CSK vs KKR (09th April): IPL 2019 Today Match Prediction

The 23rd match of IPL 2019 will be hosted at the M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai, which is also the homeground of CSK. Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders come face to face on 9th April, at 8:00 PM IST. CSK, the defending champions have been on an almost unbroken winning spree so far, with 4 wins out of 5, under the guidance of Captain Cool MS Dhoni. On the flip side is KKR, with some amazing star players like Andre Russell and upcoming talents like Nitish Rana, who are in sensational form this season. Will CSK be able to confine the hard-hitting players of KKR? Will KKR be able to win against the cool winners of last season? We will know soon enough.


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Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata KNight Riders Match Prediction

The prediction of today’s match between CSK and KKR is based on Horary kundali. However, viewers should keep in mind that, this prediction will be effective for Kolkata Knight Riders only. In the field of astrology, the first house, its ruling lord and the sixth  house along with its ruling lord is taken into account for Horary predictions.


For this specific prediction, we have considered the rotated version of Horary Kundali, so that it becomes a Gemini ascendant. The same is done because the name sign of KKR is also Gemini. The kundali chart mentioned above states that its ascendant house is dominated by Rahu, which is not at all propitious for it. Saturn is aspecting it from the seventh house. However, an exalted Jupiter is also aspecting the first house from the seventh house only. Jupiter’s exalted position will nullify the malefic effects of Saturn and Rahu on the first house and strengthen its position further.

Meanwhile, ascendant lord Mercury is situated in the ninth house which is an auspicious place for it and this state is forming a Raj Yoga in the kundali. Also, the fifth house’s ruling lord, Venus’ alliance with Mercury is forming another Raj Yoga in the kundali. Ascendant lord’s position is also exalted in the kundali.

The sixth house of the kundali is not resided by any planet. However, it’s ruling lord Mars is providing it strength. Also, the Moon in an exalted state is providing strength to this house. Mars, the sixth house’ s ruling lord, is placed in a favourable zodiac sign, Taurus. The combination of Mars and Moon is forming a Chandra Mangal Yoga in the kundali because of which Mars is in an exalted position. Considering the above given astrological circumstances, it can be said that KKR may remain successful in overpowering CSK.

Winner: KKR may probably take the trophy home in today’s match.

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