DC vs MI (18th April): IPL 2019 Today Match Prediction

In the 34th match of this grand season of IPL, viewers will witness Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians facing each other on the pitch. It will take place at 8pm IST today i.e. 18th April, 2019. The homeground of Delhi Capitals, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium will host this match. If we check the points table, DC is one step ahead of MI as it has 5 out of 8 wins to its credit. Although MI has also won 5 out of 8 matches, but differs in the net run rate. Right-arm fast bowler, Kagiso Rabada‘s presence in DC has also provided some advantage to the team as he is the number one player to take the maximum number of wickets in the ongoing season. Meanwhile, the star studded Mumbai team also has top class all rounders like Hardik Pandya and Yuvraj Singh. Both of these teams will face each other for the second time in the pitch. Despite playing on their home ground, Mumbai Indians had to face defeat in the hands of Delhi Capitals in the previous match. Today, Mumbai Indians will push its edges to make it up for their loss in the previous match. Will they score enough to strike the right chord and emerge as the winner? We will find that out in today’s match.


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Nevertheless, let us have a look at the astrological predictions of today’s match.

Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians Match Prediction

This prediction of today’s match between Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians is based on Horary Kundali. However, it should be kept in mind this prediction based on Horary Kundali will be effective for DC only. In the field of astrology, the first house, its ruling lord and the sixth house along with its ruling lord is are taken into account.


Ascendant House- Lagna or the first house isn’t aspected by any benefic or malefic planet, and will influence the impact in accordance with its ruling lord. Which means that it will become strong or weak as per the placement and state of the ascendant lord.

Ascendant Lord– The ascendant lord Moon is posited in the third house, which doesn’t seem to be favourable. Also, Saturn, along with debilitated Mercury is also aspecting this house, hereby making Moon weak.

Sixth House– The sixth house is being afflicted by Ketu, Saturn and Mars, which decreases the influence and makes it weaker.

Sixth House’s Ruling Lord- Lord of the sixth house, Jupiter, is being afflicted by three malefic planets namely Ketu, Saturn and Mars. hence, it isn’t in a favourable state. Plus, it is in its initial degree, which makes it weaker than before.

Astrological calculations suggest that luck will not favour Delhi Capitals.

Winner: MI may emerge as the winner in today’s match.

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