Chhath Puja 2021: Know The Significance, Rituals, Legends, Do’s & Don’ts

After Diwali, the festival of Chhath is taking over the country by storm. Despite being a regional festival, the excitement of Chhath Puja can be experienced in every corner of the country. Chhath Puja is primarily dedicated to the Sun. According to the Hindu Puranas, Chhath Mata was the sister of the Sun. Therefore, Chhath Mata bestows her blessings upon the devotees who worship the Sun on this day and endow them with happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Through this special blog on Chhath Puja, we will enlighten the readers with every important detail related to this beautiful festival, along with the auspicious timings and the method of celebrating Chhath Puja this year.

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Chhath Puja 2021: Auspicious Timings

Just like the festivities of Navratri continue for nine days, Chhath Puja is celebrated for four days. The first day of the festival is called “Nahaye Khaye” and the second day is known as “Kharna”. On the third day, Prasad is prepared for Chhath Mata, and Arghya is offered to the Sun. On the final day of the festival, i.e. the fourth day, the Sun is worshipped, and water is offered to it once again. This marks the end of the four days festivities of the Chhath Puja.

Chhath Puja will be celebrated on 10th November, Wednesday, this year.

Chhath Puja Evening Arghya Timing:

10 November (Sandhya Arghya) Sunset time: 17:30:16

11 November (Usha Arghya) Sunrise time: 06:40:10

Note: The above-mentioned timing is applicable for Delhi. To know the auspicious timing as per your city, click here. 

Chhath to Commence with Nahaye Khaye

The first day of the four-day Chhath festivities is known as Nahaye Khaye (08th November 2021). Nahaye Khaye is celebrated on the Chaturthi Tithi during the Kartik Shukla Paksha. The fasting devotees wear new clothes after taking a bath on this day and consume vegetarian food. The family members of a household can eat anything only after the fasting member has eaten the food.

The second day of Chhath Puja, i.e. the Panchami Tithi of Kartik Shukla Paksha, is known as Kharna (09th November 2021). The devotees observe a fast on the entire day of Kharna and eat food in the evening. This fast is challenging as the natives can neither eat nor drink anything during the fasting period. In the evening, Kheer made with rice and jaggery is prepared and consumed. Remember that consumption of Salt is prohibited on this day. Besides this, rice Pitha and butter-laden chapatis are distributed as Prasad on this day.

The third day of Chhath Puja, i.e. the sixth day of Kartik Shukla Paksha, is regarded as the most prominent day of Chhath Puja (10th November 2021). Prasad called Thekua, along with Ladoos made with rice, are prepared on this day. Then all the fruits and Prasad are arranged beautifully in a bamboo basket. The devotee observing a fast takes this basket to the bank of a pond, river, or lake and offers Arghya to the Sun. The setting Sun is worshipped on this day.

On the next day, i.e. the Saptami of Kartik Shukla Paksha (11th November 2021), the process of the sunset Puja of the previous day is repeated at the sunrise in the morning. After this, the Chhath Puja is concluded with the distribution of Prasad.

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Important Ingredients for Chhath Puja 2021

New clothes, two big bamboo baskets or winnowing basket, bamboo or brass winnowing basket, milk, water, glass, round metal pot, plate, leafy sugarcane, watery coconut, rice, vermilion, lamp (Diya), incense, green ginger sapling, turmeric, reddish, sweet lemon, custard apple (Shareefa), banana, pear, sweet potato, Suthani, betel, betel nut, honey, Kumkum, sandalwood, camphor, incense sticks, sweets, jaggery, rice flour, wheat.

Chhath Puja 2021: Rituals

  • Take three big bamboo baskets, or three empty bamboo or brass winnowing basket, plate, milk, and glass.
  • Keep rice, red vermillion, lamp, coconut, turmeric, sugarcane, Suthani, vegetables, and sweet potato in it.
  • In fruits, keep pear, big lemon, honey, betel, whole betel nut, Kairav, camphor, sandalwood, and sweets. 
  • Keep Thekua, Maalpua, Kheer, peru, Suji Halwa, and Ladoos made of rice in the form of Prasad in it.
  • Place these ingredients in the basket. Keep all the Prasad in the winnowing basket while offering Arghya to the Sun and light a lamp in the winnowing basket itself. Then descend in the river to offer Arghya to the Sun.

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Rules for Chhath Puja 2021

  • Perform Chhath Puja in clean clothes or new clothes if possible.
  • The devotee observing a fast must not sleep in their bed during the Chhath festival (from Nahay Khay till the end of Chhath).
  • Consume only Satvik food during this time and avoid the consumption of alcohol, etc., at all costs.
  • Take care of cleanliness around you and do not do anything bad or dirty.

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Chhath Puja 2021: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Help the needy during this time and donate necessary and useful items to them.
  • If you buy Chhath ingredients for the needy and help them with the Chhath Puja procedure, it is considered auspicious and fruitful.
  • Serve the women observing the Chhath Puja fast and don’t upset them. Women observing Chhath Puja fast have Chhath Mata’s blessings, so by helping them, you can attain Chhath Mata’s blessings and the auspicious fruits of their fast.
  • You are advised to only use a bamboo winnowing basket for performing the Puja. Keep the ingredients and light the lamp in this basket only.
  • Prepare as much Chhath Prasad as you can and distribute it among people.


  • Don’t touch any Puja ingredients before bathing.
  • Do not touch any salty items while preparing the Prasad.
  • Don’t let Chhath Mata’s Prasad come in contact with your feet, or else you will have to face the wrath of Chhath Mata.
  • If you have wished for a blessing from Chhath Mata, do not forget it at any cost.
  • Do not offer Arghya to the Sun in a vessel made of silver, steel, plastic, or glass.

Chhath Puja 2021: Why, When, and How?

Chhath Puja is also known as Dala Chhath, Chhathi Mai, Chhath, Chhath Mai Puja, Surya Shashthi Puja, etc. This festival is primarily celebrated twice a year. One on the Chaitra Shukla Shashti, and the other on the Kartik Shukla Shashti. Both the Chhath Pujas are considered important but the Chhath falling in the month of Kartik Shukla has slightly more significance. 

This year, Chatt Puja will begin on 8th November and continue till 10th November.

Chhath Puja is dedicated to the Sun. Therefore, this Puja and fast is performed to appease the Sun and attain his blessings. By worshipping the Sun every day, a native can achieve good health and prosperous life. Apart from this, by worshipping the Chhath Mata, who is the sister of the Sun, a person can be blessed with a child. Owing to this, the Chhath fast is also observed to get the best child. This fast is known to fulfill all the wishes of the devotees.

Shashti Devi and Her Origin?

Chhath Mata is regarded as Sun’s sister. However, according to the Chhath legend, Chhath Devi is described as Devsena, the daughter of God. Devsena introduces her form by saying that she arose from the original instinct of nature’s sixth part, and this is why she is known as Shashti. Besides this, the natives who want to conceive children are advised to worship Chhathi Mata with proper rituals. 

It is believed that Sita Mata worshipped the Sun on the Kartik Shukla Shashti after Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya. Apart from this, Kunti also attained a son after worshipping the Sun in the Mahabharata period. It is said that unmarried Kunti threw her son, Karana, in the river after giving birth to him. Karana was a devotee of the Sun, and he used to stay in water for hours and worship the Sun. It is why Sun always showered Karana with his grace. Owing to this, people worship the Sun even today, on the day of Kartik Shukla Shashti to attain his blessings. 

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