Do Your Palms Have Life Changing Fish Lines? Read To Find Out!

Among divination practices, chiromancy, which is more commonly known as palmistry, is given a loftier position. Through this astrological art one can decode the behaviors and personalities of people. These hidden physical features that are concealed in our palms can be used to interpret our future as well! Marks, lines, and other shapes alert us about our future, and some of them are so important that they can have a life-altering effect on us. 

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The practice of palmistry can be dated back to thousands of years and originated in India; it was from here that it was spread to other countries. We also hear the mention of palmistry from the great intellectual, Aristotle as well. The meaning of the lines in our palms has been greatly defined in this practice; and other than this, palmistry gives a forecast of our future based on signs and signals. Sometimes in your palms, there are shapes of fishes that can be seen. These shapes of fish signs are considered to be very auspicious; these marks give special and pious benefits to the owner. However, the meanings are defined according to the position of these fish marks. The different placement of these fish signs gives different meanings. It can be said that natives receive benefits and good fortune in those areas in which these fish signs are placed. Below you will find out the meaning behind these fish signs which occupy different places in our palms; but before this, let’s take a look at what is the meaning of the fish in astrology and Vastu scriptures! 

Importance Of Fish In Vastu And Astrology 

The fish is considered auspicious in not only Hindu religion, but in Feng Shui (Chinese) and Vastu as well. We find in the Hindu philosophy about Matsya Avatar, and in Vastu, a fish aquarium is considered to be pious. The fish mark on a person’s palm represents wealth, success, and sanctity. According to astrology, having a fish helps you successfully get rid of planetary and horoscope defects. Possessing a fish tank is considered to be quite fortunate in Vastu, and having one in your home or office causes positive vibes to spread. Additionally, having a fish tank is considered to correct a number of Vastu defects as well. With such fish signs, a person’s positive attributes are enhanced. These fish signs are placed in different places, and their placements determine what kind of effects the owner will get! 

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Fish Signs And Their Auspicious Placement 

Fish Signs On The Life Line

If the fish signs are placed on your life line, then it indicates towards a long life, such people who possess such marks on their life line are never devoid of peace and financial prosperity. They tend to live a fulfilling life and such marks on the life line are also considered to be pious. 

Fish Signs On The Ketu Mount

Fish indications on the Mount of Ketu (also known as Manibandh lines) indicate that such people are spiritually and religiously inclined. These people enjoy high levels of honor throughout their lives, and by applying intelligence and talent to their work, they are always able to flourish both financially and socially. 

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Fish Signs On The Mercury Mount

If there are fish signs on the Mount of Mercury, below the little finger (Kanishtha) then such signs indicate that the owner is highly apt in the skills of communication. Those fortunate natives who possess these fish marks on Mercury mount are talented in their speech and can attract hordes of people with their oratory prowess. People are often bound by their eloquence and follow them, and career-wise they work very well in the communication field. It is also said that whatever career field they choose, such people always receive success. If they are related to the business, they receive immense growth and financial prosperity in such fields as well. 

Fish Signs On The Fate Line

The indication of fish signs on our Life line says that such individuals always have luck on their side. These blessed owners are successful in their life choices as fortunate circumstances always favor them. They never face work-halting challenges and they easily complete any task they engage themselves in. 

Fish Signs On The Jupiter Mount

Possessing fish signs on the Mount of Jupiter makes the owner highly intelligent and knowledgeable. Such talented individuals earn fame through their intellect and mentation. They are often well-versed in every field, and such multitasking people work with rapid progress in a few of them. 

Fish Signs On The Saturn Mount

Individuals who have fish signs on the Mount of Saturn below the middle finger (Madhyama) are interested in mystical studies. Such people lead a just life and are disciplined and philosophical in their nature and approach. They often don’t like injustice being done to anyone, and they always receive the blessing of Saturn in their life. 

Fish Signs On The Moon Mount

If there are fish signs on the palm between the Mount of Mercury and the middle finger (Manibandh) then they indicate that such individuals earn good money from overseas. With their talent and approach, they receive fame and fortune in abroad countries as well. 

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Fish Signs On The Venus Mount

If there are fish signs on the Mount of Venus, the areas below the thumb, then it indicates that such people are attractive, beautiful, and romantic. Such individuals may be celebrities and they are worldwide famous. They also lead a life of luxury. 

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