Astrology plays a very important role in our day to day to affairs. Every planet regardless of its malefic or benefic status, leaves an impact on the conscious and subconscious part of the human brain. The alignment of the planets at the time of our birth plays a very important role in shaping our psyche and personality.

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You must have gone through innumerous astrology articles in magazines and websites that describe in detail the calculations and combinations that one must have in their horoscope to achieve success in career and profession.

But, we have never come through any such article that has described how the presence of a debilitated planet in your Kundli can impact your personality. What are the weaknesses that this planet confers on us and how it impacts our performance in career and profession. Until you are aware of your weakness, you will not be able to work on it and achieve the pinnacle of success you are capable of attaining.

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Now, let’s discuss in detail how a debilitated planet can affect your decision making and capabilities when it comes to your career and profession-


Sun in its debilitated state in the horoscope results in lack of confidence, weakness in valor, courage and absence of vision. The person having debilitated Sun in Kundli or horoscope will always seek appreciation and validation from others for his/her work. He/she only sees the society from the point of view of tangible things and results. As “Sun” is the natural significator of the father in Vedic astrology, this indicates that the appreciation that he/she may not have received from his/her father or father figures during his/her childhood, and keeps looking for it in others. All the tasks and endeavors that the person will do will be to attract other people’s attention, not caring for his/her happiness in the bargain. So, the main advice or suggestion for the natives with “Sun” in debilitated state in the horoscope will be to have full faith in your potential and skills. Your main focus should be to achieve happiness and contentment from your work, not other people’s appreciation and recognition. This will help you to align with the positive energy of the planet Sun.


Debilitated “Moon” in the horoscope results in insecurity, doubt in one’s own abilities, easily impressed by others and blaming the circumstances for failures instead owning the responsibility for them. As “Moon” signifies one’s mind in astrology, if in a debilitated state in horoscope, will always keep the individual annoyed and worried all the time. They will always have the tendency to easily imagine the worst case scenarios even at the pretext of small issues. This may result in delay in decision making and procrastination. “Moon” which also signifies Mother, childhood in astrology, if in a debilitated state in horoscope may indicate that you may have been brought up in a protective environment in childhood. This may have instilled the feeling of security in you so much that you will be afraid of taking bold and courageous decisions. This may put  adverse effects on both your personal and professional life. You will shy away from taking responsibilities in your workplace which may make you dependent on others. You will be hesitant to speak your mind which may send negative signals to the management. So, if you have the “Moon” in a debilitated state in your horoscope, our main suggestion to you would be to have trust in yourself and your capabilities. Always take responsibility for your actions rather than being dependent on others and try to live in the present rather than excessively worrying about the future. This will help you to get auspicious results of the luminary planet Moon.

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Mars is the planet that provides a native with courage, will power, valor, and competitive spirit if it resides in a strong position in the horoscope.

If it is in a debilitated state in the horoscope then it makes the native sentimental, over emotional and shy in nature. Instead of depending on your own will power and strength, you will rely on others for the completion of your tasks. It will make you vindictive, jealous in nature which will result in you wasting your energy in doing small activities rather than channelizing it in a productive direction. It can also make you deceptive in your profession, which may not send the right signal to the higher management. Due to this position of the planet Mars, you will be a little rigid and unwilling to accept your mistakes. However, you should understand that nobody is perfect and accepting your mistakes will only help you in receiving creative solutions to the problem that you are facing. Also, taking advice and suggestions from seniors will help you to get better results of the planet Mars.


The planet Mercury represents awareness, speech, exchange of ideas and information. When it is in a strong position, it provides one with sharp business sense. If Mercury is in a debilitated state in your horoscope, then it makes you over- critical in attitude. You will end up over analyzing each and every opportunity that you may come across, losing them as a result. It will always keep you occupied with the fear of committing mistakes, due to which you will be constantly worried and anxious about your performance.This will make you check your tasks again and again resulting in delays and procrastination.

 Due to this position of Mercury, you will not be able to express or communicate your ideas properly to the Management. Also, you will also have difficulties in making a presentation, because you will always feel that you missed something, you could say a lot, but could not say it. Also, when you have to make a sudden decision, you will find yourself uncomfortable. Therefore, it is suggested to be more proactive in your decision making when Mercury is in a debilitated position in your horoscope. The planet can also have a negative impact on the elementary education of one’s child. If your child is facing difficulties in selecting a career after the tenth standard, then you can use the CogniAstro Counselling Report for the tenth standard.


Jupiter is the natural significator of wisdom, intelligence and prosperity in the Vedic Astrology. So, if the planet is in a debilitated state in your horoscope, it will make one  pessimistic in approach and make you see only the negative side of things. You will only see the glass half empty rather than half full. Jupiter in this state will make you more dependent on miracles and other circumstances instead of your own potential and efforts. This will have an adverse effect on your efficiency and productivity at your workplace.

This debilitated Jupiter will make you unorganized in your work, you will work according to the boundaries you have set for yourself, and you may even lack the conviction to go beyond them. This will keep you in the realm of limited thinking, which will give you trouble in moving forward towards growth. Because of this, you will not be able to make your full contribution in the right way whether you are working in an organisation or running your own business. So, if you have Jupiter in a debilitated state in your horoscope, our suggestion and advice to you would be to be optimistic and positive. Also, work hard to achieve your goals and desires instead of depending on fate and luck to do it for you. Taking the blessings and advice of your seniors and teachers will help you in getting auspicious results of the planet Jupiter.

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Venus represents creativity, beauty, satisfaction and persuasive powers in Vedic astrology. A strong Venus also helps you in expressing your information and thoughts in an impressive manner to others. If Venus is in a debilitated condition in your horoscope, it may make it difficult for you to find satisfaction in your work, you may always feel a lack of something or emptiness in each and everything that you take into your hands. Because of this, you will find it hard to stick to one job or task for a long time.

Venus in its debilitated condition will always make you skeptical about others, make your decisions based on the assumptions of other people. Due to this, you will waste a lot of time and energy on pleasing others or seeking others approval. This will make it difficult for you to build your credibility in your workplace.

A debilitated Venus will make it difficult for you to successfully present your ideas and thoughts in front of others. This may result in you having lack of confidence in your abilities affecting your productivity in the workplace.

So, it is suggested and advised to you to indulge in some sort of creative activities like dancing, painting , music , singing etc. This will help you in aligning with the energy of Venus and getting auspicious results.

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Saturn stands for discipline, rules, determination and dedication in Vedic astrology. If “Saturn” is in its debilitated state in your horoscope, it gives away laziness, carelessness etc. It also reduces your sense of dedication for your work. It may make it difficult for you to focus and you may start to avoid tasks for unnecessary reasons. Because of this, it will always be difficult for you to find continuity in any work, which is bound to affect your efficiency. This may prove to be appalling in both the scenarios, whether you are working in any organisation or running your own business. So if Saturn is positioned in a debilitated state in your horoscope, then it is advised to start with small goals, try to achieve them, which will increase your continuity and confidence. Saturn is the planet representing discipline, so try to adapt yourself to any kind of routine, even if it is as simple as getting  up early in the morning. This will help you to feel confident and positive about yourself and you will start to align with the energy of the planet Saturn.

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