Dhanteras 2023 Brings Dhan Yoga: Pious Yoga Is Lucky For 5 Zodiacs!

Dhanteras 2023 Brings Dhan Yoga: The Dhanteras Festival is one of the auspicious ways to gain wealth, happiness, and prosperity across human lives. As per the Hindu Calendar, the Dhanteras 2023 will be celebrated on 10 November 2023. Diwali is a five-day festival that starts from the Dhanteras and it is celebrated on the Trayodashi date of Kartik month. The Vedic Astrology indicates that Dhanteras is one of the vital aspects of gaining financial prosperity. 

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On this festival of Dhanteras 2023, there is the formation of an auspicious yoga. On this occasion, Venus will be present in the Virgo sign and also the Moon will be present in the Virgo zodiac. The presence of the Moon and Venus in the Virgo will result in the formation of Venus Shashi Yoga. As per astrology, the formation of this yoga results in different kinds of financial gains. Saturn is going to direct in its Moolatrikona sign Aquarius on Dhanteras 2023 by itself, after a long 30 years.

Such a position of planets will result in the creation of an auspicious timeline for five zodiacs on Dhanteras 2023 that will provide immense financial gains.

Check the five zodiacs that will experience the immense rise of wealth & profits on Dhanteras 2023. 


On Dhanteras 2023, the auspicious yoga will be very fruitful for the Taurus natives. They will get an unlimited amount of wealth in the period and the employed people will get all the right opportunities in their respective careers. Other than that, there will be positive effects in the lives of natives due to the right amount of enthusiasm and it can be seen on their health too. In their workplace, people will be surprised with their work and confidence. There are chances of getting your money back stuck somewhere. At this time, natives will also feel financially prosperous. There will be the blessing of Mother Lakshmi on them. 

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The formation of auspicious yoga on Dhanteras 2023 will result in sudden financial gains for Cancer natives. If you plan to start your own business, you can start the work with a sudden gain of money. On the other hand, there are signs of starting any of your stuck tasks or activities that you weren’t able to make progress on. There are chances of getting definite success for the works that you plan at this timeline. Business persons can also get profits from different operations and Dhanteras 2023 can be the best occasion to become rich. For business persons in the food sector, it will be an auspicious time to gain profits. 


On this Dhanteras 2023, the Virgo natives will get immense wealth and prosperity. The auspicious yoga of Dhanteras 2023 will shower wealth for the Virgo zodiac. The employed people will get salary hikes and it is the best time for promotions. Also, on the Dhanteras there will be other auspicious opportunities for different business persons. Goddess Lakshmi will be present in your life even before the Diwali period. Their wisdom and effective strategy will help business persons earn good profits and expect to achieve success in different aspects of their lives. For natives interested in planning to travel abroad, it will be the best time to get success in that direction. Everyone at the workplace will be impressed with your work and get assistance from colleagues & senior officials. 

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For the Libra zodiac, the Dhanteras 2023 will prove very lucky. If your money is stuck somewhere or in case you have lent money to someone & haven’t gotten it back yet, then it is the best time to solve the troubles and get back the return of money. In business, there are chances of getting higher profits this Dhanteras 2023. In your married life, there will be the rise of happiness & peace. There will also be mutual coordination between you and your wife. This Dhanteras 2023 brings a lot of benefits to your home. The employed people will get their desired job role or new job opportunity. There are chances of huge gains and profits in the future for investments in your business this Dhanteras. From a health point of view, this auspicious yoga provides a lot of excellent results. 


The auspicious yoga on Dhanteras leads to a large sum of wealth and blessing for the Capricorn natives. They are likely to accumulate large sums of profit and the family also becomes prosperous. The reputation of the Capricorn natives also increased in the period. People start to respect you more in the workplace and around you. There are chances of promotions for the employed people. There will be a lot of money in your hands with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The natives will get ample amounts of money to meet their expenses comfortably and the savings also rise. At the family level, there will be an increase of leave with the partner and also spend quality time with the family members. There are chances of auspicious tasks happening in the family. 

Tips To Gain Money And Wealth On Dhanteras 2023

With the assistance of relevant remedies on this Dhanteras 2023, natives can attain a lot of wealth & profit. Let us look at the best solutions for Dhanteras 2023. 

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  • Light a ghee lamp in front of Goddess Lakshmi on this. This will result in good wealth and prosperity in the lives of natives. 
  • Buy new utensils and kitchen items on the auspicious day of Dhanteras 2023. It brings luck and prosperity to the homes of natives. 
  • In the family, all the members need to worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber together. Other than that, offer products like flowers, fruits, and sweets to the lord and goddess. 
  • Take a bath on Dhanteras 2023, and clean your homes and also the clothes. The worship place needs to be cleaned efficiently and worshiped the correct way. 
  • Perform aarti and Goddess Lakshmi to fill the home with positive energy and add enthusiasm to your life. 
  • On Dhanteras 2023, buy gold or silver jewelry to get prosperity at home. Take the necessary measures to maintain the right amount of happiness and prosperity in your life. 

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