7 Special Muhurats Before Diwali, Do not Forget to Carry Out These Auspicious Tasks

Diwali, the festival of lights, is considered to be one of the major festivals of Hinduism. The special grace of Goddess Lakshmi can be ensured by worshipping her on this day. The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated a few days before Diwali and shopping rituals are very important on this day, as we have been listening to this being mentioned in the religious books and epics since childhood.

Readers would be surprised to know that this year’s Diwali is going to be special and different from all other years, but how is it so? Then, let us tell you after 17 long years on Diwali, an auspicious coincidence is coming into effect. Let us know about it in detail.

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According to Indian astrology, even before the commencement of the grand occasion of Diwali this time, seven special Muhurats are coming into effect which are very auspicious to carry out different tasks. They will get inaugurated from 7 November 2020 till 14 November 2020. This time, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga is also getting formed on Diwali after 17 long years. Due to this, the festival of Diwali will turn out to be great this year. Earlier this yoga was held in 2003. Muhurat has always been given importance in the realm of Indian astrology and it also has been proven that the work done or things purchased in the auspicious always turn out to be beneficial.

varṇaṃ kīrtiṃ matiṃ lakṣmīṃ svāsthyamāyuśca vidanti।

brāhme muhūrte saṃjāgracchi vā paṃkaja yathā॥

वर्णं कीर्तिं मतिं लक्ष्मीं स्वास्थ्यमायुश्च विदन्ति।

ब्राह्मे मुहूर्ते संजाग्रच्छि वा पंकज यथा॥

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First Muhurat: 7 November – During Saturday and Pushya Nakshatra, which is called Shani Pushya Yoga.

Second Muhurat: November 8 – On this day, the combination of Ahoi Ashtami and Ashlesha Nakshatra and Kumar Yoga is being formed.

Third Muhurat: 9 November,  it will be a combination of Monday and Magha Nakshatra.

Fourth Muhurat: November 10, Tuesday and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Fifth Muhurat: November 11: Vardhman Yoga and Moon, because of the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra on Wednesday, there is also Mahalakshmi Yoga with the conjunction of Mars.

Sixth Muhurat: 13 November –  The festival of Dhanteras. This day is an amalgamation of Pradosh and Hasta Nakshatra. 

Seventh Muhurat: November 14 – Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga.

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Why are These Seven Days Special?  

udaye ca pravāse ca grahāṇāṃ karaṇaṃ ravi ।

pravāsāṃ chādayan kuryāt muñcamānastathodayam।।

उदये च प्रवासे च ग्रहाणां करणं रवि ।

प्रवासां छादयन् कुर्यात् मुञ्चमानस्तथोदयम्।।

According to astrology, one such yoga (Shani Pushya) is coming into effect on 7 November and monetary gains are made when Mercury and Venus enter each other’s zodiac sign. Less expenditure and more benefits are characterised by the shopping done on this day, especially shopping electronic goods and land will be very good for the property along with jewelry, vehicles to electronic goods, furniture and decorative items made of wood etc.

According to astrology on November 8, Ashlesha Nakshatra and Ashtami Tithi’s conjunction and Kumar Yoga will get formed. According to religious texts, it is said that in this auspicious time, it is considered fruitful to purchase food items, medicines and start some new work which is related to the kitchen.

9 November will be when the conjunction of Monday and Magha Nakshatra takes place. According to astrology, it is considered good and fruitful to buy items related to Som and Magha, especially Ayurvedic medicines, Misthan, Nav Ratna, fragrant items, Aquarium and items meant for married women.

According to astrology, the 10th of November will witness a coincidence of Tuesday and Andra Yoga and Purva Phalphaguni Nakshatra. It is said that if any person invests money by buying land or a house on this day, then it proves to be beneficial for them and at the same time shopping electronic goods is also considered auspicious on this day.

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On 11 November, Mahalakshmi Yoga is being formed on this day due to the conjunction between Moon and Mars, as well as Vardhamana Yoga and Validriti Yoga are also being formed because of the coincidence of Wednesday and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra. It is believed that any purchase made during this Muhurat is truly beneficial. Making or selling tools, buying machinery and vehicles are considered quite significant during this Yoga.

November 13 is a special day according to religious texts and astrology. On this day, the grand occasion of Dhanteras will be celebrated. Shopping on this day is considered to be extremely auspicious. It is a great day to carry out auspicious works and shopping new items. It is also called Abuja Muhurta. A coincidence of Pradosh and Hasta Nakshatra is also witnessed on this day. According to astrology, it is said that on this day, shopping for vehicles, land, buildings, jewelry and clothes etc. is said to be very good and fruitful.

The grand occasion of Diwali will be celebrated on Saturday, November 14 and most spectacularly this time, after 17 years, Siddhi Yoga falls on the day of Diwali. Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga will begin with the sunrise on the day of Diwali, which will remain effective till 8:00 pm. With the commencement of Lakshmi Puja, this day will be quite effective for all kinds of shopping.

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