The Devil Tarot: Decoding The Mysterious Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot is the experience of the Journey. It is the card of materialism and restricted energies. Find out how to read the Devil Tarot Card and its impact on the lives of people.

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The Devil Tarot Card signifies a trap at times. However, crossing over the boundaries of the energy leads towards spiritualism. There denotes the transition from possessions to that the ultimate realisation. The fifth card of the Major Arcana picturises a goat-faced structure with bat wings, flowing power and dominance. A delicate couple in love tied with metal chains around the neck all ruled by the majestic figure. There are fruits and the fire hanging around the twin flame association. It is a negative card in a general yes or no spread. However, it has magical meanings in some specific readings.

The black colour around the card shows the pit hole and dark aura around the individual when popped up in a spread. It represents the elusive energies and delusion. Besides the dark ages, it shows the temptation towards things and materialistic pleasures. It is counted as a reversal of the Lovers card. Where a serene karmic love turns into the benefits and favours. As per the literal meaning, it also shows the attachment to the unproductive bonds. 

How To Read The Devil Tarot Card?

This section reveals how to read the Devil Card. This Tarot Card emphasizes on uncovering the spirit and realisation of the soul’s mission. It is about observing and releasing the matter which is being absorbed. It enforces to understand the physicality and realising the need for rising above desires to that of self attainment. As well said by the knowledgeable men that seat of desire and seat of spirituality is the same, the devil clearly interprets it. It shows the boundations and chains of desires, which brings the demons of pride, beauty, arrogance, indulgence and fear. However, once this desire is overcome, then an individual is free from these thoughts and burdens of ages. 

It is the first step towards breaking a pattern and gaining awareness about the self and subconscious. In lieu of the same, it is the turning point in the life of individuals. It moves from the state of contracting boundations to that of breaking the boundaries and moving towards the flip side of the coin, which is the actual journey. The sole essence is to realise the need for change and enlightenment and learning things to attain the same. 

The Devil Tarot for Education & Concentration

With Academics and Education, the Devil Card signifies the knack of true learning and throwing oneself into detailed studies. It also shows temptation towards gaining knowledge of bold subjects, mystic things and paranormal activities. The focus and concentration power is at its peak and it is the diversion of attention from academic studies into addictive studies. It could be reading romantic novels, occult mysteries and the power of magnetism and hypnotism. The card shows highly optimistic results for the researchers and scholars.

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The Devil Tarot Power

A mystic card shows loads of hidden intentions and passive relationships and connections. It is a strong karmic card which denotes the pattern of life or futuristic energies moving ahead. It reveals the need for clearing the surrounding energies and obstacles. The Devil Tarot is a negative card in terms of relationships and possessions but highly optimistic if there is a need to turn around the things. It also connects to the world of tantras and magical energies when connected wisely in a spread.

The Devil Card for Love & Romantic Relationships

It shows the dynamism and passion in the bond. It is the burning desire to dwell into intimate relationships and making bold movements. It shows blooming of love on the outskirts, which is actually the lust. The connection is for the benefits instead of quenching the quest of true love. It is like ruining oneself into a toxic relationship and getting addictions of various kinds. The strong is too strong to be broken apart but at the end of the day, it doesn’t serve good to either of the individuals involved. One of the partners will drain out the energy of the second one which will lead to turmoil and broken heart by the end of the day. The burning desire for physical intimacy is also misunderstood as the divine love, there are bright chances that one of the partners is hiding their treacherous intentions and mischievous self.

The Devil Tarot Card for Career & Finance

Through Devil Tarot Reading, we can say that it refers to the technical industry or IT professionals. In general, career spreads it shows a situation of being stuck into a job despite immense pressure. The profile is draining out your energy but you are not witnessing it clearly. One could also be a victim of politics at the workplace and will not be able to find a window to escape. It’s a blocked and dead energy which will not lead to better prospects in the future. 

The financial matters are into scarcity if Devil turns out. It shows the rise of some sudden unproductive expenditures, which will offset the balance of income and spendings. At times, it denotes the addition of investing in uncertain resources like gambling or spending on bad habits like liquor, smoke or drugs. It will embark the draining of money and deteriorating economic life. It is a true warning card to be found in the monetary aspect as it pushes to start working on better prospects and overcome the addictions.

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The Devil Tarot for Health & Well Being

It shows some major concerns pertaining to the well being. It indicates a psychological disorder, acute depression, insomnia or addictions. The addictions could be of liquor, nicotine, drugs or even a toxic relationship. The seeds of the health hazards are through the exhaustion of mind, which eventually starts reflecting into the body. At times, it also represents some high blood pressure and heart issues. Either of the ways, it demands attention and urgent medical aid else the health tends to slip out of the hand. Besides the doctor’s assistance, it also requires some counselling and physical consort to break the chain and cure completely.

The Devil Tarot for Character & Disposition

The Devil shows an attractive personality, which is popular amongst the opposite sex. It is a charming individual who wants all the beautiful things around them. Their aspiration is to achieve utmost comfort and luxuries by any means or measures. There is a strong obsession for monetary gains and materialistic pleasures. Also, it represents the indulgence in toxic things and unproductive bonds. At times, it shows the deceptive side of a being with some hideous traits.

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