Daridra Yoga and Khappar Yoga Will Bring Challenges To 6 Zodiacs!

Daridra Yoga and Khappar Yoga: In the month of Sawan, while auspicious yogas and raja yogas are forming due to the alignment and transit of planets one after the other, the contact with malefic planets is also creating inauspicious yogas. On one hand, the entry of the Sun in the Cancer zodiac has created the Mahadridra yoga, while on the other hand, the occurrence of Malmas has formed the Khappar yoga, which will have adverse and negative effects on several zodiac signs. In Vedic astrology, both Daridra Yoga and Khappar Yoga are considered inauspicious.

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How and When Do Daridra Yoga and Khappar Yoga Form?

According to the principles of astrology, when a beneficial planet comes into contact with a malefic planet, the Daridra Yoga is formed. When Jupiter is placed in the sixth to twelfth houses, the Daridra yoga forms. Similarly, if the beneficial planets are in the center and the malefic planets are placed in the second house (house of wealth), then people may fall prey to the Daridra yoga. The combination of the Moon with malefic planets in the fourth position also results in the Daridra yoga. Individuals with this yoga in their birth charts might face numerous challenges throughout their lives, leading to the disruption of their endeavors.

As per Vedic astrology, in the first month of Sawan (from 4th July to 1st August), when there are five Tuesdays, Saturn aspects Jupiter-Rahu, and Mars aspects Venus-Saturn, the Khappar yoga is formed. Similarly, in the second month of Sawan (from 2nd August to 31st August), when there are five Wednesdays and five Thursdays, and Venus and Saturn are retrograde, the Khappar yoga is formed. People born under certain zodiac signs need to be cautious during the next 30 days due to the formation of the Khappar yoga.

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The 3 Zodiac Signs That Will Experience the Malefic Effect of Daridra Yoga


Daridra yoga may prove to be unfavorable and have a negative impact. It is crucial to take care of health. Concerns related to career may increase. The time may not be favorable for job-related matters; one should avoid carelessness at the workplace. There might be some tension in the family, and there could be minor conflicts with life partners.


The formation of Daridra yoga might bring adverse effects for individuals born under the Virgo sign. Worries about the mother’s health may arise. It is essential to pay attention to the partner’s well-being. Be cautious while handling any tasks, as financial investments may not yield good results. During this time, individuals may possibly experience hidden health issues, but entrepreneurs could observe financial gains.

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The Daridra yoga may prove inauspicious for Sagittarius individuals. Sun, the lord of marriage and career, is positioned in the house of death (eighth house), and all the centers are vacant, indicating the potential impact on the father’s health. Take care of your life partner’s health too. Exercise great caution while driving vehicles. Maintain patience and avoid anger. There is a possibility of accidents or unforeseen incidents, so it’s better to refrain from starting new ventures during this period.

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The 2 Zodiac Signs That Need to Be Alert Until 16th August Due to Khappar Yoga


Khappar yoga may lead to financial challenges. It might affect savings. Legal cases may not favor you, and there could be delays or anxiety in legal matters. Keep certain matters confidential; sharing them with others might lead to trouble. People engaged in jobs might feel disheartened due to the lack of salary increments. If any court case is ongoing, there might be a delay in the proceedings.


Khappar yoga may cause issues. You may need to work hard to earn profits. It could lead to adversities and create problems with opponents. Adhere to government regulations and timely tax-related work to avoid potential troubles. During this period, you might experience emotional turmoil, affecting your decision-making ability. Business owners might face tough competition and financial losses in business deals.


Khappar yoga may result in unexpected outcomes. Until 16th August, exercise self-control over your behavior and words. Avoid saying or doing anything that could lead to conflicts in the workplace. Suppress your anger to make work easier. Aggressive behavior may cause trouble. Watch your expenses and refrain from making property investments as there is a possibility of financial loss. Be cautious about any conflicts related to property; they might escalate in the future.

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Remember, astrology provides guidance, but how we respond to situations ultimately shapes our destiny. By being aware of the potential challenges, individuals born under these zodiac signs can take necessary precautions to minimize the impact and move forward with positivity. Stay alert, stay cautious, and navigate through these times with wisdom and resilience!

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