Dhanteras 2023: To Prevent The Rage Of Maa Laxmi Note These Rules!

Dhanteras 2023: Diwali is regarded one of the most important celebrations in Sanatan Dharma. It is a five-day event that begins on Dhanteras. This Dhanteras or Dhan Trayodashi celebration occurs every year on the Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha in the Kartik month. Today, in this special blog, we will learn when Dhanteras will fall in the year 2023, what the beliefs around it are, and what the significance of this day is.  By taking a few measures on this day, you will always have happiness and fortune in your life. Are there any tasks that should not be done on this day, even by accident?

Aside from that, we shall use this blog to enlighten you about the auspicious period of Dhanteras this year. So, let us begin by learning some fascinating facts about Dhanteras.

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Dhanteras 2023 Date And Time 

In terms of Dhanteras dates in 2023, the festival of Dhanteras will be held on November 10th this year. Diwali will be two days later, on November 12th.

On Dhanteras, it is common to worship Lord Dhanvantari, the Ayurvedic god, and Kubera, the god of wealth. Aside from that, it is stated that if a person purchases gold and silver in his home on Dhanteras, he will have fortune for the rest of his life.  

Dhanteras 2023 Date And Muhurat 

November 10, 2023 (Friday)

Dhanteras Muhurat for New Delhi

Dhanteras Muhurat: 17:48:50 to 19:44:43

Duration :1 hour 55 minutes

Pradosh Kaal: 17:30:16 to 20:08:15

Taurus period: 17:48:50 to 19:44:43

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Dhanteras 2023: An Auspicious Yoga Forming After 30 Years

After 30 years, a fortunate coincidence occurs on Dhanteras this year. Actually, on Dhanteras, Saturn will turn direct and be located in its own original triangular zodiac sign Aquarius, a coincidence that occurs only every 30 years. Not only that, but Venus and the Moon will both be in Virgo during this time. An auspicious combination of Hasta Nakshatra will occur. Because the Moon rules Hasta Nakshatra, shopping is considered very favorable during this period.

Aside from that, the auspicious shopping Muhurat for this Dhanteras will last two days.

Trayodashi will begin at 12:35 p.m. on November 10th and will go until 1:57 p.m. on the following day, Saturday. Although shopping is considered auspicious throughout the day on Dhanteras, if you wish to shop at a particularly auspicious hour, Pradosh Bela will be from 5:16 pm to 7:54 pm.

On November 11, you can shop from 7:44 AM to 9:06 AM and 11:50 AM to 1:57 PM.

Buying metal during Hasta Nakshatra is regarded extremely auspicious. Buying gold on Dhanteras is the most beneficial. If you can’t afford gold, you can always buy silver. This also brings Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings.

Dhanteras Correct Puja Rituals  

  • On Dhanteras, it is customary to worship Lord Dhanvantari, Mother Lakshmi, and Lord Kuber.
  • To do this, begin worshiping Lord Kuber, Lord Dhanvantari, and Mother Lakshmi on this day at an auspicious moment and maintain their picture or statue in a sacred place.
  • Make sure to include Lord Ganesha’s idol in the worship.
  • Tilak all the Gods and Goddesses, offer them fruits, flowers, sweets, and so on, and light a lamp for them. 
  • After then, make your wishes known to the gods.
  • Finally, perform Aarti for everyone and repent to the Gods and Goddesses for any mistakes made, even if unintentionally. 

Do you know this? The number thirteen (13) has significant significance on Dhan Trayodashi or Dhanteras. This day is said to have a unique link with the number 13. According to legend, anything purchased on this day reaps 13 times the advantages in a person’s life. Aside from that, it is also claimed that if any task is begun on this day, the person will be successful 13 times over.

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Avoid These Mistakes On Dhanteras 

Some types of work are notably forbidden during Dhanteras. In such a case, you may obtain happiness and peace in your life by not doing the prohibited things on this day. Let us know: 

  • The broom is considered a symbol of Lakshmi in Hinduism. In such a case, do not use a broom on this day.
  • Consume no tamasic foods. It is considered unlucky.
  • Do not spread negativity within the home, and do not argue within the home.
  • On Dhanteras, many people go out and buy utensils. Take great care, however, not to purchase glass cutlery or dinner settings on this day. Glass is associated with Rahu, and items associated with Rahu should not be brought home on Dhanteras. 
  • Aside from that, during Dhanteras, one should not purchase any sharp or sharp objects such as scissors, knives, needles, and so on.
  • Ceramic showpieces and utensils should also be avoided during Dhanteras.
  • Because iron is associated with Shanidev, it is best to avoid purchasing it on Dhanteras. Otherwise, the individual begins to incur financial losses.

Dhanteras 2023- Things Must To Buy On This Day

After knowing what we should not buy on Dhanteras, let us move on to learn which items you can buy on Dhanteras to obtain happiness, prosperity, and financial prosperity in your life.

  • On Dhanteras, you can buy the Lakshmi Ganesh idol and worship it on Diwali.
  • Aside from that, purchasing gold and silver on this day is regarded particularly lucky.
  • On this day, many individuals buy gold and silver jewelry. If you are unable to purchase jewelry, you may bring gold or silver coins and keep them at home.
  • Aside from that, purchasing metal utensils is quite lucky. Lord Dhanvantari’s primary metals are silver and brass. In this case, you can purchase silver or brass utensils on this day. 
  • In addition, because Lord Dhanvantari was born with a pot in his hand during the churning of the oceans, you can purchase a vessel filled with water on Dhanteras.
  • Purchasing a broom on this day is really auspicious.
  • If you buy a Dakshinavarti conch, a Kamalgatta garland, a holy book, or a Rudraksh on Dhanteras, it is regarded exceedingly auspicious.
  • Bring Shree Yantra to your home on Dhanteras. The blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will be with you always with this.

Who is Lord Dhanvantari? On Dhanteras, it is said that Lord Dhanvantari is worshiped. Lord Dhanvantari arrived from the churning of the ocean carrying the nectar vessel at Amrit Manthan. But did you know that Dhanvantari is Lord Vishnu’s 12th incarnation out of 24? That is, he had taken on the form of Dhanvantari himself. Lord Dhanvantari is also considered to be the gods’ physician, according to myth. Worshiping Lord Dhanvantari is extremely beneficial for health and happiness in this situation. Because Lord Dhanvantari appeared with a pot of nectar in his hand, there is a practice of buying utensils on this day.

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Dhanteras 2023 Auspicious Muhurat For Shopping

As we previously stated, on Dhanteras, people buy anything they want: some buy utensils, others buy brooms and bring them home, some buy gold and silver jewelry, and some buy solely gold and silver coins. Bring it home, but people purchase it.  In this case, if you want to know what the auspicious Muhurat for shopping would be on this day, we will supply you with information about it here because it is believed that shopping done at an auspicious time can bring happiness and prosperity into a person’s life.

The best time to buy gold and silver for Dhanteras 2023 is between 2:35 pm on 10 November 2023 and 6:40 am on 11 November 2023, according to astrological forecasts. If you miss this time, you can still buy gold and silver on November 11, 2023, from 06:40 a.m. until 1:57 p.m.

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Mistakes To Be Avoided During Dhanteras Evening 

  • The devotion of Goddess Lakshmi begins on Dhanteras, thus do not leave the house empty, i.e. alone, even by mistake, especially in the evening. Many times, individuals leave the house to go shopping, and the house becomes completely empty during this period, which is regarded a major mistake. In such a case, you should avoid doing so. Take extra care that, beginning on Dhanteras, at least one member of the family is present in the house in the evening and, if possible, keep the main door open. 
  • On Dhanteras, a lamp is burned in the direction of the south. Place a penny and cowry in the lamp before meditating on your ancestors while facing south. Following this remedy, the fear of a premature death begins to fade from a person’s life. In addition, the person has a disease-free life.
  • Aside from that, it is said that honoring ancestors on this day brings pleasure and wealth into the house. 

On the day of Dhanteras, five lamps must be lit: On the day of Dhanteras, it is traditional to light five lamps. Keep one lamp near the deity, another near the main door of the house, and the last lamp near the source of water. And keep all five lamps in this manner. This ensures that Goddess Lakshmi is always present in the house. 

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Avoid These Mistakes On Dhanteras  

It is festival season, and when money runs out, people will borrow money from relatives, relatives, or friends without thinking. However, keep in mind that no money transactions should take place on Dhanteras. Goddess Lakshmi becomes enraged when this occurs, thus during Dhanteras, neither give nor take money from anyone.

Aside from that, if possible, buy whole coriander during Dhanteras. Coriander is a symbol of prosperity, therefore buy it and gift it to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Dhanvantari during Dhanteras devotion.

Dhanteras 2023 Magical Remedies  

  • After worship on Dhanteras, wrap 21 whole grains of rice in a clean red cloth and store it in your safe. This eliminates the financial shortage in the home.
  • When worshiping Dhanteras, pay close attention to the directions. On this day, worship Lord Kuber to the north.
  • On Dhanteras, face north when worshiping. By doing so, one obtains Lord Kuber’s benediction.
  • To obtain the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, buy a new broom from the market on Dhanteras. This will ensure that happiness and wealth are constantly present in your life.
  • On Dhanteras, you must bring an image of Goddess Lakshmi to your home, shop, or workplace. Aside from that, if feasible, bring a picture of Goddess Lakshmi sitting on a lotus in the stance of showering prosperity, with both elephant trunks pointing skyward. This picture is regarded as extremely auspicious.
  • Aside from that, on Dhanteras, you can install a Shri Yantra in your home. Include it in your puja first, and then place it in the north direction of your home or office. By following this solution, you will be able to eliminate financial problems from your life for good.
  • On Dhanteras, buy 11 Gomti Chakras and bring them home. Apply sandalwood on it and adore Goddess Lakshmi by chanting her mantra. After the puja, place this Gomti Chakra in the room where you keep your money. If you employ this treatment, you will always have blessings in your home.
  • If the problem of debt lingers in your life, or if the financial crisis endures despite your efforts, gift a handful of rice to a poor person on Dhanteras. You will undoubtedly find relief from your difficulties.

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Dhanteras 2023: Buy A Purse As Per Your Zodiac Colour 

Because we keep our money in it, the wallet is known as the abode of Goddess Lakshmi. In such a case, if you purchase a purse based on your zodiac sign on Dhanteras, the bliss of Goddess Lakshmi will continue in your life indefinitely, as will the auspicious results. So, let us proceed to determine which color purse is fortunate for you to purchase based on your zodiac sign.

  • If you are an Aries, Leo, Scorpio, or Sagittarius, you can get a red, yellow, orange, or brown purse.
  • If you are a Taurus, Libra, or Cancer, a white, silver, gold, or sky blue purse would be appropriate for you.
  • Aside from that, if your zodiac sign is Capricorn or Aquarius, purchasing a blue, black, or gray purse can bring you good fortune.
  • Purchasing a green purse is considered good for anyone born under the sign of Gemini or Virgo.

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