Sun-Rahu Dangerous Conjunction Leads To Eclipse, ‘Grahan Yoga’ Impacts 12 Signs For 30 Days!

In astrology, the Sun is considered to be the king over all the planets, whereas Rahu is the shadow planet. Therefore, when Rahu and the Sun are conjoined together during transit in any zodiac, then the Rahu starts affecting the effect of the Sun and gives negative results to the person. However, it has also been observed that the Sun, being a very strong planet, does not give up even after the influence of Rahu. According to astrology, the conjunction of Sun and Rahu is called “Eclipse Yoga”, which has a severe effect on the health of a person.

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According to experts, Eclipse Yogas formed by the conjunction of Sun and Rahu in a native’s chart can cause eye problems and health problems for the father.

There Will Be A 30-Day Rahu-Sun Conjunction

The Sun transited into Aries on April 14, where it had conjunction with Rahu, the shadow planet. The conjunction of these two planets will last for about 30 days. The Sun will transit in Taurus on 15th May 2022, and all the natives will be freed from this eclipse as well. The conjunction of Rahu in Aries with the Sun is known as “Eclipse Yoga” in Vedic astrology. It is believed that when the Sun and Rahu coincide in any zodiac, Eclipse Yoga is formed, which is considered destructive in many aspects and leads to the solar eclipse.

A Solar Eclipse Will Result From The Rahu-Sun Conjunction

On April 30, 2022, the conjunction of Rahu and the Sun will cause the first solar eclipse of the year, lasting from 12:15 to 04:07. The Sun and Rahu are completely opposite planets, the Sun is considered as a source of energy and light, whilst Rahu is regarded as a source of darkness and shadow. Therefore, remaining in Aries for 30 days and conjoining would have an impact on everyone’s life.

According to AstroSage’s premium astrologers, the eclipse Dosha is going to happen because of the conjunction of Sun and Rahu in different houses of each zodiac for 30 days. Let’s now discuss how the eclipse yoga effect will affect your zodiac sign in more detail.

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Effect Of Eclipse Yoga On 12 Zodiac Signs


According to astrological calculations, this period will be very important for the Aries natives. This Rahu-Sun conjunction will cause Grahan Dosha in the Aries zodiac. Therefore, the first solar eclipse of the year will also occur in your own zodiac. As a result of this, you need to be absolutely careful during the period of this Grahan Yoga. Otherwise, this yoga can affect your nature and give you health-related problems. There will be chances of severe health issues for the father of many natives. Therefore, it will be better for you to take full care during this period.


The conjunction of Rahu-Sun resulting in Grahan Dosha will be formed in the second house of Taurus natives. As a result, you are likely to have a lot of problems with your family. During this time, you may be the victim of a major deception perpetrated by a friend, relative, or other third party. The working professionals will also face stress at the office. Many of them may be forced to leave their careers because of unforeseen circumstances which will impact your sources of income. It is advisable that you should avoid taking any financial risks for the time being.

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Due to the Grahan Dosha caused by Rahu-Sun conjunction in the third house, you will lack courage and self-confidence. As a result, you will be constantly haunted by feelings of fear and insecurity that creep into your thoughts, and you will not be able to make any decisions you want to. Your younger siblings are likely to have health concerns, and you will have to spend a lot of money on them.


Rahu-Sun conjunction will create a grahan dosha in the fourth house of your zodiac. In such a situation, you are most advised to take care of your mother’s health during this time. During this time you will be lacking in comfort and as a result you will seem very dissatisfied. If you drive, you need to be cautious, or an accident might occur.


Your zodiac lord, the Sun, along with Rahu, will form eclipse yoga in the fifth house. Thus, children born under this sign will experience negative outcomes. Therefore, they have to choose their friends and company very carefully, and simultaneously need to focus on their education. Young and old people of this zodiac will have to avoid any kind of travel during this, otherwise they may suffer some kind of injury. 


The conjunction of Sun and Rahu in Virgo’s sixth house and the sight of Jupiter in this house, advises the people of Virgo to be careful from the beginning. At this time, you will be facing the wrath of your enemies, as they will try to cause you more trouble. Furthermore, financial constraint will also be a major concern at this time, making many people plan to take out loans at interest rates.


In Libra, this dosha will form in the seventh house. Thus, most married couples will experience problems and negativity in their married lives. By giving more importance to your ego, you will not give proper respect to your partner and due to this there will be a possibility of dispute with your partner. Even at the workplace, those people who do business in partnership, it is possible for them to find it difficult to strike the right balance with their business partner.

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This eclipse yoga of Rahu-Sun will be formed in the eighth house of your zodiac. Due to which there will be chances of any injury, vehicle accident etc. with you. Along with this, there might be a possibility that you will find trouble while driving, so if it is not very important then it will be advisable to avoid traveling. Although this eclipse will not prove to be very unfavorable for those who are not married, still it is advised to be careful.


The eclipse yoga will be formed in the night house of this zodiac sign. So, these natives will not be favored by luck and they will have to work harder than usual to complete any task. However, this period will incline your interest towards religious work. Many natives might have to spend a lot of money on their father’s health.


Sun-Rahu will conjoin in your Karmic house, i.e the tenth house. The impact of the eclipse yoga will be mostly seen on their field of work. You will feel difficulty in achieving your goals. You might also make a blunder because of your carelessness in your work. So perform every task with concentration and patience. Also, avoid getting into arguments with anyone at the workplace.


Sun-Rahu in your eleventh house will increase your desires. But you will fail to fulfill your wishes and desires and as a result, you will be upset. Besides this, this Dosha will have a negative effect on the education of your children for 30 days.


For these natives, the Sun-Rahu conjunction will take place in the tenth house. Due to which this Dosha will strongly affect your financial life. Many natives might have to bear various losses. Frustration and despair might also be clearly seen on the faces of many people.

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