Chinese New Year 2023 Begins; Read Zodiac-Wise Predictions!

Chinese New Year 2023: Every year begins with a celebration across the world. All of us celebrate New Year’s Day on January 1st of every year. However, the Chinese folks celebrate New Year according to the Lunar calendar. This year, 2023, is going to be the year of the Rabbit! Many Chinese natives regard Chinese New Year as the start of the zodiac year. This is a widely accepted Chinese astrological belief. This year, the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, will be observed from January 22nd, 2023.

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The festivities last for fifteen days, beginning on the new moon, all over China and the Chinese communities worldwide. This blog by AstroSage is based around the same, including the Chinese Horoscope for 2023. Along with this, we will learn the history, significance, and zodiac-wise predictions for the New Year. So without further ado, let us start learning about the Chinese New Year and some of its cultural significance!

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Significance and Myths of the Chinese New Year

The origin of the Chinese New Year can be traced back about 3,800 years. It was observed as per the Lunar Calendar, which the Government abolished in 1912. Instead of observing the new year according to the Lunar Calendar, they started observing it as per the Gregorian calendar, that is, on January 1st of every year. However, after 1949, the Chinese New Year was renamed as the “Spring Festival” in many parts of China. It is also believed that Chinese New Year started during the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) when people attended sacrifice rites in honor of gods and ancestors at the beginning and end of each year.

The most popular traditional stories of the Chinese New Year talk about a Yearly Beast, Nian, who would eat all the food, crops, livestock, and even people on the new year’s eve. In order to prevent Nian from causing destruction a day before the celebrations, people started keeping food outside their houses for him. 

Another tale reveals that, in order to keep the Yearly Beast away from the living areas, a wise old man came up with an unusual plan. He figured out that the beast is scared of loud noises. Hence, people started putting red lanterns and scrolls on their windows and doorsteps, as well as crackling bamboo sticks, which were later replaced by firecrackers, in order to scare Nian away. 

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15 Days Of Celebrations

The festivities of the Chinese New Year continue for fifteen days. 

Day 1: ’Birthday of Chicken’

The day represents a fresh start in one’s life, as well as renewed expectations for prosperity, fortune, and pleasure.

Day 2: ‘Birthday of Dog’

On the second day, the Chinese pray to their ancestors as well as all the gods. Traditionally, married women would express their gratitude to their birth parents. Given that it is the day of the dogs’ birthday, pets and stray animals will be properly fed.

Day 3: ‘Birthday of Pig’

The third day of the New Year is set aside for grave visiting. Families who have had an immediate family pass away within the last three years will not pay house visits as a show of respect to the deceased.

Day 4: ‘Birthday of Sheep’

A continuity of Day 3.

Day 5: ‘Birthday of Ox, Cattle’

The day is celebrated as the birthday of the God of Wealth, therefore the god is honored.

Day 6: ‘Birthday of Horse’

People visit temples and relatives’ and friends’ houses on Day 6.

Day 7: ‘Birthday of Men’

The seventh day of the lunar year is celebrated as the birth of the common man.

Day 8: The Day of Completion

A day dedicated to family gatherings and dinners.

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Day 9

The ninth day of the Lunar Month is celebrated as the birthday of the Jade Emperor, highly revered in taoist beliefs.

Day 10 to 12

The days tenth to twelfth are dedicated to feasting with friends and family. 

Day 13: Diet Control

This day is dedicated to cleansing and digesting the food from the days of feast. People eat vegetarian food like rice, mustard and greens. 

Day 14: The Lantern Decoration Day

The fourteenth day is dedicated to the preparation of Lantern Day!

Day 15: Lantern Festival

The first full moon following the Spring Festival and the New Year, also known as the “first night of the full moon,” occurs on the 15th day. The holiday is as well-known as the Lantern Festival.

Previous Years of the Rabbit

Rabbit YearsCalendar- Chinese Zodiac YearsElement
1927Feb 2nd, 1927- Jan 22nd, 1928Fire
1939Feb19th,1939- Feb 8th, 1940Earth
1951Feb 6th,1951- Jan 26th, 1952Metal
1963Jan 25th,1963- Feb 12th, 1964Water
1975Feb 11th,1975- Jan 30th, 1976Wood
1987Jan 29th,1987- Feb 16th, 1988Fire
1999Feb 16th,1999- Feb 4th, 2000Earth
2011Feb 3, 2011- Jan 22, 2012Metal
2023Jan 22, 2023- Feb 9, 2024Water
2035Feb 8, 2035- Jan 27, 2036Wood

Significance Of The Chinese Year Of Rabbit

The fourth zodiac animal in the list of Chinese Zodiacs, the Rabbit is the most beloved, proud, and fast zodiac animal. The Rabbit is related to the Earthly Branch and the hours are 5—7 in the morning. In terms of yin and yang, the Rabbit is yin. Rabbits are associated with the Moon in Chinese culture. Some believe it is because the Moon’s shadows resemble a rabbit, while others claim it is due to the rabbit’s pure features. It also represents lechery and fertility in traditional Chinese culture due to its prolific reproductive performance and ability to mate at any time of year. 

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Chinese Zodiac Animals

Each Chinese Zodiac Animal represents a distinct meaning. The Chinese believe that each individual embodies the personality attributes of the animals of the year in which they were born. The following are the basic personality features of each Chinese Zodiac Animal-

The Rat is smart, quick-witted, and friendly

The Ox is devoted, determined, and powerful

The Tiger is self-assured, competitive, and unexpected

The Rabbit is beautiful, considerate, and accountable

The Dragon is self-assured, clever, and passionate

The Snake is mysterious, knowledgeable, and wise

The Horse is dynamic, active, and refreshing

The Goat is peaceful, polite, and empathetic

The Monkey is bright, intelligent, and inquisitive

The Rooster is attentive, industrious, and brave

The Dog is attractive, truthful, and sensible

The Pig is caring, giving, and hardworking

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