Daridra Yoga Is Asking These 3 Zodiacs To Stay Alert!

Daridra Yoga is one of the most inauspicious yoga or a planetary combination that indicates poverty in Vedic Astrology. It is also known as Nirdhanta yoga. The term Daridra means poor, needy, or deprived and Nirdhanta means poverty, poorness, or intelligence., and that’s why one of its impacts is financial instability or constraints. 

According to Vedic Astrology, all the planets move out from a zodiac and shift to another after a set period. These planetary transits or movements impact the lives of humans and the world as well. Also, when two or more planets are present in one zodiac, they form a conjunction with each other better known as yogas, which is also destined to bring changes in life of many and on the entire world as well. 

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So, the Prince of the planets, Mercury is going to move to its debilitated sign, Pisces on 9th April, which will create Daridra yoga, which as mentioned above is an inauspicious yoga. So, because of the formation of this yoga, 3 zodiac signs may have to go through a tough time and a lot of things can go wrong in their life such as arguments in the relationships, financial problems, and many more. If you are curious about knowing those zodiacs, then you should stick with this blog till the end. 

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Effects Of Daridra Yoga 

  • Financial Struggles 
  • Limited Career Opportunities
  • Deprivation of materialistic comfort and luxuries
  • The success is delayed
  • Arguments, and Disputes in Relationships

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Daridra Yoga Can Cause Problems To These Three Zodiacs 


This auspicious yoga can be extremely unfortunate for the Gemini natives because the lord of this zodiac is Mercury. And, now it will be in a debilitated state in your karma house. Therefore, during this time, you may have to face several problems in your career. You may also complain about problems related to your feet. At the same time, your father’s health may also deteriorate. But, having Neechbhang Rajyoga can lead to wealth, however the health will still remain poor because of Nirdhanta yoga. 

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Daridra yoga may bring bad days for Virgo natives because Mercury will be debilitating in your house of death. And, that’s why, you may have to suffer with some hidden disease. Also, the employed natives are advised to not be careless about their work. You may not get the support of your juniors or seniors as per your expectations. Also, there are chances that you and your partner may get into a fight or argue with each other, and on the other hand, there are chances that you can get hurt physically. Also, keeping everything in mind, you should avoid starting something new during this period. 

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Sagittarius natives are asked to be extremely careful as the lord of their married life and career is going to get debilitated. That’s why the health of their partner can get worse, there can be problems related to legs or skin during this period. On the other hand, you may get mentally stressed and should also avoid lending money to anyone as well, otherwise you may have to bear a loss. Alongside, the natives are also advised to not invest in land or property for now. 

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