appease Jupiter? 

A weak Jupiter negatively affects our lives. There are some remedies and rules mentioned in Vedic astrology to please Jupiter, which when followed wholeheartedly, bestows the natives with abundant blessings of the planet Jupiter. Without further ado, let’s check out the remedies to please Jupiter.

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7 Easy Remedies to Please Jupiter

  • Avoid Performing Monetary Transactions On Thursday

The natives who have the grace of Jupiter always have a strong financial condition, and they never face money-related problems in life. Therefore, as per the remedies mentioned in Vedic Astrology, one must never perform any monetary transactions on Thursdays. Lending or borrowing money on Thursday angers this planet and weakens your financial condition.

  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranama on Thursday

To strengthen the Jupiter in your charts, you must wake up before sunrise on Thursday and take a bath. Wear tidy clothes and light a ghee lamp in front of Lord Vishnu. Then recite Vishnu Sahasranama. In the evening, light a ghee lamp under a banana tree and offer it besan laddus. Consume these laddus in the form of Prasad and distribute them among other people as well. By doing so, you will have Lord Vishnu’s blessings, and you will achieve success in every stratum of life.

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  • Apply Chandan Tilak On The Forehead

If you want Jupiter’s favourable results in life then besides worshipping Lord Vishnu on Thursdays, you must apply Chandan (sandalwood) tilak on him. After the puja, you should apply the same tilak on your forehead as well. If Chandan tilak is not available, you can also use turmeric tilak. By doing so, Jupiter will bless you with its positive energy, and you will accomplish the most difficult tasks very easily. 

  • Observe A Fast On Thursday

Observe a fast on Thursdays. However, if not possible, you must at least worship on Thursdays. Offer yellow clothes, yellow food, and yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu on this day. 

  • Donate Yellow Items

Jupiter is associated with Yellow colour. In this regard, when a person donates yellow items to the needy and poor on Thursday as per their capability, it pleases the planet Jupiter. Besides this, one must also present gifts to parents on Thursday and seek their blessings. It will help you get rid of all the problems of your marital life.

  • Add Turmeric In The Bathing Water

It is indeed one of the easiest remedies. It purifies a person physically and mentally, and brings happiness and prosperity in their life. This simple turmeric remedy is proven to be useful in attaining a successful career. Apart from this, if you are facing problems in your marital life, this remedy will help you resolve them as well.

  • Worship Banana Tree

Another easy remedy is to worship the Banana tree on Thursday. Light a ghee lamp near the banana tree in the evening and offer sweets made of besan (gram flour). If you are applying for a new job, this remedy can do wonders for you as well!

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