The Vision Of Different Forms Of Mahadev In Dreams Will Change Your Life!

The month of Sawan is specifically dedicated to Lord Shiva. Right from the beginning of this month, the devotees of Mahadev leave no stone unturned in pleasing him. Since the Sawan month has already begun and will last till August 22, 2021, i.e., Saturday. In this blog, let us make you aware of the meaning of dreams in which Mahadev appears in various forms.

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Dream of Mahadev in Tandav Form

Lord Shiva’s Tandav form is also considered his Rudra form. In this regard, if you have had a dream where Mahadev is performing Tandav, you need not worry as it is considered auspicious. According to this dream, if you have been surrounded by enemies over a period of time, Lord Shiva himself will help you get rid of them.

Appearance of Mahadev with Maa Parvati in Dream

If you have a dream in which Mahadev appears with Maa Parvati, it is also considered auspicious. This dream signifies that your married life will be pleasant and all sorts of misunderstandings will come to an end. But always remember to perform Jalabhishek to Mahadev after having such a dream, followed by offering him honey and praying to him for a happy married life.

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Presence of Shiv Temple in Dream 

Seeing a Shiv temple in the dream is considered very favourable. This dream indicates that all your problems will be resolved in the near future. If you dream that you are going inside a Shiv temple then it means that you will get rid of the prolonged disease. So, seeing a Shiv temple in any form is auspicious for the native.

Dream of Mahadev with Snake 

Dreaming of Mahadev with snake is considered highly favourable. This dream implies a better financial position in the near future.

Mahadev Holding Trishul in Dream

The dream of Mahadev’s trident is an auspicious one. This dream indicates that all your troubles will come to a halt and you life will begin on a positive note.

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