Chaitra Navratri Is Coming– Follow These Do’s and Don’ts

Navratri as the name suggests, is a 9-day long festival celebrated four times a year. Twice as Gupta Navratri and twice with full enthusiasm and celebration. Once in the month of March and April as Chaitra Navratri and another one in September and October as Shardiya Navratri.

The festival honors and celebrates Goddess Durga for defeating the demon Mahishasura in a battle. The demon Mahishasura was granted immortality by Lord Brahma on the condition that he could only be defeated by a woman. Considering that no woman could ever kill him, he started concerning three lokas: Earth, Heaven and Hell. In order to stop him from protecting the three lokas, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and all other devtas combined their powers and created Goddess Durga. 

Goddess Durga battles and emerges victorious over the buffalo demon Mahishasura to help restore dharma. Navratri literally means nine nights. It’s a nine days long festival and Celebrations include the worshiping of nine goddesses during nine days. 

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Day 1 of Navratri – Shailputri

The Navratri starts with the first day pooja of Shailputri, the Daughter of Mountain , an incarnation of Mata Parvati. It is in this form that Durga is worshiped as the wife of Shiva; she is portrayed as riding the bull, Nandi with a trishula in her right hand and lotus in her left.

Day 2 of Navratri – Brahmacharini

On Dwitiya (second day), Goddess Bramcharini, another incarnation of Parvati, is worshiped. In this form, Parvati became Yogini, her unmarried self when she was doing tapasya to please Lord shiva. Brahmacharini is worshiped for emancipation or moksha and endowment of peace and prosperity. 

Day 3 of Navratri– Chandraghanta

Tritiya (third day) we worship Goddess Chandraghanta. She is the embodiment of beauty and is also symbolic of bravery. 

Day 4 of Navratri – Kushmanda

Goddess Kushmanda is worshiped on Chaturthi (fourth day). She is believed to be the creative power of the universe. Kushmanda is associated with the endowment of vegetation on the earth.

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Day 5 of Navratri – Skandamata

On Panchami (fifth day) the goddess  Skandamata is worshiped,the mother of lord Kartikeya. The white color is symbolic of the transforming strength of a mother when her child is confronted with danger. She is portrayed as riding a lion, having four arms, and holding her baby.

Day 6 of Navratri– Katyayani

Goddess Katyayani is worshiped on the sixth day of navratri. It is believed that Goddess Katyayani is worshiped by unmarried girls for getting the desired husband; it is also believed that Goddess Sita also worshiped Maa Katyayani for good husband.

Day 7 of Navratri– Kaalaratri

She is considered the most ferocious form of Goddess Durga, Kaalaratri is worshiped on Saptami, the seventh day of navratri.

Day 8 of Navratri– Mahagauri

On the 8th day maa Mahagauri is worshiped; she symbolizes intelligence and peace. It is believed when Kaalaratri took a bath in the Ganga river, she got carneted and gained a warmer complexion.

Day 9 of Navratri– Siddhidatri

On the final and last ninth day of navratri Goddess Siddhidatri is worshiped. It is believed that worshiping the Siddhidatri form of Durga brings all kinds of accomplishment to the devotees. This Chaitra Navani is also known as Ram Navami as it is the birthday of lord Ram.

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When is Chaitra Navratri 2022?

This year Chaitra Navratri 2022 is starting from 2nd April to 10th April.

There are many different types of regional rituals according to the region that are performed by the people during navratri life akhand joat, placing toran or bandarvan, fasting all nine days , and kalash sthapna are the important rituals that are mostly performed. 

Do’s and Don’ts During Navratri 

  • One must wake up before sunrise and take a bath in the Ganga river. If that is not possible, you can pour some Ganga Jal in your bathing water, this will wash off all your past life sins.
  • Conducting Durga Saptashati and Durga Chalisa path can prove to be beneficial for one’s health and also gives peace of mind.
  • Lighting up Akhand Jyot at  Pooja place will brighten up your fortunes. 
  • Conducting the Jagran of Nav Durga at night.
  • Offering items like Red chunri or clothes, fruits, Singar Samagri (makeup items) Mata Rani will bring good luck.
  • Place a Mango leaf on the main door of your house.
  • It is advised to stay away from anger and brutality on this day.
  • Don’t consume alcohol or any tamasic food(non-veg food).
  • Please maintain a peaceful atmosphere at home.
  • Maintaining celibacy is advisable during this period.

Sign-Wise Tips for Chaitra Navratri For Blessings & Prosperity

Aries – Offer red colour flowers and chunri to Maa Durga.

Taurus– Recite Durga Saptashati path for sure.

Gemini– Offer green coloured fruits and gift items to young girls.

Cancer– Place and worship  Durga Mata chowki and Kalash at your home.

Leo– Place and worship the Maha Durga idol at your workplace.

Virgo– Chant Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche mantra at least 108 times.

Libra– Offer white-coloured sweets to Maa Durga for all nine days.

Scorpio-Do Hora/Yagya with 108 offerings of Hawan Samagri chanting Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche mantra.

Sagittarius– Do the path of Mahishasura Mardini daily for nine days.

Capricorn– Distribute dry fruits prasad to poor people.

Aquarius- Light an Akhand Deepak (a lamp you should not extinguish until the Chaitra Navratri are over) in the fire angle as per Vastu (Agni kon) of your temple.

Pisces– Distribute fruits among young girls daily.

AstroSage Wishes You An Auspicious Chaitra Navratri.

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