Narak Chaturdashi Special: Know Right Puja Vidhi, Muhurat & Legend

This year, Narak Chaturdashi, or more commonly Choti Diwali, is falling on 14 November, Saturday. On this day, the devotees of Hindu religion worship Yamraj, the God of Death and ask him for safety from untimely death and good health. This day has many names throughout India, like Narak Chaudas or Roop Chaudas. The name Choti Diwali is prevalent because Narak Chaturdashi occurs a day before Diwali. On the night of Narak Chaturdashi, people light diyas (lamps) to banish the darkness of the night.

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Narak Chaturdashi Muhurat

Abhyang Snan Timing From 05:22:59 to 06:43:18
Duration  1 hour 20 minutes 

Know Narak Chaturdashi Muhurat For Your City.

Narak Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi

  • On this day, you should have your Isht Dev in your mind as you wake up.
  • Like all other festivals of Hinduism, one should wake up before sunrise on this day and take a bath.
  • Massage your body with sesame oil.
  • Devotees pay homage to the God of Death on this day. Therefore, after your bath, sit while facing South, fold your hands, and worship Lord Yamraj. People believe that doing so removes the fear of hell (Narak) from our minds.
  • Light a lamp (diya) on your main gate to please Lord Yamraj.
  • One should also worship Lord Krishna during Choti Diwali. Doing so will increase the ethical virtues, qualities, and beauty of the person.
  • After paying homage to the Gods and Goddesses, one should light numerous diyas (lamps) in and outside their house. Mythology suggests that doing so ensures that Goddess Lakshmi always resides in your home.

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Mythological Tales Associated with Narak Chaturdashi

One story goes that Lord Krishna slaughtered a demon, Narakasura on the fourteenth day (Chaturdashi Tithi) of Kartik Month. All the people were delighted, and they lit diyas to express their joy. Ever since then, we celebrate Narak Chaturdashi on this day. Along with his wife, Satyabhama, Lord Krishna, on killing Narakasura, was able to save 16 thousand women of Lords and Saints. From then on, these sixteen thousand women became his wives.

According to another story, between the trayodashi tithi (thirteenth day) and Amavasya (new moon), Lord Vishnu in his Vamana avatar visited the most benevolent Asura King, Bali. When the king asked the dwarf brahman to ask for a boon, Lord Vishnu asked for the land that he covers in three steps. Finding the request trivial, the amused king agreed, despite the warnings of his guru, Shukracharya. Immediately, Lord Vishnu grew to cosmic-proportionate sizes and covered the entirety of the Earth, Heaven (Swarg), and Hell (Narak) in two steps.

Realizing who he is, Mahabali immediately offered his head to the Lord to place his third step on, despite knowing it will be destructive for him. Happy with his humility, although Lord Vishnu put his foot on Bali’s head and sent him to Patal (hell or Netherlands), but allowed him one boon. Bali, an immortal, asked the Lord, permission to visit his people and the lands he ruled once every year. The Lord agreed and said that whoever will celebrate Diwali and do Deep Daan on Narak Chaturdashi, they will save their ancestors from the pits of hell. Because of this, Narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali and Diwali celebrations occur throughout India with great pomp.

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