Vastu Shastra: Colours That Will Suit Your Pooja Room The Best!

Vastu Shastra: A prayer room or Pooja room or Pooja Ghar is one of the pivotal places every home should have. A Pooja room is not just any other room or place instead it sets up the connection between you and the great power. It allows you to communicate to the dear God and keep your heart out. You should easily let go of all the boundations, pains and sufferings when you come to God’s service in your Pooja room. The Pooja room is a spiritual arena that allows you to forget the materialistic and worldly desires and connect with the only truth of life, the supreme power. It should be prepared or designed in such a way that it invokes a positive and vibrant atmosphere in the complete home. There should be purity and serenity as soon as you enter the Pooja room so that you can connect well with the good Lord. 

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While setting up the Pooja room, one should always pick the best and the most suited colours that can create a positive ambience in the complete house and match well with the idea of bringing God home. It should be the best as the Pooja room brings prosperity and goodness home. So, to help with selecting the best, we have picked these 5 best suited colours for your Pooja room that can elevate your entire house. Come, let’s take a look at them and invite the dear Lord home. 

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Vastu Shastra: The 5 Best Colours Picked For The Pooja Room 


As the colour of “The Sun,” yellow resembles happiness, positivity, glory and optimism. It encourages joy, hope and the enhancement of one’s own identity. It has always been the colour that promoted spirituality. Vastu Shastra suggests that the pooja room facing the north-east direction in order to get the maximum energy from the Sun goes well with the colour yellow as it can facilitate the motive. 


Orange colour comes in the company of the colour yellow and it signifies power, courage, and a sense of good fortune. The Orange colour also has similar ideas as that of the strength and bravery of all Indian Gods and Goddesses. Often referred to as “Kesariya Rang,” orange is the best colour for the Pooja room in the south-east direction. Also, when you decide upon the colour orange, go for it in light shade as that will represent spirituality and meditative state than the louder shade. 

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Golden colour works the best when the pooja room or place is the common area of the home. Again, golden comes from the yellow family which is the best at adding a purifying effect in the home. It will create an illusion and make the Pooja space look broader. Also, it gives a nice and rich vibe to the home and will also make the Pooja space stand out more. So, the golden colour works the best when you go for Pooja space and not a room.  

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White is the noblest colour out of all the other colours. It invokes the sense of purity, cleanliness and positivity. Using the colour white will make your Pooja room more relaxed and pure. It will create a spiritual and meditative environment which is the most ideal atmosphere for any Pooja room. According to Vastu Shashtra, using the colour white is a great step to connect with God. 


When you want to bring in a little outdoor in the house, then Green works the best for you. It is the colour indicating life and nature which are the right elements for any Pooja room. And, this colour works the best when you are setting your Pooja room in the east direction. According to Vastu Shastra, the colour green is the best, quickest and easiest way to calm yourself down. It helps in praying positively and creating the energy necessary for spirituality. 

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Vastu Shastra: Colours To Absolutely Avoid In The Pooja Room 

  • First and foremost, avoid using the colour black as it disturbs the flow of good vibes and light in home. And, considering if you have a small Pooja room or space, it will not create the meditative state of mind, rather will disturb the peace of your mind so avoid choosing the colour black. 
  • Also, you should not use dark, loud and too bright colours as they bring in less positive energy. 

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