The Chariot Tarot Reading & Meaning: Career, Love, Finances

The Chariot Tarot is the seventh card of Major Arcana and represents the beginning of the energy. This is the card of movement and balancing of energies. It shows the acceptance of both the energies positive as well as negative and going towards accomplishing your endeavours with strong faith and hope. The actual meaning of the tarot card lies in the fact that there is a ground where an individual is riding on the chariot. 

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The Chariot is driven by two phenex of contrasting colour that is white and black. The Chariot Tarot Card is elaborately decorated with star-studded curtains. The male riding the chariot is a princely figure and holds up the wand wearing his confidence in full swing. There are buildings in the backdrop of the Chariot with a flowing river. The literal meaning of the card defines a state of winning the battle and bringing adornments home. It is the celebrating energy of some major victory which has been upheld by the kingly figure.

The Mysteries Of Chariot Tarot Card

The hidden meaning of the card lies in the fact of balancing the force of nature. It is a card of reflection and overcoming the negative insights of the conscious mind. It’s about being a part of the world, however, living detached from the materialistic possessions or leaving the monetary benefits behind and moving on your soul’s true journey. It also shows the success in conquering your own demons and reaching the point of equilibrium between mind, heart and soul. 

An unforgettable and unstoppable stage where the worldly pleasures don’t stop from reaching your aspirations of merging back to originality and existence. It is about a state of achievement and holding onto that accomplishment smoothly. This is a beginning towards opening the doors of enlightenment, where an individual is prepared to give up on all the pleasures willingly for the higher purpose in life.

The Chariot Strength

This is one of the strongest Tarot cards of the deck and shows the journey ahead. It is a positive card and shows a phase of transition in life’s pattern. Being the card of movement from a stuck up situation to the better days, it is taken as yes in most of the yes and no spreads. It has strong energy and therefore the strength of this card is too high and it does not need any dependent card to draw the precise or concrete answer.

The Chariot Tarot in Finance Spread 

This card shows an inclination towards making fixed assets. It shows the property, especially personal premises. There will also be abundance in finances and good investments which will bring fruitful results. It is about making a property and then moving forward to work towards enhancing finances to make another set of major investments. In terms of monetary gains, it is one of the best cards to turn Upright in Finance spreads. It also shows the purchase of vehicles for comfort and luxuries. 

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The Chariot Tarot Card in Personality Spread 

It defines that the individual is bold and tough. They are shrewd and will not disclose their aims to anyone. They are progressive in their thinking and do not get carried away in emotional clinges. They are deep thinkers and determined in following steps towards achieving their respective goals, be it in personal or professional life. They do not trust anyone easily and will follow their own plans and ideas. They are good at observing things and knowing human psychology. 

The Chariot Card in Love Spread

It is a bright and optimistic card to appear in a love spread. It shows the karmic relationship between the couple, also it gives the inclination of running the bond parallel to each other. There will be probabilities of tying a knot in future if this card turns out for lovers. This shows that the connection made may not have a great intimacy but it will be more of a comfort and compatible bond. The two individuals will respect each other’s differences and will be receptive towards the responses. They will be good at planning for their future and will accept the weakness and flaws of each other. This is a card of making a powerful couple at the end of the journey. They will move with unstoppable energy.

The Chariot in Career Spread 

This shows switching of profile in professional life, however, the movement is a progressive one and will bring achievements moving ahead. This can also bring a change in the existing profile i.e. moving from a secured job towards business or vice versa. One has achieved a milestone and is moving towards more stability and success in life. It is also an influential tarot card and represents the power and position of individuals at the respective workplace. The independent and unique ideas of the native will bring favourable results and accomplishments moving ahead in their life.

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The Chariot in Education Spread 

In the education spread, this shows distractions and confusions in the studies. It represents the diversion of interest and attention towards illusionary things or materialistic pleasures. It may also bring some inquisitiveness about the other dimensions of life. The mind will not stick to the respective subjects, which will create problems in focusing and memorising things.

The Chariot Tarot Card in Spiritual Spread

It is a demanding card for spiritual dimensions, it brings the quest for knowing the deeper meaning of life and journey of the soul. It also shows the need to give up on worldly things in order to achieve true dimensions of originality. The card clearly supports the spirituality, however, it shows the need for transition in the voyage and if this is taken well, then new realms will open. This also shows the challenges overcome in the past and reason for the inclination towards knowing higher self.

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