A Special Gift To Kids By AstroSage On This Children’s Day! CogniAstro Report!

In India, Children’s Day is observed annually on November 14. This was initiated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the nation’s first prime minister. This day’s primary goal was to raise public awareness of the rights of children, as well as their needs for care and education. It is a common saying that children are the future of our nation, therefore all adults need to guide them in the right direction. Many times, we unintentionally make poor career decisions, which we subsequently regret, thinking that we may have done better if we had received the proper guidance. For this reason, AstroSage created a unique feature called “CogniAstro Report.” This offers the choice of selecting the ideal career based on the children’s personalities. Through this, an attempt has been made to develop children’s hidden skills so they can pick the greatest career and leave their impact on the world in the future. Let’s proceed and learn more about the CogniAstro report by AstroSage.

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What Is CogniAstro Report?

The CogniAstro report is a model that was initially founded on the theories of Dr. Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, and astrological calculations that precisely assess a child’s personality and hidden talent. Puneet Pandey, the creator of AstroSage, made the discovery. Puneet Pandey ji has consistently applied astrology to advance society. He also made a number of significant actions in support of this, one of which is the CogniAstro report.

What are our goals in life? Will you do better? Such questions continue to instill fear in our minds every day. In order to find the solution, we actually turn to numerous psychological analyses and exams, but as a result, we become even more confused. In this case, based on the theories of Dr. Carl Jung, Puneet Pandey ji created a model called the CogniAstro Report that provides answers to all types of career-related queries in order to conduct a proper study of human personality and improve professional guidance. Carl Jung, the renowned psychiatrist and father of analytical psychology, was also extremely aware of the significance of astrology, but sadly, his work was never expanded.

Dr. Carl Jung said that “Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” 


“All of the psychological knowledge of the past is represented in astrology”.

It could also be seen as a true tribute to Dr. Carl Jung’s Quotation.

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Main Components Of CogniAstro Report

There are total 4 components of CogniAstro Report:

  • types of personality
  • personality assessment
  • Consultation on career 
  • Appendix (Horoscope, Choosing the Best Career Option, Analysis of 6 Basic Career Types, Career Planning)

Types of personality: It primarily describes the different personality types. It will enable you to identify your personality type. For instance, realistic, investigative, sociable, businesslike, creative, conventional, etc.

Personality Assessment: This will assess your personality, determining which personality type you are and what your attributes are based on the aforementioned personality types.

Consultation On Career: This will discover the hidden skill you possess and tell you about a wide range of professions and employment opportunities which you can quickly select based on your preferences.

Appendix: This will evaluate your horoscope and estimate the length of your life based on the positions of your planets and constellations. The following task will need you to evaluate the top five career possibilities you have selected. Following that, you will be given the finest career option.

Benefits Of CogniAstro Report

  • It will assist you in making a better job decision.
  • It will be beneficial for the kids to select the stream of study they want to pursue as a career.
  • Our Cogniastro report will be helpful for you and provide you the finest recommendations to choose a new career if you are looking for work and feel that you are not pleased with your job or that you want to do something better but you are unsure of your talent. It will provide you with options that will allow you to perform better.
  • This Cogniastro report will provide you the opportunity to launch a better business based on your personality and areas of interest if you want to launch your own venture.
  • Cognistro Report can be of great assistance to you if you believe that you want to make a difference in the world but are unaware of your hidden talent.

This fantastic product from AstroSage will prove to be a cure-all for children and dissatisfied or confused adults. By using it, you’ll be able to find the career that’s right for you as well as obtain inner and mental happiness. We sincerely hope that you will benefit from our effort. Make your life successful by ordering the CogniAstro Report  from AstroSage right away! 

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