Chaturmas Begins From July 10: Earth Nurturers Will Remain In Yog Nidra For 117 Days!

Sanatan Dharma highlights the significance of Chaturmas. Lord Vishnu, the creator of the Earth, enters a state of yoga Nidra for a duration of four months during this time. Any auspicious work, such as marriage, Tilak, Yagyopavit, or Mundan ceremonies, is therefore forbidden during this period. The first day of Chaturmas in 2022 is July 10.

In this particular blog post, we will provide you with information on the significance of Chaturmas, the duration of the festival, details on the prohibited practices, suggestions for what to do to obtain Lord Vishnu and Mahadev’s blessings, and other crucial details. In order to proceed, let’s first learn about the significance of Chaturmas and the prohibited work during this period.

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Devshayani Ekadashi 2022: Muhurat 

Ekadashi Tithi Starting- July 09, 2022 at 04:39

Ekadashi Tithi Ending – July 10, 2022 at 02:13 

Paran (time for breaking the fast)- 11 July, from 05:30 am to 08:16 am. 

End Time of Dwadashi on Paran Tithi: 11:13 am. 

117 Days Of Shrihari In Yoga Nidra: Things To Be Noted

Beginning on July 10th, which is the Ekadashi day of Shukla Paksha in Ashadh month, Chaturmas will last till Devuthani Ekadashi, the Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha in Kartik month. As all is going on, Lord Vishnu nods off and gives Lord Shiva complete control of the earth. In addition to this, numerous other works that were stigmatized during Chaturmas include:

  • When Lord Vishnu sleeps, all important religious and auspicious activities are completely stopped. Hinduism forbids such actions as engagement, marriage, shaving, house entry, and so forth during this time.
  • Fasting and penance are common during Chaturmas. The religious saints stop all of their travels during these four months and go to a temple or their hometown to practise sadhna and observe fast.
  • Additionally, during Chaturmas, it is advised to avoid eating spinach and other leafy vegetables. The following month is Bhadrapada, during which curd consumption is forbidden. After that, the month of Ashwin, during which milk should be avoided, and ultimately, the month of Kartik, during which consumption of garlic and onions  is avoided. 
  • Overall, it is advised to manage food especially for the first four months. At this period, a focus is placed on consuming sattvic cuisine.
  • In addition, according to a different food-related diet, honey, radish, brinjal, and parwal should not be consumed during Chaturmas.
  • If possible, devote most of the time to praying and worshiping.
  • Additionally, it is recommended that you just eat once during Chaturmas because that time of year is when our digestive systems tend to weaken. If we consume more in this scenario, our body won’t be able to digest it and we could get issues.

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Also Note It: What is Chaturmas? Ashadha, Shravan, Bhado, and Kartik are the four months that make up the Chaturmas period of time. Lord Vishnu sleeps during this time in the Shiva Sagar. ‘Chatur Masa’ means 4 Months’. Doing any sacred or auspicious task during these four months is forbidden in Hinduism since all the planets and transits are constantly changing their vision during this period. 

Things To Be Done In Chaturmas: Get Blessings Of Shri Hari And Lord Shiva

As we already mentioned, during this time Lord Vishnu sleeps, leaving Lord Shiva in charge of all of creation’s activities. In this case, similar to the prohibited works, there are certain such tasks that, particularly during Chaturmas, can be blessed by both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Let’s learn about those activities, then:

  • Chant the mantras of your favorite gods during this time and practise meditation.
  • Stay calm and read religious scripture and do worship. 
  • In addition to this, you can donate and help as many people in need as you can during Chaturmas. You can give them food, clothing, umbrellas, etc. 
  • In addition, during Chaturmas, even the gods are happy when someone visits Gaushala and looks after the cows, serves them, or makes a donation to Gaushala.
  • In particular, the worship of the Panch Dev—the Sun God, Vishnu Bhagwan, Shiva Bhagwan, Ganesh Dev, and Goddess Parvati—has been given special significance during Chaturmas. 

These are a few simple steps you can do in this situation to improve your life’s happiness and success.

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Lucky Zodiac Signs In Chaturmas

This Chaturmas season will be extremely fortunate for everyone, but especially for those born under the following four signs. This is when certain zodiac signs are observed making large sums of money. Let us know what those zodiac signs are: 

Aries: For Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, Chaturmas is particularly lucky. You will hear positive news and learn about significant advancements in your line of work during this time. In addition to this, some Aries individuals may receive a promotion. Overall, you’ll make lots of money throughout this time, and your business will be profitable. Maintain your fitness. The remaining days of Chaturmas will be favorable to you.

Gemini: Gemini is the other astrological sign that will benefit greatly from this Chaturmas season. Throughout this, you will receive the assistance of luck, delayed and stopped work will be done, and if your money was stuck somewhere, it will also be returned to you. Your financial situation will be stronger overall than it was previously. Additionally, those Geminis working in the marketing and media industries will experience exceptional outcomes at this time.

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Virgo: The Chaturmas season will be extremely fortunate for those born under the Virgo zodiac sign. Virgo natives will experience favorable outcomes in all areas of their lives, including work, family, personal, and romantic relationships. The family will have a lot of enjoyment. Additionally, this zodiac’s students are increasing their chances of academic achievement.

Leo: In addition, Leo will be the fourth zodiac for which this Chaturmas will be fortunate. Your financial situation will get better during this time because you’ll be more likely to buy comfort and convenience items for your life. Your relationships with friends, family, and lovers will be favorable. You will succeed in your career and business in addition to this. With this, your self-assurance will grow and you’ll live a happy life.

Chaturmas Mythology

In accordance with the most well-known story about Chaturmas, Yoga Nidra is claimed to have once performed a rigorous penance and attained Lord Vishnu’s delight. And just before Yoga Nidra, Lord Vishnu showed up. Lord Shri Hari was told by Yoga Nidra, “You have given place to everyone in your body.” Please give me a spot in one of your portions in such a case. However, Lord Vishnu’s body did not have a space where he could accommodate Yoga Nidra.

In his hands were a conch shell, chakra, and a bow. On his head, there was a crown. The ear lobes had coils. He carried the fathers on his shoulders. Below the navel is a lotus. He was left with only his eyes in this situation. After that, Lord Vishnu decided to let Yoganidra stay in his vision.

Chaturmas Effective Remedies:  

  • During Chaturmas, a special importance is placed on the value of food and cow donations for future economic success. By performing this remedy, the stopped funds begin to flow again and the debt issue begins to fade.
  • Native gets success in job and business by donating pulses and jaggery.  
  • Donate camphor to the temple to improve the atmosphere in the home. By doing this, negativity is eliminated from life, bringing happiness and calm. 

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