CBSE Exam Results Out: Chant These Mantras & Climb The Ladder Of Success In Career!

Finally, the wait is over! CBSE 12th Boards Results have been announced earlier than expected. Followed by this, CBSE 10th Board Results are also expected to be declared any day now. With this, both students and their parents are over the moon, and currently jotting down a list of colleges and universities to apply. The real struggle for choosing the right career delivering both success and satisfaction begins for both 10th and 12th students, for which CogniAstro Report emerges as the ultimate guide.

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CBSE 12th Results Out, 10th Board Results To Be Declared Soon 

CBSE Class 12th Results have been announced on 13 July 2020, and CBSE Result 2020 for 10th Students are also expected to be out in a day or two. As per the data, girls have dominated the CBSE 12th Result list and performed exceptionally well than boys. However, it should be kept in mind that exam results and numbers do not decide the future of a person, and whether or not you have surpassed your expectations, no drastic step or measure must be taken in any case. 

Planets and stars significantly affect the career choices of a native, since their placements in a kundli can either help native reach the heights of success or struggle with constant failures. On this note, CogniAstro Report emerges as the ultimate counsellor for budding students. 

Comprising a perfect amalgamation of Astrology and Psychology, CogniAstro Report has been designed after extensive research. It decodes the position and movement of planets as well as character traits of the native and chalks out favourable career options for a 10th grade student soon entering the next grade, a 12th grade student confused about picking up the right subject and a professional who wishes to make it big in life.

How Planets Influence Your Careers Choices

Planets and their placements in our kundlis and charts can highly impact our career choices and lead us on to a different track academically as well as professionally. If a planet is strongly posited in one’s kundli, he/she is most likely to get inclined towards the career fields dominated by that planet. On this note, let us reveal some options you can opt for if the specific planet is strongly placed in your kundli:

  • Sun: Government, Politics, Astronomy, Management, Ayurveda, Statistics and Spirituality
  • Moon: Dance, Acting, Music, Biology, Pharmacy and Psychology
  • Mars: Mechanical Engineering, Hospitality Sector, Construction, Cooking, Sports
  • Mercury: Astrology, Accounting, Journalism, Marketing, Sales, Business and Commerce, and Networking

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  • Jupiter: Academics, Biology, Law, Classical Literature, Philosophy, History, Medicine, Preacher, Humanities, Finance and Economics
  • Venus: Botany, Entertainment, Media, Fashion Designing, Architecture, Dance, Gardening, Painting, Botany, Tourism, Aviation, Hospitality, Humanities, Fine Arts, and Graphics
  • Saturn: Archaeology, Oil, Gas and Mineralogy, Mining, Geography, Petroleum, Geology, History, Computer Engineering, Coding, Manufacturing, 
  • Rahu and Ketu: Esoteric Subjects, Film Industry, Foreign Languages, Digital, Metaphysics, Aviation, Aeronautical Engineering, Computers

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Favourable Career Mantras To Chant As Per Zodiac Signs

Want to know chanting which mantra can help you boost up your career graph? Below we are providing you with mantras and deities to venerate along with favourable career choices as per zodiac signs:


  • Deity To Venerate: Lord Shiva
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ नमः शिवाय/oṃ namaḥ śivāya
  • Career Choices: Government, Military, Advertising, Politics, Management


  • Deity To Venerate: Maa Mahakali
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ क्लीं कालिकायै नमः/oṃ klīṃ kālikāyai namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Massage Therapist, Painter, Calligrapher, Florist, Cook


  • Deity To Venerate: Bhagwan Bhairav Nath
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ बं भैरवाय नम:/oṃ baṃ bhairavāya nama:
  • Career Choices: Entertainment, Travelling, Architecture, Teaching, Technology


  • Deity To Venerate: Lord Shiva & Maa Parvati
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ उमा महेश्वराभ्याम नमः/oṃ umā maheśvarābhyāma namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Medicine (Nurse), Journalism, Gardening, Politics


  • Deity To Venerate: Lord Hanuman
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ आञ्जनेयाय नमः/oṃ āñjaneyāya namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Event Planning and Management, Media and Public Relations, Acting, Animation, Modelling


  • Deity To Venerate: Maa Saraswati
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ ऐं महासरस्वत्यै नमः/oṃ aiṃ mahāsarasvatyai namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Finance, Stock Market, Investment, Architecture, Physics, Medicine, Research, Engineering, Data Analysis, Law, Accounts


  • Deity To Venerate: Lord Ganpati
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ गं गणपतये नमः/oṃ gaṃ gaṇapataye namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Psychology, Diplomacy, Justice, Consultancy, Public Consultancy


  • Deity To Venerate: Maa Durga
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चै/oṃ aiṃ hrīṃ klīṃ cāmuṇḍāyai viccai
  • Career Choices: Medical Research, Investigative Journalism, Archaeology, Environment, Army, Pathology


  • Deity To Venerate: Lord Vishnu or any of his avatar, most preferably Lord Surya
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ सूर्य नारायणाय नमः/oṃ sūrya nārāyaṇāya namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Teaching, Law, Justice, Politics, Religious Preaching, Spiritualism, Astrology, Writing


  • Deity To Venerate: Lord Ganesh
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ विघ्नहर्ताय नमः/oṃ vighnahartāya namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Management, Banking, Accounts, Advertising, Media,  Medicine


  • Deity To Venerate: Maa Mahalaxmi
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ श्रीं महालक्ष्म्यै  नमः/oṃ śrīṃ mahālakṣmyai  namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Photography, Teaching, Writing, Acting


  • Deity To Venerate: Lord Hanuman
  • Mantra to Chant: ॐ हं हनुमते नमः/oṃ haṃ hanumate namaḥ
  • Career Choices: Philanthropy, Charity, Music, Writing, Business Management, Advertising, Fashion, Comedy, Dancing, Acting, Film Production

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CogniAstro Report: Helping You Climb The Ladder Of Success

With this, you must have understood how planets influence a native’s academic inclination and can lead one to the path of success. Select the reports accordingly and get detailed information about the best career choice for a successful academic and professional life:

CogniAstro Report for 10th Grade Students

Let CogniAstro lend you a helping hand in selecting the best academic stream as per your personality after your CBSE 10th Class Results are out.

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CogniAstro Report For 12th Grade Students

After your 12th Class Results have been declared, you must be under immense pressure to choose the right career option since it will serve as a foundation for your future. On this note, AstroSage’s CogniAstro Report comes in handy. This report offers them reliable suggestions regarding their next plan of action and helps them choose a suitable subject to pursue a degree as well as colleges and universities.

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CogniAstro Report For Professionals 

CogniAstro Report has proven effective for professionals who are not really satisfied with their career graph and wish to bring a positive turn-around in their career. This report is personalised in nature and specially carved for professionals who wish to seek career guidance and remedies.

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Now you know how planets and nakshatras decide your career choice and help you walk down the path claiming both success and satisfaction. All the best for your future, and keep your spirits high!

We wish all the best for your upcoming journey. Thankyou for connecting with us!! 

CogniAstro: Your Perfect Career Guide!

For Professionals

For Professionals

In today’s world, everyone wishes to have a successful career and ride the path of fame, but at times it becomes hard to balance out “Success” and “Satisfaction” equally. With such situations, CogniAstro Report for Professionals turns out to be your ultimate saviour! The CogniAstro Report reveals your personality type and analyses the best career options for you, based on it.

For Students 10th

For Students 10th


Similarly, CogniAstro Report For 10th Grade Students gives a quick insight regarding the more suitable stream for your higher studies.


For Students 12th

For Students 12th

CogniAstro Report For 12th Grade Students sheds light on adequate courses, best colleges, and career options.


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