Women Should Avoid Washing Hair On These Days

While some people find beliefs like not washing hair on certain days absurd, others feel that these traditions are very important. Our scriptures have inscribed many rituals and traditions, from the birth and marriage of a person to death. In this context, we will tell you about the custom of not washing hair on some particular days, especially for women.

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Avoid Washing Hair On These Days

Tuesday: According to beliefs, washing hair is prohibited on Tuesday. Especially, people who have Mars (Mangal) in a weak position in their horoscope should not wash their hair on this day, as it will give adverse results. Not washing hair on Tuesday lessens the negative effects of Mangal in chart. 

Wednesday: Not washing hair on Wednesday is a popular belief in India, especially for mothers with a single boy as it is believed that it affects the health of the child. Contrary to this, it is also believed that newly wedded women must wash their hair on Wednesday if they want a baby boy.

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Thursday: This custom is followed by Indian women very seriously as they believe that washing hair on Thursdays washes off all the blessings of planet Jupiter and Maa Lakshmi and drags them towards poverty. Legend has it that a woman used to wash her hair on Thursdays, which made her lose all her assets gradually. Besides hair, washing clothes on Thursdays is also considered inauspicious in Hinduism. 

Saturday: There are mixed beliefs associated with washing hair on Saturday. While some people believe that washing hair on this day helps in neutralising the ill-effect of Sade Sati, others believe that it angers Shani Dev.

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