Sun-Jupiter Conjunction In Aries After 12 Years; Benefits For 3 Zodiacs!

Jupiter-Sun Conjunction 2023: In Vedic Astrology, greater significance is given to the movements of planets and constellations. The movement of all celestial bodies influences every aspect of our lives, and their impact can be seen on an extensive scale as well. In this blog, we will shed distinct light on how these three zodiac signs will benefit from all four sides, as Jupiter will transit in the zodiac sign of Aries and there it will be in conjunction with the father planet Sun, after 12 years! All the zodiac signs will undoubtedly be impacted by the movement of these planets, but three fortunate signs will particularly benefit from the results of this conjunction. So let’s first look at the time and date of this conjunction and learn more about the Sun and Jupiter before reading those!

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When Is Conjunction Of Sun-Jupiter Going To Happen?

The father planet Sun is known as the most exalted planet (in astrological terms it’s called a nebula meaning a star!) in our solar system as all the planets move in accordance with its gravitational force. In Astrology, it is considered the harbinger of authority, energy, health, vitality, hope and so much more, and on the other hand, the gas giant Jupiter is considered to be the benefactor of abundance, understanding, luck, growth, and optimism. The planet Jupiter was discovered by the noted Italian astronomer, Galileo Galilei in 1610! So, on 22nd April 2023, at 3:33 am Jupiter will leave its own zodiac sign which is Pisces and will transit into the zodiac sign of the Ram, that is Aries; which shares cordial relations with the planet Jupiter. Sun will already be present in Aries, as it would have been transited in this zodiac sign on 14 April 2023. This will lead to the Sun-Jupiter conjunction.

Rewarding Outcomes For These Blessed Zodiac Signs!


For the natives of Pisces, this conjunction of Sun-Jupiter will take place in their second house and is going to be quite beneficial. The second house influences your speech, and wealth, and with this conjunction your financial conditions will start to improve and will gradually increase as well. The creative Pisces natives will be able to influence people with their ardor in communication and speech. If we talk about your career, then opportunities for a promotion and an increment will come your way. For the natives who are in business, they will receive their payments during this period, which were somehow stuck!

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The conjunction of Sun-Jupiter will take place in the ninth house for the natives of Leo, and will provide them with prosperity and success. This house represents luck, and travel, and with this conjunction you will blessedly get the support of luck. As Sun is the ruling lord of Leo, this period is bound to bring them favorable outcomes. During this time, prosperity will be there for those who want to travel overseas, and your relations with your father will become strengthened as well. You will find yourself busy with work related to religion and spirituality!


For the Crab natives, the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter will give them progress in their business and career. This conjunction will take place in their tenth house, and it represents the karmic actions. The natives will come across novel job opportunities and offers that they have been thinking about for so long, due to the influences of Jupiter. From a business viewpoint, good profits will come the way of Crab natives!

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