Astrological Tips: Wear These Colors On These Days & Receive Benefits!

Colors have a significant influence on people’s lives, according to astrology. However, not many people hold this view. 90% of people select their clothing’s color based on personal preference which is also completely wrong. According to astrology, wearing clothing of any color without giving it any thought could be detrimental. The science of astrology is unique. It covers a broad range of practices and customs. These recommendations are based on the proper clothing and color for each specific day. According to astrology, if you wear a different color every day, your luck will be in your favor. In this blog, we’ll explain which colors are good for you to wear on certain days based on astrology.

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Significance Of Colors In Astrology

Each zodiac sign has a different favorable and unfavorable planet, according to Vedic astrology. Each person has a unique lucky color and Ratna (Gemstone) based on astrology. A person’s aura is strengthened and amplified when colors are used properly. One of the most crucial considerations is what colors will be advantageous for a person who is unaware of his Lagna or zodiac sign. Such persons will benefit from using colors that correspond to the days. 

Wearing clothes that match the color allotted to each day is an easy way to use the colors. Every day of the week corresponds to a planet, claims Astrology. While some day-planet matches are fairly evident, others call for understanding the old texts. Listed below are the planets, colors, and gemstones that represent each day of the week. The process of getting dressed is going to become both auspicious and efficient!

So let’s learn the colors that you should wear on each day of the week according to astrology and enjoy its benefits.

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Colors To Be Worn On Each Day Of The Week


Ruling Planet: The Sun

Color: Red

Gemstone: Ruby, Bloodstone, Red Spinel

The Sun is viewed in astrology as a reflection of the soul. Sundays are the finest day to commit to spiritual activities because of this soul connection. Sunday morning Sun salutations are a lovely way to start the day and honor the paternal sun.  Apart from this,  Lord Surya is worshiped every Sunday. On this day, it will be advantageous to wear a yellow, light saffron, pink, or light red shirt as wearing these colors on Sundays will help you to absorb more of the sun’s energy. Remember that wearing a dark saffron-colored shirt today is unfavorable.


Ruling PlanetMoon

Color: White

Gemstone: Pearl, Conch, Moonstone

Our emotional body is fostered by the moon through its maternal pull. Honoring your yin, or feminine, energy, is best done on Mondays. Reduce your tension and activity on Mondays to appease the moon. Mondays are for connecting because the moon is the planet of community and communication. On this day, it is auspicious to wear a white or light blue shirt.

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Ruling PlanetMars

Color: Red

Gemstone: Red Coral, Carnelian

Mars is the planet for Tuesday. Our zest and vitality come from the blazing planet Mars. Mars is typically seen as a malefic planet because of its combative side. Mars is regarded as the engineer, making it a favorable day for math or research. Just like Sundays, wearing red, yellow and saffron colors clothes can bring positivity in your life. Apart from this, for pacifying Mars, red coral is recommended as the gemstone.

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Ruling PlanetMercury

Color: Green

Gemstone: Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline

Mercury, the planet of the mind, is renowned for its quick wit, joy, and youthful vitality. Trade, education, and communication are ruled by this planet. Wednesdays are days to take care of oneself and tend to one’s mind. Wear anything green, whether it be a piece of jewelry with an emerald stone or your preferred shirt on Wednesdays since Mercury is symbolized by the color green. However, if you wear green shirts too often, life will become monotonous.


Ruling PlanetJupiter

Color: Yellow

Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Topaz, Citrine

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter according to Vedic Astrology which is the planet of luck and abundance. Being that this is the planet of goodwill and giving, Thursdays are considered lucky days to do acts of service and give of your time. Jupiter is a social planet, much like the Moon, and Thursdays are best enjoyed with loved ones. It is auspicious to wear yellow on this day.


Ruling PlanetVenus

Color: Pink, White, Light Purple

Gemstone: Diamond, White Sapphire

This is the finest day to delve into all facets of the arts because Venus is the planet of the creative arts. Embrace your inner rock star and be creative. Making music, dance, or art could all be considered ways to please Venus. Due to Venus’ beautiful femininity and close connection to love, Fridays are also ideal for romantic dates.  On Fridays, you can add some pinks, white or light purples to your outfit.


Ruling PlanetSaturn

Color: Black And Dark Blue 

Gemstone: Blue Sapphire

Saturdays are ruled by the heaviness and laziness of Saturn, making it less than ideal for business or charitable endeavors. This planet, which is frequently regarded to bring losses and conflict, might perhaps be our greatest teacher. At the start of the week, Saturn asks you to think about clearing your mind and preparing for a new cycle. Today would be ideal for a meditation retreat in the outdoors. According to Jyotish, Saturdays are perfect for getting down and dirty with Mother Nature and taking advantage of the benefits of Saturn energy that the mountains radiate. Saturn is represented by dark colors, namely black and dark blue so wearing black and blue on Saturday can bring auspicious outcomes to you.

Note: AstroSage advises you to consult a learned astrologer before wearing any gemstone or performing any remedy.

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