Navratri Day 7; Wipe Out Shani Dosha On This Day With Unfailing Remedies!

Navratri Day 7: The seventh day of Chaitra Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Kalratri. The form of Goddess Kalratri is black as the night and her long mesmerizing hair are scattered. She is wearing a garland around her neck. Goddess Kalratri has four hands in two of them she is holding weapons one is Khadag and the other is a Vajra (which is a Scythe-like weapon). Her other two hands, the upper one is in Varada Mudra and the lower one is in Abhaya Mudra. According to beliefs, it is said that by worshiping Goddess Kalratri one’s suffering and ailments go away. The negative energies from a person’s life gradually go away too. 

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The Goddess Kalratri is known to be the slayer of demons and enemies. By worshiping the Goddess, mental stress also gets eradicated, it is said that the slayer of demons, Goddess Kalratri blesses her devotees in all of their challenges and they come out victorious. So, let’s learn through his blog what are the correct worship methods, and which remedies one can indulge in on this holy day, and we will also know which planet is controlled by Goddess Kalratri. Apart from that, we will also know how we can attain the grace of Goddess Kalratri and strengthen the planet in our horoscope!

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Goddess Kalratri: Worship Methods

  • On this day worship Lord Ganesha and Kalash and after that start the worship of Goddess Kalratri. 
  • Purify the worship place with holy Ganga water or Gomutra (Cow’s urine). 
  • Then worship Goddess Kalratri with Saptashati Mantra and other Gods and Goddesses as well. 
  • Offer Goddess Kalratri clothes, Saubhagya Sutra, Sandalwood, Roli, turmeric, vermilion, Durva, Paan, Bilvapatra, jewelry, flower, garland, incense, lamp, Naivedya, fruits, Bhog, and Dakshina, etc. 
  • Chant Goddess Kalratri’s Mantras clearly and then Recite Durga Saptashati.
  • In the end, do the Goddess Kalratri’s Aarti and ask for forgiveness if you have unknowingly committed mistakes. After this, tell all your wishes to the Goddess. 

Goddess Kalratri Controls The Planet Saturn: Must-To-Do Remedy On This Day!

Among all the great planets, the gorgeous planet Saturn is the fiercest and is under the command of Goddess Kalratri the executioner of Sumbha and Nisumbha (the most powerful demons!). Goddess Kalratri is considered to be an equivalent of Goddess Parvati. When we look at the name of Goddess Kalratri then literally it means putting an end to the darkness. 

So, whenever one feels that challenges and disappointments are rising and their opposers are getting stronger day by day, and they are getting defeated by their adversaries, then it is advised that the said person worships Goddess Kalratri, then it is advised that the said person worships Goddess Kalratri on Navratri Saptami as a remedy. When the devotee worships Goddess Kalratri then all their challenges regarding their opposers get removed. Besides this, the planet Saturn is under the control of Goddess Kalratri, and when one worships her the defects of Saturn gets wiped out as well. 

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The Form Of Goddess Kalratri

If we take a look at her splendid form then we find that Goddess Kalratri has black color and her long flowing hair is scattered. Around her neck, she is wearing a shiny garland. Goddess Kalratri has three eyes, and from these three eyes, an illuminating light radiates. The mount of Goddess Kalratri is a Donkey and the form of the Goddess is quite frightening and ferocious. However, given her form, Goddess Kalratri gives auspicious outcomes to all her devotees and that is the reason why the Goddess is known by the name of Shumbhakari. 

What To Offer Goddess Kalratri In Bhog Ritual?

Goddess Kalratri loves honey, so, when you are doing the worship on the Navratri Day 7, make sure you add honey. By doing this, you will quickly attain Goddess’s graceful blessings and joy!

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Navratri Day 7: If Observing Fast Then Wear Clothes Of This Color!

Each day of Navratri has been dedicated to a different color, and if we talk about this in continuity then the color Red has been dedicated to the 7th day of Navratri. Red-colored clothes should be worn by you if you have observed a fast and you should worship the Goddess Kalratri with complete and proper rituals. By following this your enemies will surely be defeated, and you will attain success in your life. Apart from this, if you desire then you can also wear orange colored-clothes on this auspicious day. This color is representative of energy, fire, and heat. 

The Second Mantra Of Goddess Kalratri 

jaya tvaṃ devi cāmuṇḍe jaya bhūtārti hāriṇi।

jaya sārvagate devi kālarātri namo’stute॥

oṃ aiṃ sarvāpraśamanaṃ trailokyasyā akhileśvarī।

evameva tvathā kāryasmad vairivināśanam namo seṃ aiṃ oṃ।। 

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We graciously hope that the seventh day of Navratri brings prosperity to all your lives;  our sincere thanks for visiting AstroSage!


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