Ajinkya Rahane Horoscope: Did Ajinkya Rahane’s Stars Bring Historic Victory To Indian Cricket Team?

The Indian team won the four test match series against Australia by 2-1 under the captaincy of Ajinkya Rahane. People across the world have been praising Indian team for this remarkable victory on social media. Some cricketers predicted that Australia would defeat India by 4-0 in this series and it seemed to take place exactly after India had got bundled on 36 in the second innings at Adelaide and lost the match. However, the way Indian team bounced back, is something which everybody would wish to cherish. Virat Kohli led Indian Cricket Team in the first test and after this, Ajinkya Rahane became the captain and led in the rest of the matches. In this blog, we will go through Ajinkya Rahane’s Kundali and try to understand the impact of planets on his life.           

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Ajinkya Rahane was born on June 05, 1988 in Maharashtra. We have prepared his Kundali as per the data available on the internet. 

Significance of Ascendant in Kundali

The ascendant of Ajinkya Rahane’s Horoscope is of Leo zodiac sign and this sign is ruled by the Sun. The Sun has attained the status of king of planets in the solar system and therefore, if it is in an exalted state in one’s horoscope, then he/she has good qualities of leadership. This planet is posited in the 10th house of Rahane’s horoscope and this will help him get immense success by being a captain. Also, the Sun has attained the Disha Bal in his kundali.

Along with this, the Mars in the 7th house is seeing ascendant and it is considered to be a house of personality. According to this, the natives have strong sports skills and they are good at giving their best after getting the leadership.   

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The Strength of Venus in Horoscope

Venus, being the ruling lord of centre, is positioned in a favourable house and it is considered to be a benefactor of sports. The same planet is also considered to be a benefactor of Raj Yoga. It means that Rahane will perform well in sports and there are strong possibilities of leading Indian Cricket Team in future. Venus is the ruling lord of his deeds and might. This planet will take him forward in sports and he might run a business associated with the same in future.      

Jupiter in Fortune House

The planet Jupiter is posited in Rahane’s fortune house. It is in the friendly zodiac sign and is the ruling lord of the triangle (Panchamesh). The position of this planet depicts positive signs for Rahane throughout his life. Along with this, in the present, the ongoing Dasha is of the benefactor planet Jupiter and this is considered to be a benefactor of Raj Yoga in Leo zodiac sign and therefore, the fate will favour his sports and personal life. The planet Jupiter in the ninth house is having an aspect on Ketu from the fifth house and reducing its ill effects. Also, the aspect of Jupiter will be on Saturn, who is sitting in the fifth house, and this is lowering the impact of hindrances that are going to take place in his life.      

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Saturn in the Fifth House

The planet Saturn is posited in its friendly zodiac sign in the fifth house and there is an aspect of Jupiter on it. The Saturn placed in this house gives several kinds of favourable results. It helps a person take victory over his rivals. This talent is also observed through the captaincy of Ajinkya Rahane. These people write history and create a different image in society.     

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Venus and Mercury in the Eleventh House

The presence of Venus in the eleventh house makes a person wealthy. It also makes them follow the path of honesty. Rahane has the same quality and this can be judged through his thoughts and demeanor. These people also lead a lavish lifestyle. Also, the placement of Mercury in this house makes them intelligent and wise. This planet is posited in its own zodiac sign and therefore, Ajinkya Rahane’s mental ability is getting stronger and stronger than before.   

Ajinkya Rahane’s Record

India has never lost any test match under the captaincy of Ajinkya Rahane and those who love his sportsmanship believe that he will create history one day.  

Did Rahane’s Planets Favour In Winning Against Australia?

The positive signs in Rahane’s Kundali prove that he is going to be the best captain in the world. The Sun is the ruling lord of ascendant in his horoscope and in the present, the ongoing Dasha is of the benefactor planet Jupiter. Therefore, it can be said that Rahane’s stars played a vital role in defeating Australia on their soil. 

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