Chaitra Navratri: Right Way To Worship Goddess Durga!

Navratri occurs five times annually, out of which Chaitra Navratri and Shardiya Navratri are celebrated with utmost devotion throughout the country. This year, Chaitra Navratri begins from 25th March 2020 and concludes on 3rd April 2020. The entire atmosphere radiates with the blessings of Goddess Durga, and fills with the positive energy of enchanting fragrances and temple bells. 

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Do’s And Dont’s Of Chaitra Navratri

With this blog, let’s learn what should be done in the 9 days of Chaitra Navratri and what is prohibited:

  • To begin with, North-East direction is considered to be the best for the temple altar to face. Also, our face should be towards East while praying.
  • Clean your place of worship immaculately, before commencing your preparations for Chaitra Navratri.
  • Draw a swastika with turmeric (haldi), lime (Choona), or roli on both sides of your main door.
  • A swastika made of turmeric purifies our Jupiter, and also acts as an insect repellent.
  • Lime (Choona) pacifies our Moon and frees us from all mental problems.
  • When you make a swastika with Roli, it purifies our Venus and Sun, and brings positivity to our lives.
  • Place Maa’s idol on a sandalwood pew (chauki) to worship throughout Chaitra Navratri. The fragrance of sandalwood cleanses the atmosphere by eliminating all viruses. Internally, it helps reduce stress, which in turn helps increase our concentration power. Overall, sandalwood destroys all negative vibrations.

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  • If you do not have a sandalwood altar, you can also use a silver pew, as the Goddess on a silver altar pacifies our Moon, i.e., our mind.
  • Spread a red cloth on the altar. The colour red signifies prosperity and good luck. Additionally, it also connotes energy and growth, which improves our efficiency at work.
  • Ensure that Maa’s idol that you bring home in Chaitra Navratri isn’t too big. Do not establish the idol in the kitchen. Also, make sure that you place it such that your face is always towards East while praying.

Navratri 2020 Dates, Muhurat & Significance

  • Establish the Kalash (urn) in the Northeast direction, and fill it with water after putting supari and a coin in it.
  • An earthen pot (kalash) is the best choice as the clay purifies our Mercury, which is the significator of intellect.
  • Gold or brass kalash pacifies our Jupiter, which helps increase our knowledge and judgment. Whereas, a Silver Kalash is also auspicious because silver provides us with mental peace and happiness.
  • Do not use a kalash made of any other material.
  • Put Ashoka leaves on the kalash in auspicious numbers like 9, 11, 21, etc. Ashoka tree is the destroyer of grief, therefore, using its leaves help eliminate the problems that are about to enter our lives. Next, put a kalawa-tied husky coconut on top of the urn. Pray to the Goddess that all your troubles may end and your wishes come true. Additionally, determine any fasting resolution that you want for Chaitra Navratri, during the Kalash Sthapna (urn installation) itself, and receive blessings from the Goddess on completing them.

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  • Light an akhand deepak (a lamp you should not let extinguish until the Chaitra Navratri are over) in the fire angle (agni kon) of your temple. Use some camphor (kapur) in pure ghee for the same, as it purifies our Venus and brings in grandeur.
  • If you cannot light an akhand diya, then light a lamp every morning and evening throughout Chaitra Navratri.
  • Donate a bulb in any temple as this will pacify your Rahu. You will be able to win against all adverse conditions, while staying safe from accidents, well.
  • The ladies should always tie their hair when going to a temple for Chaitra Navratri Poojan. Open hair solicits the negative effects of Saturn which can make life rather grievous.
  • Even if you are unable to follow all this, simply resolve not to hurt someone for the entire Navratri. Do not insult any poor person, which is itself the biggest worship.

Wishing you all a very happy Chaitra Navratri! May Goddess Durga eliminate all your problems and fill your life with happiness!

About Author
Mrs. Dipti Jain is a renowned Vastu expert, popular for plant vastu, pyramid vastu, fengshui, aroma therapy, face reading, color therapy, palmistry and vastu visits. Rewarded with some popular awards, she is a popular name in electronic media and spiritual writing.

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