End of Coronavirus: New Research Explained!

Before starting this article, I would like to pray to Vighna-harta Lord Ganesh as I am going to share some important analysis, predictions and research in this article.

This is probably the scariest of recent times. “When will Coronavirus End? “is the most prevailing question in people’s mind. So, let me try to answer this with the best of my knowledge and experience.

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First of all, most of the astrologers are not as well versed with predicting pandemics and the events that impact the whole world. The way there are specializations in medical science, similarly there are specializations in astrology. Predicting pandemics and disaster comes under a branch of astrology which is called Mundane Astrology.

Even the astrologers who know mundane astrology know the methods for predicting about nations and events related to nations. But this specific event of Coronavirus is not limited to any nation but the whole world is impacted with it. We need some different tools and techniques and let me share some of my research and techniques here in this article, along with my predictions when Coronavirus will actually end.

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What Caused Coronavirus Pandemics?

I see following three primary reasons behind outbreak of deadly Coronavirus –

Reason 1 – My research “Guru-Cycle” & “Shani-Cycle” Chart 

I also like to share one very important tool in predicting world level events and I call “Cycle chart”. This is my research and I wanted to write about it earlier but didn’t get time. I am sure this research will help predicting world-level events with higher accuracy in future. In the last few-thousand years, the world has changed a lot. The world has become more and more globalized and these “Guru-Cycle chart” and “Shani-Cycle chart” will become very important in future.

In Guru Cycle Chart, we see when Jupiter and Sun are conjoining and draw the chart of that time. We do not use ascendant because it changes with every place, so we analyze the chart from the Moon. Here is the Guru Cycle chart of December 27, 2019 –


Previous Sun-Jupiter conjunction happened on 27th December and China informed WHO about this new Coronavirus on 31st December. This is all where it started and we can see the importance of these Cycle charts. We can also draw a Shani-Cycle chart which happened on January 13th this year, but I am leaving that for the sake of brevity.

Any novice astrologer can see that this is an extremely weak chart with five planets in the 12th house. Moon sign lord Saturn is in the 12th house along with Sun and Ketu.  Rahu is in 6th house of disease aspected by these five planets from 12th house as well as another first-grade malefic Mars. So, disease was impossible to avoid.

This Guru-Cycle will be there till January 29th, 2021 when Sun will conjoin Jupiter again. But there is good news that Jupiter will be moving to Capricorn from Sagittarius on March 29th. In the Guru-Cycle chart, it means that Jupiter will move to the 1st house of Health from the 12th house and will give a huge relief to the whole world. Moon sign lord Saturn will also move to 1st house from 12th on March 24th. So both the major planets are ready to bless relief after March 2020.

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Reason 2 – The Samvatsara

I see two important astrological events that created this havoc. First is the Samvatsara. In Vedic Astrology, every year has been given a name. Samvatsar start with Chaitra Pratipada and the Samvatsara started on April 6, 2019 has the name “Vikari” as per Shaka Samvat and “Paridhavi” as per Vikrami Samvat. Last year we had written about “Paridhavi” and how it causes Maha-Roga (Epidemic), so I will not further emphasize it. Meaning of the word Vikari is “Sick”. So, the previous year started with Chaitra Pratipada had the properties to make us SICK. And here we are. This combined with above factor is second most important reason, according to me, for this Coronavirus outbreak.

Reason 3 – Tithi Pravesh Chart from Moon

When we analyze the Chaitra Pratipada chart, we generally see when the year started and create a chart for the capital of the country. But in the case of world-wide pandemics like Coronavirus, we need different tools and techniques. I use Moon-chart to judge the same. Here is the moon chart for current year –


Now see the chart. Moon sign lord Jupiter has the influence of three first-grade malefics. Jupiter is with Saturn, Ketu and aspected by Mars, which is rendering the whole year completely weak. Almost all the natural malefics have influence on the Moon. It is further weakened by the sixth house lord with Moon. Sixth house is the house of disease in astrology. Sixth house lord in lagna causes disease. Two natural benefics Venus and Mercury are in 12th house and aspected by Saturn. So, there is nothing much to contribute other than the fact that Venus in 12th is not that bad as per astrology as it gives Shaiyya Sukh and Comfort. I guess this is why most of the people are getting work-for-home.

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Above I noted down the reasons for the outbreak of Coronavirus and based on it, I would like to answer when things will improve. The “Reason No. 2” that I mentioned i.e. “Samvatsara” is changing on 25th March. So, the influence of Vikari Samvatsara will go away and the influence of the next samvatsara “Sharvari” will start showing. The second cause, the weak annual chart is also changing from coming 25th, so this is also good news.

Influence of the “Reason No. 1”, the Guru-Cycle chart, though, will be there till January 29, 2021. So, to conclude, the above indication suggests that the Coronavirus has peaked. Come April, and we will see the new cases will decline significantly and the world will start feeling significant relief. Though the Coronavirus will influence almost the whole coming year, the spread and severity will decline significantly as soon as April arrives.

If I analyze from the Indian perspective, the coming Hindu New Year, starting from 25th March, looks much stronger from the earlier one and India will be able to fight Coronavirus much better than the rest of the world.

May Vighna-harta, Lord Shri Ganesha bless the whole world.

Author: Punit Pandey

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