Navaratri In Panchak: Know The Rituals, Maa Durga Vehicle And Vital Remedies

Chaitra Navratri 2023: Chaitra Navratri 2023 is going to begin on 22 March 2023, Wednesday. According to Hindu Panchang, four Navratris are celebrated in a year in which Chaitra and Shardiya have huge significance. 

During Chaitra Navratri 2023, the nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped. There is a belief that by doing duly worship of Maa Durga during this period, devotees can fulfill their desires and wishes. 

The significance of lighting Akhand Jyot during Navratri has been discussed. However, Chaitra Navratri begins in Panchak this year. What does this imply, and what precautions should be taken? To learn more about this unique blog, keep reading till the end.

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Chaitra Navratri- What, When, How 

When it comes to the term Navratri, it comes from a Sanskrit word that means “nine nights” in common language. Chaitra Navratri is also known as Gudi Padwa in many parts of India. Aside from that, the Hindu New Year begins at the commencement of Chaitra Navratri. 

The ritual of worshiping Maa Durga in nine forms, namely Shailputri Devi, Brahmacharini Devi, Chandraghanta Devi, Kushmanda Devi, Skandamata Devi, Katyayani Devi, Kalaratri Devi, Mahagauri Devi, and Siddhidatri Devi, has been detailed for the nine days of Chaitra Navratri. Ghat Sthapana is performed on the first day of Navratri, and Kalash is then worshiped for nine days. The first day of Navratri will occur on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 this year.

Second Day- 23 March, 2023 Thursday Maa Brahmacharini Puja 

Third Day- 24 March, 2023 Friday Maa Chandraghanta Puja 

Fourth Day- 25 March, 2023 Saturday Maa Kushmanda Puja 

Fifth Day- 26 March, 2023 Sunday Maa Skandamata Puja 

Sixth Day- 27 March, 2023 Monday Maa Katyayani Puja 

Seventh Day- 28 March, 2023 Tuesday Maa Kalratri Puja 

Eighth Day- 29 March, 2023 Wednesday Maa Mahagauri Puja 

Ninth Day- 30 March, 2023 Thursday Maa Siddhidatri Puja And Ramnavami 

Tenth Day- 31 March, 2023 Friday Dashmi And Navratri Parana 

Do you know? What is the significance of Kalash Sthapana during Navratri? Ghat Sthapana is also essential on the first day of Navratri, as we previously stated. In such a case, now it is important to know why Ghatasthapana is done. Well, according to Hindu scriptures, we worship Lord Ganesha first, and he is regarded as the first lord to worship.  

When it comes to Kalash Sthapana, Kalash is considered to be a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, which is why Kalash is revered before worshipping. For this, the area of worship is cleaned, the Kalash is placed there, all the Gods and Goddesses are invited, and then the worship begins.

In 2023, Ghatasthapana will done on 22 March, 2023 Wednesday. If you want to know the Muhurat for this day then: 

Ghatasthapana 2023 Muhurat 

Ghatasthapana Muhurat: from 06:23:32 till 07:32:02

Duration :1 hour 8 minutes

Information: The above Muhurat is valid for New Delhi. If you live in another part of the nation and want to know what time it is in your area, click here.

Chaitra Navratri Begins In Panchak 

Chaitra Navratri begins in Panchak this year. Certainly, Panchak will last from March 19 to March 23, and it will coincide with Navratri, which begins on March 22. In such a case, two days of Navratri will be spent in Panchak. Since Panchak begins on Sunday, it is known as Rog Panchak. 

Rog Panchak is believed to trigger physical discomfort. Aside from that, the chance of contracting a disease rises during this period. In such a case, physical discomfort is very likely during the five days of Panchak. For your knowledge, while auspicious work is prohibited during Panchak, worship can be done.

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Rules And Precautions Related To Panchak 

  • During the Panchak period, it is forbidden to conduct the last rites of a deceased person.
  • During this period, avoid traveling south.
  • Painting and plastering should not be done in the house.
  • Collecting grass and wood is not permitted.
  • If at all possible, avoid purchasing a chair, table, etc.
  • Getting any work done on the bed is also forbidden at this time.

More details: When and how does Panchak appear? Actually, Panchak is formed whenever the Moon transits over Dhanishta Nakshatra, Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Revati Nakshatra, and Shatabhisha Nakshatra. 

Chaitra Navratri Auspicious Yoga  

Chaitra Navratri will be observed in three auspicious yogas this year. Let’s take a closer look at these auspicious yogas. Actually, Navratri is beginning in Shukla Yoga at this time. Shortly after that, Brahma Yoga will begin, and then Indra Yoga will begin.

It is believed that worshiping the mother goddess in these auspicious Yogas yields very auspicious results. When it comes to the time, Shukla Yoga will last until 9:18 a.m. Brahma Yoga will then be available from 9.19 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. the following day. After Brahma Yoga, Indra Yoga will begin. Overall, these Yogas will greatly enhance the significance of the auspicious Navratri.

Chaitra Navratri 2023: Maa Durga’s Ride

Maa Durga will arrive on a boat during Chaitra Navratri 2023. In fact, it is said that when Navratri begins on Wednesday, Maa Durga arrives on a boat. Let’s discuss the auspicious and inauspicious consequences of arriving by boat: 

  • During this time, all the desires of the person are fulfilled. 
  • That is, it would not be incorrect to state that Chaitra Navratri 2023 will be very auspicious in many ways; however, in order to make Navratri more auspicious and beneficial for yourself, worship Maa Durga with the proper method and implement some measures for happiness and prosperity at house.

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Chaitra Navratri 09 Day And Devi Prasad 

The nine days of Navratri are said to be extremely fortunate. The manner these different days are associated with different goddesses, as well as the prasad of each of these goddesses, has been determined differently. So, let us discuss the significance of Navratri Prasad. 

  • First day Maa Shailputri: On the First Day, the goddess rides on Vrishabh- If she is offered cow’s Ghee or products made from it in such a situation, they will be happy and prosperous. 
  • Second Day Maa Brahmacharini: She loves Brown Sugar offered as Bhog. 
  • Third day Maa Chandraghanta: Maa Chandraghanta rides on a lion on the third day, and offering mother’s milk proves to be very auspicious and productive.
  • Maa Kushmanda’s fourth day- Malpua is very dear to Maa Kushmanda. In this case, serve Malpua as Bhog on this day.
  • Mother Skandamata – On the fifth day, Mother Skandamata mounts a lion. In such a case, if a banana is offered to the goddess, their happiness can be achieved instantly.
  • Sixth day Maa Katyayani – Maa Katyayani loves honey. Include it in the Bhog of the day in such a situation.     
  • Seventh Day Kalratri- Maa Kalratri also relishes Jaggery offered as Bhog.
  • Eighth Day Maa Mahagauri- Goddess sits on an Ox and she loves Halwa as Bhog.  
  • Ninth Day Maa Siddhidatri- The Goddess likes Kheer. In such a case, make sure to serve Kheer on this particular day.

 Chaitra Navratri Remedy 

  • Fasting and worshiping Maa Durga for 9 days during Chaitra Navratri is said to bring unique blessings from Maa Durga. If you are unable to fast for 9 days, fast on the first, fourth, and Ashtami.
  • After that, clean the place of worship and put idols of Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi, and Maa Saraswati on the first day of Chaitra Navratri.
  • On the first day of Navratri, light Akhand Jyot for happiness and wealth.
  • Reciting Durga Saptashati during Navratri is also regarded as very auspicious. If you are unable to finish the recitation for any reason, recite Kavach, Keelak, and Argala Stotra instead.

Relationship Between Chaitra Navratri And Sri Ram  

Lord Shri Ram is said to have incarnated on the world on the Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Everyone knows that Lord Shri Ram is Lord Vishnu’s seventh form. In such situations, the Ram Navami festival is observed with great joy and enthusiasm on this day. 

Aside from that, it is the final day of Chaitra Navratri. In such a case, the significance of this day grows exponentially. According to mythology, on the day of Ramnavami, any devotee who worships Lord Shri Ram and Maa Durga will have all of their wishes granted, their troubles will be removed, and they will be blessed with riches, grains, and happiness.

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