Day-Wise Donations That Can Incur Fortune & Prosperity

In Vedic astrology, all the seven days of the week are dedicated to some planet or deity. Every day has its own importance. Fasting and donating on these special days gives special results. Therefore, in today’s blog, we will give you information about the auspicious results of making donations according to each day of the week.

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Donate these Items on Sunday

Sunday is dedicated to Lord Sun. Lord Sun enjoys the status of king among all the planets. In the horoscope of any person, Sun enjoys the status of the father. If the Sun is strong, then the person gets fame and respect in society. As such, on Sunday, you should donate jaggery, ruby ​​gems, Khas, red flowers, wheat, etc. This will strengthen the position of the Sun in your horoscope.

Donate these Things on Monday

Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Moon God. Moon is considered to be the ruler of mind and mother. If the Moon is in a strong position in the horoscope, the person remains mentally healthy and has a good relationship with their mother. As such, on Monday, you should donate rice, white clothes, white flowers, milk, pearls, conch shell, etc., to strengthen the position of the Moon in the horoscope and please Lord Shiva. With this, Lord Shiva will give you auspicious results.

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Donate these Items on Tuesday

Tuesday is dedicated to the planet Mars and Lord Hanuman. Mars is considered to be the ruler of wealth and might in the horoscope of any person. As such, on Tuesday, people should donate red lentils, red clothes, fennel, moong, copper utensils, etc. The donation of these things on Tuesday will not only strengthen the position of Mars in the horoscope, but Lord Hanuman will also be very pleased with you.

Donate these Things on Wednesday

Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Mercury. This day is also dedicated to the first revered Lord Ganesh. Mercury is considered to be the ruler of intelligence, communication, and business, etc. in the horoscope of any person. As such, on Wednesday, you should donate spinach, green and blue clothes, green grass, bronze utensils, etc. By doing this, the position of Mercury will be strengthened in your horoscope. Along with this, by donating these things, Lord Ganesh will also bestow his blessings on you.

Donate these Items on Thursday

Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Jupiter. Jupiter deity is considered to be the ruler of education, spirituality, humility, progress, children, etc. in the horoscope of any person. As such, on Thursday, you should donate saffron color, turmeric, gold, gram dal, raw salt, topaz gemstone, etc. The donation of these things strengthen the position of Jupiter in the horoscope, and at the same time, Lord Shri Hari Vishnu also gives auspicious results.

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Donate these Things on Friday

Friday is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and planet Venus. Venus is considered to be the ruler of married life and material happiness in the horoscope of any person. If Venus is weak, then there is poverty in the life of the native, and his married life becomes weak. As such, on Friday, you should donate Kheer, perfume, curd, colourful clothes, silver, and rice. This will strengthen the position of Venus in your horoscope. By donating these things on Friday, Goddess Lakshmi will be pleased.

Donate these Items on Saturday

Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani. Worshiping Lord Hanuman on this day gives special benefits. Lord Shani is considered to be the cause of suffering, disease, science, etc. in the horoscope of any person. The people who have a strong Saturn in their horoscope love justice and hardwork. As such, on Saturday, you should donate black clothes, iron, oil, sesame seeds, etc. With this, Lord Shani will bestow blessings on you and minimize the negative effect of Shani in life.

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