Dattatreya Jayanti 2023: Check The Date, Time & Worship Method!

Dattatreya Jayanti 2023: In the Hindu religious texts, there is specific importance of Margashirsha month as it marks the celebrations of different holy festivals like Geeta Jayanti, Vivah Panchami, etc. One of them is Dattatreya Jayanti which is celebrated every year to mark the birthday of Lord Dattatreya. This AstroSage blog provides the right information about Dattatreya Jayanti 2023 to the readers along with its significance, date, time, and more. Also, get interesting facts about Dattatreya Jayanti 2023. But, first, let us know who Lord Dattatreya is.

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Lord Dattatreya is considered the part of Lord Vishnu, the creator of the world, and is also considered the incarnation of the Trimurti Brahma Ji, Vishnu Ji, and Shiva Ji. As per the mythological beliefs, Dattatreya Ji is considered to have the power of three gods (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh). He has six arms and three faces. Lord Dattatreya is considered to be the embodiment of both God and Guru and thus is referred to as Shri Gurudev Dutt. Let us now move forward and know about the date and auspiciousness of Dattatreya Jayanti. 

Dattatreya Jayanti 2023: Tithi And Muhurat 

As per the Hindu calendar, every year on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Margashirsha month, i.e. Agahan month, the celebrations of the birth anniversary of Lord Dattatreya are done. In the year 2023, Dattatreya Jayanti celebrations will happen on 26 December 2023, Tuesday and the Purnima Tithi starts on 26 December, at 05:48 pm and ends on 27 December, at 06:05 am. 

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The Importance Of Dattatreya Jayanti 

As mentioned above, there is the tradition of celebrating the incarceration day of Lord Dattatreya as Dattatreya Jayanti which is also referred to as Datta Day. Although the day is celebrated with full enthusiasm and pomp across the country, it is specially worshiped in states like Maharashtra including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat.  The belief is that all the wishes of devotees are fulfilled with fasting and worship on the Dattatreya Jayanti day. In fact, the credit for the origins of the Datta community goes to Lord Dattatreya. 

Also, the devotees performing puja and religious activities on the Dattatreya Jayanti day will get all the desired benefits in their lives. By worshiping Lord Dattatreya on Dattatreya Jayanti, devotees will get relief from troubles mainly related to Pitras. Not only this, the worship of Lord Dattatreya will provide the blessing of happiness and prosperity from the lord. On this day, taking a bath in the rivers and reservoirs is considered very sacred. 

How Is The Form Of Lord Dattatreya?

The form of Lord Dattatreya is developed by the coming together of Brahma, Vishnu, & Mahesh and is also worshiped in the form of Parabhrahmamurty Sadguru, Shri Guru Dev Dutt, Guru Dattatreya, etc. In the mythological texts, the form of Lord Dattatreya is considered to be having three heads and six arms. His three heads are considered to symbolize Sat, Raja, and Tama. While his six hands represent yama, control, rule, equality, power, and mercy. On Dattatreya Jayanti, there is the tradition of worshiping the child form of Dattatreya Ji. 

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Names Of 24 Gurus Of Dattatreya Ji 

As per the religious scriptures, Lord Dattatreya has received education from 24 gurus and their names are as follows: Earth, Fire, Water, Sky, Air, Sun, Moon, Child, Kumari, Pingla, Pisces, Kapot, Bhrungi, Kurarpakshi, Bhramar, Kite, Gaja, Bee, Snake, Deer, Spider, Python, Sindhu, Sarkrit, etc. 

Dattatreya Jayanti 2023: Worship Method 

  • On the Dattatreya Jayanti day, the devotees need to wake up early in the morning at Brahma Muhurta and retire from regular or daily activities. 
  • If possible, take a bath, go to a river or pond. 
  • Wear clean clothes after the bath and while holding water in your hand pledge for fasting. 
  • Now, at the place of worship or any clean place, install the idol of Lord Dattatreya and offer items like lamps, dhoop, camphor, fruits, flowers, and more. 
  • After that, the devotees need to recite Gita and Jeevanmukt Gita. 
  • Next, chant the mantras “Om Dran Dattatreya Namah” and “Om Mahanathaya Namah”. 
  • After that, perform Bhajan-Kirtan and after the completion of Puja, provide prasad to everyone. 
  • The next day, take a bath and feed the poor & needy people as per your capacity. It is also advised to offer Dakshina. 
  • Finally, break the fast by eating appropriate food. 

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Interesting Facts Related To Lord Dattatreya 

  • As per Srimad Bhagwat, Lord Dattatreya was the son of Maharishi Atri and Mother Anushuya. 
  • Also, the belief is that Lord Dattatreya includes communities like Shaiva, Vaishnav, Shakta, Tantra, Nath, Dashnami, etc. He had three most prominent disciples, out of which two were from the warrior caste and one from the demon caste. Dattatreya is considered the guru of Lord Parshuram. 
  • You would hardly know that Dattatreya Ji offered knowledge and teachings to Lord Shiva’s son Kartikeya. 
  • Dattatreya Ji also gets the credit for making Prahlad, a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, a good king by providing him with appropriate teachings. 
  • From Dattatreya Ji, Guru Gorakhnath received the knowledge of yogas like pranayam, mudra, asana, etc. 

Do These Measures On The Day Of Dattatreya Jayanti 2023 

  • On the day of Dattatreya Jayanti 2023, chant the mantras of Dattatreya Ji “Om Dran Dattatreya Namah ” at least 5 times. This will result in happiness and prosperity in the family of devotees. 
  • On this specific day, offer a Rose Garland to Lord Dattatreya. This remedy won’t let the devotees feel lack of anything in their lives. 
  • On the occasion of Dattatreya Jayanti 2023, the devotees prepare dishes like halwa or kheer in their homes and offer them to Dattatreya Ji as prasad. Later distribute the prasad to everyone and the remedy will bring wealth to the lives of natives. 
  • Persons facing troubles related to Pitras need to worship Dattatreya Ji on this day. 

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Birth Story Of Lord Dattatreya 

The religious texts describe the story related to the birth of Dattatreya Ji. The mythological story is as follows – Maharishi Atri Muni’s wife Anusuya was extremely devoted to her husband and it became the point of discussion in all three worlds. When Anusuya was praised by Narad Muni Ji for her devotion to Lakshmi Mother, Parvati Ma, and Goddess Saraswati, then all three goddesses decided to take the test of Devi Anusuya. On the request of three goddesses, the Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu, & Shiva reached the earth to test the devotion of Anusuya Ji. 

The three gods disguised themselves as sages and in the absence of Atri Muni, reached the Ashram of Mother Anusuya and expressed their desires to have food from the mother. At that time, Anusuya Ji served a plate of food for them with devotion, considering hospitality as her duty. But, before considering the food, the three gods placed a condition in front of the mother that they would accept the food only when she served the food in a naked form. For the solution to this specific crisis, the goddess meditated in her mind taking the name of her husband Atri Muni, and watched that Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu, & Shiva were standing in front of her in the form of sages. 

After this, when Devi Anusuya took out water from Atri Muni’s Kamandal and sprinkled it on all three sages, then all of them took the form of six-month old infants. At that time, the mother offered food to all the three sadhus as per their conditions. After that, all three goddesses sought an apology from Anusuya Mother and the Trimurti also accepted their mistake and desired to be born from the mother’s womb. Dattatreya Ji was born in the form of three gods after that.  

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