Chaitra Navratri Begins From 25th, Know Ghatasthapana Muhurat & Puja Rituals

Chaitra Navratri begins from 25th March. Before answering every question or doubt related to this day, let us inform you that AstroSage has rolled out a special offer on Navratri. You can enjoy great discounts and deals on every astrological service offered by AstroSage, and details about it can be found hereNow let’s talk about Navratri.

The word ‘Navratri’ finds its roots and existence in the Sanskrit language, which can be translated as ‘nine nights’. All throughout the country, the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga are worshipped in various ways, following different rites and rituals.

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The Navratri of the Chaitra month also begins with a ritual called Ghatasthapana. This ritual has a special significance of its own. This ceremony is also known as Kalash Sthapana. Kalash Sthapana Pratipada refers to the reverence of Goddess Durga which is commemorated during Navratri Day 1. The Goddess can be pleased only when this Puja is performed in accordance with an auspicious Muhurat. Because of this, she also provides the devotees with all the desired results. 

However, if this puja is not done in accordance with the auspicious Muhurat, then this Puja, which lasts for nine days, is not considered pious, advantageous and it does not yield auspicious results. Therefore, it is very important that you know the necessary guidelines for Navratri Puja conducted all throughout the nine so that you do not end up making the small mistakes which you often do. Now, without any further delay, let us take a look at the things you should keep in mind for the upcoming Navratri. 

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The nine forms/incarnations of Goddess Durga are worshiped during the nine days Navratri, which are also known as ‘Navadurga’. 

First of all, let us find out which Goddess is worshipped in accordance with the days. 

  • Navratri Day 1 – Pratipada : Shailputri 
  • Navratri Day 2 – Dwitiya : Brahmacharini
  • Navratri Day 3 -Tritiya : Chandraghanta
  • Navratri Day 4 – Chaturthi :  Kushmanda
  • Navratri Day 5- Panchami : Skandmata
  • Navratri Day 6 – Shashthi : Katyayani
  • Navratri Day 7 – Saptami : Kalratri
  • Navratri Day 8 – Ashtami :  Mahagauri
  • Navratri Day 9 – Navami : Siddhidatri

As per the Puranas or the religious scriptures, the Kalash established during the first day of Navratri is considered to be a representation of Lord Vishnu. Hence, before moving ahead with the rituals for Goddess Durga, natives pay heed to Lord Vishnu. 

So, now let us take a look at this year’s Ghatasthapana Muhurat. 

Ghatasthapana Muhurat and Time

Ghatasthapana Muhurat  From 06:18:53 until 07:17:07 on 25 March, 2020
Duration  0 hours 58 minutes

Ghatasthapana : Necessary Materials 

For the commemoration of Ghatasthapana, it is necessary to collect all the necessary items. The list of the materials required for the Puja are given below. 

  1. For the Ghatasthapana process, you can take a broad mouthed earthen urn. (A Silver, Golden or Copper urn can also be used). 
  2. Soil brought from a holy place. 
  3. Saptadhnaya(7 kinds of grains)
  4. Water (Gangajal, if possible)
  5. Kalawa/Moli
  6. Areca Nut( Supari)
  7. Mango or Ashoka leaves (Pallab)
  8. Akshat (raw rice grains)
  9. Peeled coconut
  10. A red piece of cloth 
  11. Flowers and flower garlands
  12. Peepal, Banyan, Jamun (black currant), Ashoka and Mango leaves (if all cannot be found, one can take only 2 types of leaves)
  13. A lid to cover the Kalash (urn)
  14. Fruits and Sweets

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Ghatasthapana: Complete Procedure

  • Before beginning the Ghatasthapana rituals, wake up early in the morning and wear clean clothes after taking a bath. 
  • Next, place a red coloured cloth on a clean slate and install the idol of Goddess Durga
  • First and foremost, put some soil in a vessel or in a clean place and add barley seeds to it. Keep in mind that there is some space for placing the urn in the middle of the pot.
  • Now keep the urn in the middle and tie it with Molly and draw a Swastika on it.
  • Apply a vermilion Tilak over the Kalash and fill it with Gangajaal. 
  • Afterwards, add betel (supari), flowers, perfume, Panchratnas, coin and five types of leaves. 
  • Place the leaves in such a way that they can be seen from the outside. Now, cover it by closing the lid. Fill the lid with Akshat. Now, take a coconut and wrap it in a red cloth and tie it with a protective coat. 
  • Put this coconut on top of the urn. Keep in mind that the coconut’s mouth should be on your side.
  • While invoking the Gods and Goddesses, offer your reverence to the Kalash. 
  •  Apply a Tika on the Kalash, offer Akshat, floral garlands, perfume, Naivedya, fruits, sweets and many others. 
  • Continue to add water to the barley; after a couple of days, you will see the barley plants growing up.

If you wish to read the day wise details upcoming Navratras, then you can visit this page 

Note: If you wish, you can also commemorate the Puja in your own special ways. 

This Goddess is Worshipped During Navratri Day 1 

As it is known to all, the nine days of Navratri are dedicated to the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. Mata Shailputri is worshiped on the first day of Navratri. She happens to be the first of the nine forms of Durga, which in Sanskrit means ‘daughter of the mountain’. 

On the first day of Navratri, Ghatasthapana i.e. Kalash Sthapana is done before worshiping Goddess Shailputri. In the previous sections, we have clearly mentioned the rituals commemorated and items required during the Ghatasthapana ceremony. The Mantra ‘ “hrīṃ śivāyai nama:”/ ह्रीं शिवायै नम:” is chanted on this day. Pure cow ghee should be distributed as prasad on this auspicious day. 

Know the Shailputri Incarnation of Goddess Durga

Goddess Shailputri took birth in the house of the mountain lord( Parvat Raj), Himalaya. This is the reason why she came to be known as Shailputri. If we talk about her personality and appearance, then she holds a trident in her right hand and a lotus in her left hand. The half-moon on the goddess’s forehead looks very graceful. 

The Goddess comes riding on a bull named Nandi and she also comes to be known as Vrisharuedha. Mata Shailputri is also known as Sati. This form of the Goddess is considered to be a symbol of compassion and affection. According to astrology, Mother Shailputri represents the Moon, so worshiping her helps one to get rid of and  neutralize the malefic effects of the Moon on the concerned person.

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Why is Goddess Shailputri Worshipped on the First Day? 

According to the Shastras or the religious scriptures, Mata Shailputri is worshiped on the first day of Navratri because she is the daughter of Parvat Raj (The Mountain Lord) Himalaya. The Himalaya is considered to be the king of the mountains, which maintains a stable and immovable state. It is believed that if a devotee nurtures devotion and strong feelings of reverence for his/her resident deity, then she/he definitely attains the benediction of the deity.

Keeping this in mind, Mother Shailputri is worshiped on the first day of Navratri.

We hope that this information on the first day of Navratri proves to be useful for you. Thankyou for connecting with us. We wish you a very happy and prosperous Navratri!! 

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