Chhath Puja Special: Rituals Performed During Four Auspicious Days Of Chhath!

Chhath Puja is commonly known as Surya Shashti and falls on the Shashti during Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartik. The festival of Chhath will begin from 18 November 2020 this year, since the ritual of Nahaye Khaye is performed on this first day. This festival is widely celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand with enthusiasm. It is a provision to worship to Lord Surya and Chhathi Maiya and seek their blessings for wealth, prosperity and happiness.

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Chhath Puja Auspicious Muhurat

Chhath Puja Muhurat For 2020

Chhath Puja Date  Friday, November 20
20 November (Sandhya Arghya) Sunset time 17:25:26
21 November (Usha Arghya) Sunrise time 06:48:52

Note: This muhurat is applicable to New Delhi, India. Click to know the Chhath Puja muhurat for your city.

Chhath Puja Performed By Sita, Draupadi

The Atharvaveda gives a detailed information about the fasting done during Chhath Puja. Chhath Vrat is also considered beneficial from a scientific point of view. There is such a belief that Lady Sita, and even the wife of Pandavas, Draupadi also performed this fast. During the festival of Chhath, natives who are fasting offer arghya to the Lord Sun by standing in a river or pond. In case of its absence, people clean the front of their house, dig a pit and fill it with clean water. After this, the Vrati or woman who is fasting stands in it and worships the Lord Sun. According to the beliefs, Chhath Devi is the sister of Lord Surya. Considering the importance of water and sun rays in life, Lord Sun is worshipped during these days.

Know Chhath Puja Rituals and Ingredients 

Four Days Of Chhath Puja

The sacred festival of Chhath Puja stretches up to four days. Below we have provided you with a sneak peek of how devotees worship Lord Sun during these four days and perform necessary rituals to appease him.

First Day: Nahaye Khaye

Nahaye Khaye, whose literal translation is Bathe-&-Eat, occurs on the first day during Chhath Puja. On this day, devotees who are fasting take a holy dip in the river, pond or any kind of water body. The house and its surroundings are cleaned, and a pure vegetarian meal is cooked, which comprises of Lauki or Bottle Gourd, Pumpkin and Moong-Chana Dal or Lentil. After this, the native performing the fast consumes the food and tries to stay away from any malicious thoughts.

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Second Day: Kharna 

Kharna falls on the second day, during which the Nirjala fast is observed by the devotee throughout the day. As a result, not even a drop of water is consumed, and later in the evening, a special Prasad made of jaggery, milk and rice is prepared. This prasad along with fruits, betel leaves, green ginger and spices is then offered to the Chhati Maiyya and then distributed amongst family and friends. 

Third Day: Sandhya Arghya

Sandhya Arghya, also known as Sanjhiya Ghat, falls on the third day. On this occasion, a bamboo basket called Daura is bought and rice laddoos, Thekua and fruits are kept in it. This basket is well-decorated and then taken to the river bank by the Vratti in the evening. The native fasting then stands in the water and offer the Arghya to the setting Sun with water and milk. 

People who have been recently blessed with a child or had a marriage in the family perform the ritual of Kosi or Koshiya at their house’s courtyard or front. Here, on the third day, five sugarcane sticks are stacked and tied with a yellow cloth. These sugarcane sticks represent the five life elements, i.e. fire, water, air, sky and earth. Under this canopy, earthen lamps symbolizing solar energy are lit and kept. 

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Fourth Day: Usha Arghya

Usha Arghya is performed on the last and fourth day of the Chhath Puja, where the Arghya is offered to the rising Sun. on this day, the Vrattis along with their families visit the river banks and perform the ritual with a devoted heart. They worship Chhathi Maiyya and Lord Sun and pray for happiness, good health and prosperity. After this, the natives who are fasting break their fast by eating Ginger and Jaggery, after which the Sharbat is consumed.

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