Astrological Benefits Of Cutting Nails On Different Days

According to Ayurveda, cutting nails of hands and feet regularly have various health benefits, including improvements in the health of the digestive system. People have busy schedules these days and do not have time to cut their nails on specific days. As such, they perform all the grooming activities like cutting nails and trimming beards on Sunday or any other holiday. In this regard, readers must be curious to know what happens when you cut your nails on different days of the week. 

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In Astrology, each day of the week is associated with a different planet known as Hora. Growing nails increase the Tama component of the body. This blog by AstroSage will enlighten the readers with the probable benefits of cutting nails on different days of the week along with a proper analysis.

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Benefits of Cutting Nails on Different Days

Day: Monday

Benefits: Obtaining good health

Analysis: Monday or Somwar is associated with the mind. Our physical health is related to our state of mind; therefore, cutting nails on Monday helps in getting rid of the Tama component from the mind.

Day: Tuesday

Benefits: Helps in getting rid of debt

Analysis: Cutting nails on Tuesday helps in avoiding arguments by clearing the debts.

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Day: Wednesday

Benefits: Obtaining wealth righteously

Analysis: Mercury or Budh is the benefactor of intellect of the trader’s class. So, when a person cuts their nails on this day, there are chances of acquiring wealth in a profession or job through intelligence.

Day: Thursday

Benefits: Keeps unfavourable and inauspicious occurrences of home at bay, and the mind leans towards worshipping the Guru.

Analysis: Cutting nails on Thursday helps in increasing the Sattva component as Jupiter or Guru is known as a spiritual planet and it instigates worship.

Day: Friday

Benefits: Meeting close friends and family

Analysis: Unconditional love and art is associated with the planet Venus or Shukra. So, if you cut your nails on this day, you may travel a long distance to meet your close friends or family.

Day: Saturday

Benefits: Attachment increases while mental stability decreases.

Analysis: It is forbidden to cut nails on Saturday. 

Day: Sunday

Benefits: Increases the Raja component and arises obstacles in the assigned tasks

Analysis: Avoid cutting nails on Sunday as it results in wastage of time in performing royal services (Samashti Seva).

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