astrology Can Give a New Career Direction to 10th & 12th Standard Students!

Exams are another reality of our life which we cannot avoid. They help us set a stable career in the long run of life. Once the exam season is over, the next step which becomes important is to focus on the career. 

Every person has to undergo some kind of examination in his/her life, and what scares the most is the result! The children of 10th-12th Grade must be facing the same fear these days, as not only children, but their parents must be facing the same dilemma about their kids’ results as Boards are approaching. In such a situation, the CogniAstro Report can help you out big time and shed light on appropriate career options for your budding child based on their kundli.


Astrology Has The Answer To Every Problem!

Vedic astrology is a wondrous branch of sciences, which helps you to solve many hindrances of your life with great ease and comfort. Just like a doctor gets hold of your pulse and notes down the diagnosis, in the same manner the position of various planets at Nakshatras can be used to predict your future. The same will also let you know what the upcoming time has in store for your children and the necessary amendments they should put together to make it better. If you want to know more about this, then you can talk to our expert astrologers on call and gain some insights. 

If you are in a constant state of worry with regards to your career, academics or upcoming results, then the position of various planets in your Kundli can be taken into account to get a hold of your future. As per the science of astrology, each and every planet residing in the solar system is the significator of a particular professional platform. The planet which is posited in the strongest manner in your Kundli or birth chart plays the most crucial role in shaping your career. 

The CogniAstro Report by AstroSage also calculates your child’s personality precisely and points them down the right path as per the planetary positions. Astrology Expert Yogesh says

“Your conscious and subconscious mind are under the constant influence of many planets, which forms your personality ultimately. Natives, or even your children, who choose their career or profession according to their respective personalities, have better chances to climb the ladder of success and prosperity in life”. 

Planets and Careers Associated with Them 


If the planet Sun is situated in a strong state in the Kundli of your child, then they can get enrolled in a government service, acquire a designated post in any organisation and seek for a career in the fields of Ayurveda, Management, Politics, Astronomy, Statistics and  Spirituality. Ask A Question From Our Expert Astrologer & Get Solution To Career or Life Problems


If the presence of Chandrama or the Moon is strong in the birth chart or Kundli of your child, then they can make a career out of activities like – dancing, music and acting. Along with this, there are some positive prospects in the fields of Psychology, Biology and Pharmacy.


Your child can seek a career in fields like Engineering especially mechanical engineering, hotel industry, cooking, sports, construction and many others if and only the red planet Mars is posited positively in the Kundli of your child. 

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Various fields related to acting, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Journalism, Business and Commerce along with subjects like Networking, Astrology etc. are of utmost importance when Mercury acquires a strong state in the Kundli of your child. 


If Jupiter’s position is strong in your child’s Kundli, then they can look for a career in fields like academics, classical Literature, Medicine, writer, preacher, Philosophy, History, Humanities, Finance, Economics, Biology, Law etc. 

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When Venus remains strongly posited in one’s Kundli, then such natives can look for a career in fields like Botany, Gardening, Painting, Music, Media, Entertainment, Dance, Fashion Designing, Architecture, Hospitality, Humanities, Fine Arts, Botany, Tourism, Aviation, Graphics, Visuals and many others. 


Saturn’s strong presence in the Kundli of your child leads him/her to make a career out of fields like Archeology, Mining, Petroleum, Geology, Geography, Constitution, History, Engineering especially Computer engineering and Coding, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas and Mineralogy. 

Rahu and Ketu 

If both of these planets are situated in the auspicious houses of your child’s Kundli, then the concerned native can be a scholar of esoteric subjects. Along with this, he/she can also look for a career in Metaphysics, Aviation, Film Industry, Digital World, Aerospace, Aeronautical Engineering, Computers, Foreign Languages etc. 

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How to Revive Accurate Information From Kundli? 

The planets residing in one’s Kundli play a very significant role in forming his/her career. Considering these intricacies, the evaluation of your child’s Kundli can bring forth much crucial information with regards to career and academics. But the mere depiction of one’s birth chart won’t provide you with any kind of indications. In such a situation, CogniAstro Report will prove to be a one-stop solution to solve all the career related problems for your child.

CogniAstro Report: Get your Career Related Questions Answered 

Zillions of people are a part of this world but each and every person is different from one another. Nature has bestowed special qualities upon each one of us, which differentiates from one another. So, it is not surprising to discover the fact that all of us have different abilities and efficiencies. CogniAstro Report is specifically prepared on the basis of these specialties which offer career related advisory and guidance. The report amalgamates the principles of psychology and astrology and offers accurate career related guidance. 

CogniAstro Report for 10th Grade Students

The major problem encountered by 10th grade students after their results are declared is primarily about the selection of the right stream. Societal pressure forces them to select something, which their heart doesn’t agree to. In such a situation, the CogniAstro report will prove to be the saviour and provide the students with correct educational guidance. The report will make them select streams, which are favourable for them on the basis of their personality. 

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CogniAstro Report For 12th Grade Students

It is an easy cup of tea to select the right path of career after the 12th standard when the results have been declared. This is the time when CogniAstro jumps in to offer the necessary information about career selection. If your child has selected the wrong stream after tenth and is not satisfied with his results, then CogniAstro will help them get out of this big pit of confusions. This report will offer them suggestions regarding their next plan of action with regards to academics. Are they meant for a technical course or an artistic degree? They can get all of this information in this report. It also contains information about the best colleges and Universities of the world, which can be ultimate options for pursuing higher studies. 

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CogniAstro Report For Working Professionals 

CogniAstro Report has also been proven effective for working professionals. With the help of this report, you give the right direction to your career. If you are not satisfied with your job or business, or facing employment issues due to the ongoing Corona crisis, then you can acquire some useful advice and guidance from the CogniAstro and ultimately bring positive changes to your professional life.

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We wish all the best for your upcoming journeys. Thankyou for connecting with us!! 



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