Astrological Remedies to Get Past Debts and Loans!

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When does a Debt Like Situation Arise in Kundli as per Vedic Astrology? 

In today’s time, where financial imbalance has been one of the biggest concerns, most of the people remain worried about Debt i.e. ‘Karz’. Loans either borrowed from an individual or government agency, both of these situations are a burden on an individual.

Many times, even without thinking, an individual has to face the burden of a debt owing to certain circumstances. Although, most people take debts to fulfill their needs, but if the same persists for a lifetime, then it takes place due to some special planetary combinations.

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The sixth house in horoscope is the significator for debts while the same house controls the situation of the same in an individual’s life. If the sixth house indicates the presence of any Paap Yoga or ruling planet of the same house is affected, then one has to face debt problems.

If any malefic planet is in the debilitated sign in the sixth house, creating a Grahan Yoga with either Rahu-Moon or Rahu-Sun in the sixth house, Rahu-Mars are creating a conjunction in the sixth house, Guru-Chandal Yoga is being formed in the sixth house, Saturn-Mars or Ketu-Mars are creating a conjunction in the sixth house- then under all these circumstances, the native experiences financial crisis and debts. 

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When the ruling lord of the planet is in a debilitated zodiac, or in the eighth house or is highly affected then debt problems occur. In addition to this, Mars (Mangal) is considered to be a natural benefactor of debt and hence, this planet has a great significance. In horoscope, if Mars is placed in its debilitated zodiac i.e. Cancer or in the eighth house or is highly affected, then debt problems aggregate.

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Debt Problems Associated with the Sixth House in Horoscope

If a Paap Yoga gets formed in the sixth house and is affected by Jupiter, then repayments of debt are made possible after struggling much or an individual finds a way of making the same to happen, but problems persist in the absence of positive effects of Jupiter. More the Paap Yogas present in the sixth house, more the problems an individual has to face. Due to the malefic effect of the sixth house, one has to be very careful while taking  a loan.

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Many times, one faces acute problems related to debt despite having positive aspects in the horoscope. This is due to a reason of the Dasha period of non functional planets and transits and for the time being, that person remains encircled with the pressure of heavy debts. For example, Dasha of the sixth and twelfth house also enhances that problem. 

All simple and precise remedies pertaining to debt in an individual’s horoscope are determined in detail on the basis of different positions of the planets and their directions. Also, if you are worried about debt related problems and wish to know any remedy, or are looking for any answers pertaining to the same, then feel free to ask questions from astrologers

Astrological Remedies to Set Free from Debt Problems

  1. Place Mangal Yantra on a red cloth at the place of worship in the house and chant this Mantra once in a day– 

ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं स: भौमाय नम:।

 – oṃ krāṃ krīṃ krauṃ sa: bhaumāya nama:।

  1. If you are facing problems related to debt or you are struggling to get a loan approved, then on Wednesday, boil one and a quarter kilograms of green Moong(lentils) and mix Ghee and jaggery in it and then feed it to a cow. Repeat this every Wednesday and get rid of loan problems quickly.
  2. Recite the Tranmochan Mangal Stotra everyday.
  3. Recite the Hanuman Chalisa.

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