Corona & Rahu-Ketu: A Direct Connection!

A deadly pandemic named Coronavirus has created a huge chaos all over the world, and even with months passing by, we are struggling to find an effective cure that can wipe out his disease. This problem is so big and so severe that it has left its mark on every aspect of human life. We cannot live in a normal way, go out or even socialize as before, and all such problems have become a regular part of our lives.

Going out? Have some urgent work which cannot be stopped? Wash hands, sanitize yourself, keep distance: We are hearing all this day in and out! The number of deaths globally is only increasing and not decreasing. Same is the story of India. 

Long back, when all this started, I had predicted that people having Rahu/Ketu/ Saturn DBA will be most affected. However, there is no such rule and there cannot be any rule for a pandemic of this magnitude, which is only increasing day by day, but surely I got few horoscopes of Corona patients and found out few things.

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The most important one is the connection with Nodes, Rahu and Ketu. I would like to clarify that this write-up is not to intimidate the masses but to make the readers of this site aware that if you are going through the main or sub or sub-sub-period of these planets, then you must remain more careful than usual and try not to venture out.  Below are the horoscopes for you all, which will help you understand things better:

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Astrological Analysis



This male native contracted Corona recently and was undergoing the Venus Mahadasha, Mercury Antara, and Mercury Pratyantara during which he contracted Corona and got well. In the horoscope, Venus is in the sub of Ketu and Mercury is in the star of Ketu and sub of Venus. Mars aspects Mercury which is conjoined with Rahu, thus carrying the malefic effect of Rahu and the 8th house as Mars is the ruler of the 8th house. 



The female native is currently home quarantined due to the positive result of the Corona Test and her fever is not going down. She contracted Corona in Jupiter-Mercury- Saturn period, when she went to her native place in India. Jupiter-Saturn are conjunct and Mercury is placed in the 8th bhava in the KP House division. Jupiter is in the star of Rahu. Saturn is in the star of Mars which is aspecting Rahu. Nodes exert their influence both ways, this proves the sayings of Shri KSK. Mercury is in Moon star and sub and in the sub-sub of Rahu. Again, we see these three miscreants spoiling the show for the native. 

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The female contracted Corona in the dasha of Mars and Antara of Saturn and the Pratyantara of Rahu. Mars is in Rahu star. Saturn is in Mercury star and Rahu sub, Mercury is in Ketu star. The nodes are clearly playing their role in the mishap. 



I had told this female in March 2019 that by the year-end, she will face some life threats. Her Rahu Mahadasha was beginning from 25-10-2019 and in December she reported being Corona positive in Rahu dasa, Rahu Antara and Rahu Pratyantara. Rahu is in the star of Venus, the lord of 8th and in the sub of Ketu in 12th and is placed in the 6th house, thus completing the 6-8-12 chain. She contracted Corona along with her husband and her maid in Dubai in December but all three were cured. 

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The lady contracted Corona in Sun Dasa, Rahu Antara and Jupiter Pratyantara. She was cured but is still suffering from breathing issues. Sun itself is in the sub of Rahu. Jupiter is in the star of Venus which is in Ketu star.



The native contracted Corona in the Jupiter-Mercury-Venus period. Jupiter is in conjunct with Rahu. It is also in the sub of Rahu. Jupiter is the 8th house lord. Mercury is in the 12th bhava in the Placidus house division and Venus is in the star of Ketu. 

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Effective Remedies To Fight Coronavirus

The point here is that it is not possible that all the people who have Rahu Ketu Saturn dasha Antara etc will acquire Corona, but the simple thing is that they are more prone to have it. The rest will depend upon providence. In such a case, we have brought to you some effective remedies and mantras which can be used to tackle such distressing situations:

  1. Recite Devi Kawach daily.
  2. Recite 108 times daily, “Naase Rog Hare Sab Peera Japat Nirantar Hanumat Beera”
  3. Learn alternative healing sciences like Reiki, pranic healing, etc and keep yourself protected with the help of the symbols of these energies.
  4. Take 1 tablet of Vitamin C, 1 tablet of a good Multivitamin and do breathing exercises as much as you can.

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Hope we have enlightened you in detail about gems with this article. 

Thank you all for associating with us!


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