Chaitra Amavasya 2024: Surefire Remedies To Prevent Negative Energies

n this AstroSage special article, we will tell you about Chaitra Amavasya 2024 and explain what kind of steps you should take on this day to avoid negativity. So, without further ado, let us learn more about Chaitra Amavasya.

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Amavasya is the last day of Krishna Paksha in each month. Every year, there are 12 Amavasyas that occur throughout the course of 12 months, each with a special importance. According to the Hindu calendar, Chaitra Amavasya is the last day of the Hindu year. Chaitra Amavasya is a particularly fortunate day in Sanatan Dharma. This new moon appears in late March or early April. Bhootadi Amavasya occurs in the month of Chaitra. It is believed that performing religious and spiritual activities on this day yields the desired outcomes. On this day, it is quite important to perform acts of generosity and bathe. So, without further ado, let us learn about the date of Chaitra Amavasya, the auspicious time, the steps to be taken on this day, and much more.

Chaitra Amavasya 2024: Date And Time 

Chaitra Amavasya, which is considered fruitful for ancestor worship, will fall on Monday, April 8, 2024 this year.

Amavasya Beginning: on April 8, 2024  03:23 am 

Amavasya Ending: On April 8, 2024 at 11:52 pm

Because it falls on Udaya Tithi, it will only be observed on April 8th.

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Chaitra Amavasya Significance

It is believed that if a person takes measures for his ancestors’ peace on Chaitra Amavasya 2024, he will be relieved of all issues and will be able to solve his problems. On this day, people feed and provide food to crows, cows, dogs, and even in need and homeless people. According to the Garuda Purana, ancestors pay visits to their descendants on Amavasya, hence charity is especially important on this day. Chaitra Amavasya 2024 fast is the most popular and significant in Sanatan Dharma. Devotees begin Amavasya Vrat, or fasting, in the morning and complete Pratipada when the moon is visible. It is said that fasting can help one get rid of Pitra Dosh.

Chaitra Amavasya Also Known As Bhootdi Amavasya 

Amavasya is known by various names since it falls on different months and days. Chaitra Amavasya, also known as Bhootadi Amavasya. Why is it named Bhootadi Amavasya? This question must be on everyone’s mind. Actually, ghosts represent negative powers. It is claimed that some dissatisfied souls attempt to establish dominance over living beings in order to satisfy their unfulfilled ambitions.  During this time, the spirits, negative powers, and energies grow angry. To soothe the anger of the souls, the value of taking a river bath on Chaitra Amavasya, also known as Bhootadi Amavasya, has been explained; thus, this Amavasya is also known as Bhootadi Amavasya.

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Chaitra Amavasya Puja Rituals

  • Wake up before daybreak on Chaitra Amavasya and accomplish all house chores, such as cleaning. Then take a bath.
  • If possible, bathe in any holy river on this day, or take a bath at home by mixing Ganga water in water.
  • After having a bath, light a lamp in your house’s shrine and make a vow to fast.
  • Pour Ganga water on Arghya and offer it to the Sun God.
  • If possible, observe a fast on this day. This produces auspicious effects.
  • This day is for ancestor-related work. This allows one to receive the blessings of the ancestors.
  • Make offerings and donations to the ancestors.
  • This day, spend as much time as possible meditating about your favorite god or deity.

Things To Do On Chaitra Amavasya 2024 

  • Doing charity, especially on Chaitra Amavasya, holds great significance. It is believed that giving charity on this day leads to salvation, and fasting for the peace of ancestors is also regarded auspicious.
  • If you give food to a poor or needy individual on this day. This will benefit you.
  • On this day, get up early and bathe in a sacred river, offering water to the Sun. Also, make offerings to your ancestors.
  • Donate items needed by the poor and needy.
  • On this day, light a sesame oil lamp in your ancestors’ names at the main door and pray for peace.
  • On Chaitra Amavasya, light a mustard oil lamp beneath the Peepal tree and circumambulate it seven or eleven times.

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Donate These Things On Chaitra Amavasya 2024 

Donating on the day of Chaitra Amavasya purges sins and achieves virtue. Let us know what things are deemed auspicious to donate on Bhutdi Amavasya day.

  • On this day, mustard oil should be given to the needy and poor. This results in receiving the blessings of the ancestors while also bringing happiness and success into one’s life.
  • You can donate water during Chaitra Amavasya. According to astrology, providing water mitigates the effects of unlucky planets. 
  • On this new Moon day, after bathing, a Brahmin should contribute grains to his ancestors.
  • If you donate cow’s milk on this day, it will satisfy your ancestors and bring them salvation. They also bless you.
  • Donate sugar or jaggery on this day.
  • On this auspicious day, after donating everything while offering water to the ancestors, the ceremonial Brahmin should donate Dakshina in accordance with his devotion. 
  • Aside from that, on Amavasya, people should offer food, clothing, and other needs to those in need. This produces the intended outcome.

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Surefire Remedies To Combat Negative Energies

On Chaitra, also known as Ghost Amavasya, various negative energies suddenly arise. In such a case, various actions should be taken to mitigate these forces. Let us know about these measures. 

Bath In Gangajal 

To repel evil spirits, take a bath on Chaitra or Bhutadi Amavasya. Following that, chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to Lord Shiva at least 108 times. It is believed that doing so removes evil spirits and negative energies.

Worship Lord Hanuman & Lord Shiva 

In the year 2024, Bhootadi Amavasya falls on Monday. In such a case, Hanuman ji, along with Lord Shiva, should be worshiped on this occasion. Also, offer Ganga water to Shivling and chant the Shiv Stotra. Apart from this, recite the Hanuman Chalisa. This effectively resolves the supernatural issues.

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Chant The Mantra Of Maa Durga

According to the scriptures, Maa Durga’s blessings eliminate all kinds of ghosts and blockages, thus on Chaitra Amavasya, light a lamp in the evening and repeat the powerful Mantra ‘Om Hreem Kleem Chamundayay Vicche’ at least 108 times.

To Get Success In Every Endeavor

If you are starting a new job on Chaitra Amavasya or leaving home to do some auspicious work, put four cloves in a lemon and recite the Beej Mantra ‘Om Hanumate Namah’ 21 times. Then bind it in a clean, pure red cloth. This eliminates all work-related barriers and leads to professional success.

Feed Chapati To Cow

Feed the cow chapati with ghee and jaggery on Chaitra Amavasya. It is believed that by doing so, your ancestors will achieve peace. If you feed bread to a cow in memory of your deceased ancestor, it will be more beneficial to you.

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