When is the Devashayani Ekadashi? Know It’s Legend & Paaran Muhurat!

According to the Hindu Panchang/ calendar, the Ashadha Ekadashi is celebrated on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashadha. In India, the Ashadha Ekadashi is also known as Devshayani Ekadashi, Harishayani Ekadashi, and Padmanabha Ekadashi. As per the Puran legend, this is the sleeping period of Lord Vishnu which means, from this day Lord Vishnu goes to the Kshirsagar in Yoga Nidra for 4 months and hence this is known as Harishayani Ekadashi. Chaturmas will also begin on this day.

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Significance of Devashayani Ekadashi 

As we have already explained to you that this period is the sleeping period of the Lord Vishnu and from this day the Chaturmas will also begin, so during this phase auspicious tasks such as marriages are

preferred to be avoided. Along with this, it is also believed that during the Chaturmas period which is (4 months), the ascetics do not travel, however, they prefer to stay and do penance in the same place. Only the Braj Yatra can be done in this period as during the Chaturmas all the pilgrimages on earth come and stay in Braj. Once Lord Vishnu’s sleeping period (Chaturmas) ends, the Tithi of Prabodhini Ekadashi or DevaUthni Ekadashi is then celebrated.

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Do’s and Don’ts during Chaturmas

Know the Do’s and Don’ts of a Devotee during Chaturmas, which is also highlighted and explained in Shastras/ scriptures. Here they are: –

  • To have a sweet voice it is not necessary to eat Jaggery, those who want to achieve speech accomplishment, are recommended not to consume sweet things during this phase.
  • If you wish to attain a son or grandson or you are praying for a long life, then give up oil.
  • Consume milk regularly to be blessed with children.
  • Sleep on the ground. One should not sleep on the bed during this period.
  • Avoid consuming honey, radish, parwal, brinjal, etc during this time.
  • Do not eat curd-rice that is given by someone. 

Ashani Ekadashi Tithi, Auspicious Timings and Paran Muhurat

Date: 10 July 2022

Day: Sunday

Hindi Month: Ashan

Tithi: Ekadashi

Ekadashi Tithi begins: on 9 July 2022 at 16:04:55 

Ekadashi Tithi Ends: 10 July 2022 at 14:15:08

Paran Muhurat: 11 July, 2022 from 05:30:48 to 08:17:02

Duration: 2 Hours 46 minutes

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Pujan Vidhi for Devashayani Ekadashi 

The Ekadashi Tithi is dedicated to Shri Hari Lord Vishnu so on this day Lord Vishnu is worshiped with true and complete devotion. On the auspicious day of Devashayani Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is duly worshiped before he goes to a sleeping state and this has a great significance. People also observe fast on this day with great devotion.

  • The Seekers who are observing fast should wake up early in the morning on Devashayani Ekadashi and take a holy bath.
  • After this, clean the place of worship in the house and purify it with Gangajal.
  • Now, place an idol of Lord Vishnu after placing a throne for the idol.
  • Perform Shodashopachara Puja of God. 
  • Offer Yellow clothes, yellow flowers, and Yellow sandalwood to God.
  • Decorate God’s idol with the conch shell, Chakra, Mace, and the Padma.
  • After this, offer betel nuts and Paan to God and then offer the incense, Lighted-up Diya, and flowers.
  • Now perform aarti for God and chant this Mantra:-

‘सुप्ते त्वयि जगन्नाथ जमत्सुप्तं भवेदिदम्।

विबुद्धे त्वयि बुद्धं च जगत्सर्व चराचरम्।।

‘supte tvayi jagannātha jamatsuptaṃ bhavedidam।

vibuddhe tvayi buddhaṃ ca jagatsarva carācaram।।

This means, O Jagannath Ji! When you fall asleep the whole world sleeps and when you wake up the whole world pastoralists wake up.

  • So, after worshiping Lord Vishnu and feeding the Brahmins, take food for yourself.
  • On the night of Devashayani Ekadashi, do Bhajan- Kirtan in the Jagran.
  • Make sure God sleeps before you go to sleep.

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Ashadhi Ekadashi Mythology/ Katha

According to the legend, there was a Chakravarti emperor known with the name of Mandhata who was ruling in Satyuga. During his reign, the people lived happily. Once upon a time, there was no rain in the state for three consecutive years, due to which the state was scarce. The people became very disturbed and there was a state of panic all around. Looking at such conditions, the king was very sad and went to the forest to find the solution/ remedy. While wandering in the forest, he reached the ashram of Rishi Angira. The king there told all the matters of concern to the Angira rishi and said if you go to your kingdom and observe Devashayani Ekadashi fast with all your will and true devotion then there will be definite chances of rain in the state. Following the orders of Rishi Angira, the king came back to his kingdom and did the same remedy. Due to this, there was the rain that came in the whole state, and that state was filled with money and grains. Since then there is a huge significance attached to observing fast on this day.

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