Scientific & Astrological Benefits Of Ear Piercing In Males

Ear piercing is not something that is done just to enhance the look of a person; there is so much more to it! It is a sacred Indian practice, also known as Karna Vedha, and is one of the 16 sacraments performed by Hindus to mark the different stages of life. It is also a symbol of upbringing and cultural heritage. There is a specific side dedicated to both genders. The left ear of a girl is pierced first, while in the case of a boy, it is the right. It is because the left side of the body is considered feminine, and the right side is masculine.

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In this blog by AstroSage, we will enlighten you with the benefits of ear piercing in males, both scientific and astrological, so that next time you go for an ear piercing, you know what miracles it can do for you besides just being a mere fashion ornament!

Scientific Benefits Of Ear Piercing In Male

  • The earlobe is known as the human body’s microcosm, and ear piercing gives various therapeutic benefits to the natives.
  • According to acupressure therapy, piercing helps to deal with migraines and allergies. It also improves eyesight as an earlobe is the center of vision.
  • Acupressure therapies mention that the brain of a child starts to develop as early as his ear is pierced. It is because the piercing is beneficial to the meridians that connect the brain with the earlobe.
  • Ear piercing also helps in maintaining a uniform flow of electric current in the human body.
  • It eliminates negative thoughts from the mind by cleansing the nervous system.
  • Some Indian physicians believe that by getting the ears pierced and wearing earrings, one can enhance their decision-making power and increase their intellect.

 Now, let’s get into the astrological benefits of ear piercing in males.

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Astrological Benefits Of Ear Piercing

  • Ear piercing or Karna Vedha is a common practice in India and across various other cultures. It is performed to open the inner ear, primarily for children.
  • It is believed that piercing the ear helps in hearing the sacred sound, grows the spirit, and cleanses the soul to avoid sin.
  • It is believed that wearing copper or gold in the earlobe helps with the flow of electric current within the body.
  • According to some cultural beliefs, one should only wear gold ornament on the earlobe as the psychic point, or the third eye is present there.
  • In ancient China, a person was made to wear gold earrings in the ear-piercing if their energy was low, as it helps in stimulating the pierced point.

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