Know The Correct Way To Keep A Tortoise Figurine In Your House!

Disney movies did educate us in many ways, especially with the lifespan of a tortoise. Remember in ‘Finding Nemo’ when Nemo’s dad finds a tortoise and asks his age, he replies “a 150 years, dude!” And it’s true, a tortoise can live for around 80 to 150 years. 

In Vastu Shastra and Chinese Mythology, Tortoise is one of the four lucky Feng Shui animals- a green dragon, a red phoenix, and a white tiger. A tortoise is known for bringing positive energy and providing a long and healthy life to its owner. It is believed that keeping a tortoise made of crystal, wooden, clay, etc., in your home will bring prosperity and positivity into your home. 

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Each of these types of tortoise shall be kept in a specific place, as per the Vastu Shastra, to have the correct positive effect of it. In this blog by AstroSage, we will learn everything about the types of tortoise, its benefits, and the correct ways to bring its positivity. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

Where To Keep Different Types Of Tortoise Figurines 

Before knowing about the crystal tortoise and diving into its details, let us learn the different types of tortoise figurines you may keep at your home. However, you must know that each type of tortoise has a different effect on you and your household. So, let us learn about them then.

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Crystal Tortoise 

The crystal or glass tortoise brings good luck, long life, wealth, and prosperity to your household. It should face the eastern or northern direction in your home or office.

Metal Tortoise

Metal Tortoise figurines bring fortune and prosperity to your household. It provides your children the motivation to study, boost their brains, as well as helps them concentrate better. A metal tortoise should be kept in the north or the north-west direction of your room.

Wooden Tortoise 

These types of tortoise removes negative energies from your life, and promotes positive energy and good health to your life. Wooden figurines should be kept in the east or south-east corner of your room.

Triple Tortoise  

As per the Feng Shui, triple tortoise or three tortoises one on the other, represents harmony among peers and family members. Keeping this figurine anywhere in your house brings love and harmony among the members of your family and protects your home from the evil eye or unfortunate events. 

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Rhinestone Tortoise

Rhinestone Tortoise figurines help welcome Goddess Lakshmi to your household and helps improve your financial conditions. Keep it in the northern direction of your house with its face or head pointing inside the house. 

Hematite tortoise

Hematite symbolizes the capability to fight health issues. If there is a family member suffering from a long illness, you should keep a hematite tortoise figurine in your house. It also improves relationships between family members and partners.

Clay Tortoise 

Clay figurine of a tortoise brings stability, peace, and harmony in your household. You should keep the clay tortoise in the northeast or southwest direction of your room.

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Keep The Crystal Tortoise Here

  • Keeping the crystal tortoise with its face towards the east promotes good health to your family.
  • Keeping a crystal tortoise near your bed improves your sleep.
  • Place a crystal tortoise figurine on a yellow cloth in your temple to please Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Keeping this crystal figurine under the full moon light can bring energy and motivation to you.
  • Keep a crystal tortoise where you keep cash or in your locker to help steady the financial conditions of your family.
  • Keep the crystal figurine in a cotton bag or cloth when not in use.

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