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The time from January till March is crucial for 10th & 12th students, since pre-boards and boards keep them busy as well as stressed. With exams approaching, students studying in 10th grade face a difficult choice of choosing the right stream that can lead them to the right path. On the other hand, those appearing for their 12th board exams must be undergoing immense pressure, both societal as well as self. This is because their choice related to their courses or college primarily attributes to their overall success in their career.

When schools and institutes lack in providing proper guidance to the students, career counselling comes to the rescue. In this world of cut-throat competition, one has to be street smart to make the right career decisions.

What if we get a detailed analysis of our career based on astro-psychology? Yes, you heard it right! AstroSage has made it possible for you to know the right career choice that incurs both success and satisfaction! The future of career counselling, ‘CogniAstro’ is the perfect tool for all your worries!

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CogniAstro: The Best Of Both Worlds

With the perfect amalgamation of astrology and psychology, CogniAstro has something that was never offered before to the world! With an in-depth analysis based on astrology, career streams and personality types, we have created a platform where users can decode the right choice that derive both success as well as satisfaction.

Using CogniAstro helps to maximize their potential by enabling users to select from a range of subject or career streams that match their intellect and characteristics. Recommended by parents and professionals, this tool remains in the best interest of people who wish to get on the right track!

Early Alarm For A Satisfactory Future

CogniAstro assesses and offers an early picture that helps you lead your future in the right direction. We have seen many famous as well as successful personalities in the world who started off differently on an academic level but kept exploring different fields till they settled for one.

One of the famous examples for this is Chetan Bhagat, a famous Indian Author who primarily pursued Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi but ended up doing MBA and working as an Investment Banker. Using CogniAstro sheds light on various stream recommendations that could have helped him make the best choice without really wasting his time, efforts and energy.

chetan bhagat

On the other hand, CogniAstro analyses Aamir Khan’s, acclaimed Bollywood Actor and TV Talk Host, details and rolls out best recommendations based on subjects and streams which could have, if pursued, earned him a different stature and fame in the society and worldwide. Hence, we can say that knowing these details in advance might have opened new doors and opportunities for Aamir Khan, thereby earning him success, recognition and contentment.

aamir khan

Exclusive Features

  • CogniAstro Report provides your personality-type overview – whether you are a doer, thinker, creator, helper, persuader, or an organizer.
  • CogniAstro helps you in career planning, suggests you Do’s and Don’ts about your career and lead you to the right path.
  • Subject and stream recommendations for students till Class 10th & 12th makes it their best choice.
  • The report also explains your dominant personality traits, i.e. whether you are an introvert, extrovert, intuitive, judger, etc.
  • It also provides subject-wise career options to explore best career opportunities in future.

Benefits of CogniAstro Report

Based on your name, birth place & time, a detailed analysis of your career is predicted to you in the form of CogniAstro Report. With this report, you can make your career shine! From providing the best career opportunities to finally taking your career to new heights, the CogniAstro Report is something that parents need to make their children confident and competent in this rat-racing world. Great for career guidance, this report is a must-have for students.

  • An overall analysis of your personality type
  • An in-depth prediction about your career based on your Kundli
  • Discover the right career choices based on RIASEC model
  • Beneficial insights about subject & stream areas
  • Important career advices to help you prepared for upcoming challenges
  • Personalized and accurate report to take right fruitful decisions with confidence

Best Online Career Consultant: CogniAstro

A little advanced knowledge about what the career may hold, or what the stars foretell for your career can be of great importance. The CogniAstro Report covering different areas of career prepared by best-in-industry experts provides you with bright guidance and helps you remove any obstacle through the coming days. So, this is a golden chance for all the parents out there stressing about their children’s career. Grab this opportunity to shape your children’s future.

This report on career counselling not only provides you the best career guidance but act as a career consultant for the rest of your life. With the help of this report, you children might land a high paying job and make you feel really proud in your social circle.

Saraswati Puja Muhurat on Basant Panchami

In Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati has been designated as the Goddess of Knowledge and Intelligence. People worship her with utter devotion and carry out puja rituals in order to attain her blessings and seek a successful career. On the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami, below we are providing you with the Shubh Muhurat to perform the puja ritual:

Puja Muhurat Duration
10:47:38 to 12:34:25 1 Hour 46 Minute

Note : This Muhurat is valid for the New Delhi area only. Click Here to get the auspicious Muhurat for your city.

All The Best For Your Future!


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