CogniAstro Report – Your Ultimate Guide for Career, Academics and Success!

Amir Khan’s major breakthrough movie, “Three Idiots” had a message to offer to its audience. It said that once you become efficient, success will automatically follow you. But the problem with us Indians is that most of us have a hard time turning our passions into our professions. It is not an easy cup of tea for us to make a career out of things which we are efficient and good at. The immense societal pressure or the invisible competitions with our contemporaries force us to take certain roads, which lead us to nowhere. Success and satisfaction, all of these become a mirage for us. Stress and failure on the professional front, lowers down the morale of people further. But, what if we tell you that you can choose the right stream for yourself when you are in your tenth standard? Which stream should be chosen in the eleventh so that you can aquire unlimited success and prosperity? If we tell you that this course after your twelfth will ensure satisfaction and success at the same time. What if we tell you that you are unsuccessful in professional life, then it doesn’t really last a time and a little awareness on your part will fill your life with a new kind of positive energy. Believe it or not, all of these statements are true! Keep reading to find out how.

Just get the CogniAstro report, which is a perfect amalgamation of psychology and the principles of astrology. This report is specially designed for three kinds of people.

  • 10th Standard students.
  • 12th Standard students.
  • Professionals belonging to various fields.

For Students 10th

For Students 12th

For Professionals

Now, you might be wondering what is so special about this report with life changing qualities. With its help, you can turn your failures into your fortunes. On this note, let us comprehend the specialty of this report.

CogniAstro Report for 10th Grade Students

If you are worried about the future of your child after the tenth grade and are afraid that your child may choose streams, which may be not of much use for his/her future, then you can get rid of this fear by getting the CogniAstro Counseling Report. The CogniAstro Report plays the role of an ultimate guide for students who have just passed the 10th grade examination. Since this report is prepared by putting to use the principles of astrology and psychology, it carries information about every person’s strengths and weaknesses. The information given below reveals how you can benefit from this report. The CogniAstro Report not only helps you to choose subjects as per your personality , but also gives you information about the career opportunities associated with the selected subjects. Overall, it can be said that CogniAstro is the most convenient and easy way out to make your future successful and smoothgoing.

CogniAstro Report For 12th Grade Students

One main question that constantly pops in the minds of students appearing for their 12th boards is that with which subject or stream should they pursue their higher studies. This is said to be a crucial time when your decision can either brighten up your future or take you down the pit. AstroSage’s CogniAstro Report offers you the right direction regarding the right topic or course to undertake after Class XIIth. Not only this, this report gives you the last chance to rectify your mistake of choosing the wrong subjects or stream in Class Xth after the 12th examinations. CogniAstro Report addresses your every dilemma and helps you make accurate decisions. The information about which course will prove to be most suitable for you professionally is also given in the CogniAstro Report.

For Professionals Working In Different Fields

CogniAstro Report is not only fruitful for students but professionals as well. With the help of this report, you get a quick insight about your career in the longer run, and what challenges or opportunities can come in your way. Along with this, you can plan accordingly for a better tomorrow with the help of AstroSage’s CogniAstro Report. This report also helps you overcome the hurdles in your professional life through effective suggestions.

For Students 10th

For Students 12th

For Professionals

Benefits of CogniAstro Report

Based on your name, birth place & time, a detailed analysis of your career is predicted to you in the form of CogniAstro Report. With this report, you can make your career shine! From providing the best career opportunities to finally taking your career to new heights, the CogniAstro Report is something that parents need to make their children confident and competent in this rat-racing world. Great for career guidance, this report is a must-have for students.

  • An overall analysis of your personality type
  • An in-depth prediction about your career based on your Kundli
  • Discover the right career choices based on RIASEC model
  • Beneficial insights about subject & stream areas
  • Important career advices to help you prepared for upcoming challenges
  • Personalized and accurate report to take right fruitful decisions with confidence

Early Alarm For A Satisfactory Future

CogniAstro assesses and offers an early picture that helps you lead your future in the right direction. We have seen many famous as well as successful personalities in the world who started off differently on an academic level but kept exploring different fields till they settled for one.


One of the famous examples for this is Chetan Bhagat, a famous Indian Author who primarily pursued Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi but ended up doing MBA and working as an Investment Banker. Using CogniAstro sheds light on various stream recommendations that could have helped him make the best choice without really wasting his time, efforts and energy.


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